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I need a new favorite sex toy I wore my last one out....

03 Nov 2011 23:30

I usually am watching Netflix, on Facebook and checking messages while chatting on case you're my hands aren't busy..down there. I can cum without touch, wow!

20 Oct 2011 23:36

Just here to read a couple stories from friends..leave a message..unless your My Baby

16 Oct 2011 09:45

chatting now come join Me...PM for password

14 Oct 2011 13:51

needs help editing...because I don't like too!

14 Oct 2011 10:41

nothing but time on my hands

12 Aug 2011 19:48

New story posted, off to work on more.

12 Aug 2011 10:50

Submitted My Favorite Sex Toy Pt.2. up to Lush if/when you can read it...

11 Aug 2011 13:46

Back posting a sequel..won't bother me if we chat..just might take me a minute to reply/

09 Aug 2011 14:47

I got work to do...

07 Aug 2011 08:02

Thanks baby for the the gang bang..gotta do it again tonight. Same folks I hope.

06 Aug 2011 18:07

Considering a new theme...gang bang..hmmm

05 Aug 2011 15:46

I dint like seeing that 'silhouette'...put something on your profile pic or be deleted from my friends list...k? Thanks!

26 Jul 2011 21:44

Lush chat was not designed for iPad! But I have needs!!!

23 Jul 2011 21:43

New phone number! If ya had the old one its no good. Please message me for the latest. Muah!

16 Jul 2011 23:13

I just want the money me the money!

03 Jul 2011 18:45

Catching up on my favorite authors on LUSH. Thanks for posting such panty soaking HOT stories!

18 Nov 2010 09:26

Thank you baby for your panty pics. I'm inspired. OMG!! And horny! I'm writing your story now. You can decide if you wanted post on Lush.

16 Nov 2010 08:55

Yeah...imma be fake about it too ;P

03 Nov 2010 11:00

Do you want more of MY PRETTY SLUT. What happens next to Mistress and her naughty slut? Working on the next installment!

01 Nov 2010 07:34

I want more PICS of men wearing if you have them in your profile FRIEND me. Thx! Or post a comment if your already my friend.

26 Oct 2010 10:29

I am addicted to the Lush Rush...between my legs...if you have no idea what I mean. If haven't been playing with me lately, or you haven't been playing with me right ;P

12 Aug 2010 08:37

"If your easily addicted, don't starting playing with my pussy. There's no rehab."

08 Aug 2010 13:55

vvvvvvery rrelaxed....

08 Aug 2010 02:44

I wake up with a scene [very short story 2+ pages] on my mind. If its 3am still gotta get up and pound it out =D

05 Jul 2010 04:23