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05 Dec 2012 10:54

Is seriously considering joining the U.S Air Force and becoming an air medic. I have a gut feeling this is going to be the best choice ive made. Im not getting anywhere where im at..its time for a change. Thanks to a vert special gal of mine for encouraging me

29 May 2012 17:13

DONE with school for the summe TOMORROW ...will be on here more after..miss you all.

07 May 2012 05:19

sorry everyone i havent been on...ive been busy with finals for schoool....stressing as usual ....ready for tomorrow

03 May 2012 04:35

Maybe someday well figure all this out. Try to put an end to all our doubts and try to find a way to make things better now.

26 Apr 2012 05:42

Mrytle Beach, SC here i come. Im coming for you baby. I cant wait to see you its been 2 years and thats too long for me.

20 Apr 2012 16:08

Best. Holiday. Ever....Beach this weekend

20 Apr 2012 10:12

"Rest your head now and don't pretend. And let this wild tale now begin."

19 Apr 2012 13:07

Part 1 of my story has been published..soooooo check it out erybody, tell me what you think

12 Apr 2012 08:32

I cant wait for Friday....but i have too...dammit. This weekend is guna be AMAZING

11 Apr 2012 09:46

Job interview at 11, than starting my early spring break

06 Apr 2012 05:41

in 3 months ill offically be 21

02 Apr 2012 14:07

I think im way more into girls than i thought i would be, i love it. I embrace it all.

01 Apr 2012 10:56

Is writing her first story

31 Mar 2012 11:42

5th tattttoooooo coming up

30 Mar 2012 17:55

Ran 7miles before it started to rain...had a good workout i feel accomplished

30 Mar 2012 14:32

Sunburned...but oh sooo worth it

30 Mar 2012 05:39