Christie and Michael(Confessions from the House of Pleasure) Pt., 1 *Finale*

the heat gets turned up...WAY up!

As K prepared the scene she thought about the client’s request. The voyeur that was in K needed to witness Christie with Michael. He made the perfect candidate for this session. Michael would be what Christie wanted. She would instruct Michael during the session, without taking away his power and control. Christie had wanted another client to seduce her while acting as a bar patron in the...Read On


Christie and Michael(Confessions from the House of Pleasure) Pt., 1 *Intro*

This is just the beginning...

Christie was feeling the alcohol. She had two drinks and was slowly sipping a third. The one reason she was allowing herself to get so drunk was because her hotel room was upstairs. The faint beat of the trip hop music that played through hidden speakers seemed more twisted and looped. “Sometimes I think they try to hard to be cool.” Christie turned her head. Next to her sat a man in...Read On


Mistress' playtime, Pt. 1

Short scene between lovers that enjoy BDSM

I meet you outside the front door of my apartment. No words are said. I pull you inside by the collar of your shirt. My room mate is in the living room. His back is to us, so he doesn't notice me dragging you to my room. "Hey," he says mildly when we pass. But you aren't allowed to speak. I walk through the door and turn to face you. "Shut the door and take off your clothes." You...Read On


Mistress' playtime, Pt. 2

The lovers continue their BDSM playtime

I untie you and move you to the bed. I restrain you to the bed by tying your hands above your head, then spreading your legs. By doing this I have great access to your ass. I look at you looking at me, waiting. I leave your nipples and cock alone for now and get to work on your ass. Using lube and a toy. I get between your legs. My nails are sharp but short. I have to really dig into your skin...Read On


Mistress gets topped

Mistress switches

The first time he called me a slut, and slapped me hard across the face. I could not deny the shock, anger, and pure lust riding me. He stands over me, looking down. His eyes tell a story, questioning. "Are you my slut, Mistress?" I do not answer. I can not. Am I his slut. He grabs my face squeezing my jaw tightly and says again, with more authority. "You are my slut mistress." ...Read On


My favorite sex toy (Pt. 2)

Mistress and sex toy are still going at it, hard.

Today I just could not focus on my work. Something just kept distracting me. I decided to set aside my plans for a moment and call him. My baby. My favorite sex toy. Ever since our last encounter and every one in between. What we gotten a closer and stronger connection. We were not a typical D/s couple 24/7 . We mostly kept our interaction in the bedroom. . I found it too strenuous keeping...Read On


My Pretty slut

Mistress loves to punish her naughty slave.

While working at home one afternoon, I notice my slave’s phone, sitting on my desk. He must have left it when he ran out to buy my tampons. I saw the message alert flashing. Strange. He shouldn’t be getting any .jpeg messages. I touch the screen and the phone switched from the power save mode. I quickly access the new pics sent. My eyes open wide and my jaw drops. ‘That little bastard.’ ...Read On


My Pretty slut: Part 2

Mistress continues to correct her naughty slut.

After a few moments my slave returns, crawling on his knees. He is wearing his private wear collar, complete with black leather bound in metal, and leash hooks. I look down at him still wearing the panties and heels. I utterly adore seeing his ass, cock and balls pressed tightly in a pair of women’s silk panties. The first time I tried putting lipstick on him I wanted to just see him made...Read On

First Time(1)


Special Delivery (Kim and Mary, Pt. 2)

UPS delivers a special package

Mary talked Kim into it. Since their play session with the dong they’d experimented with each other a little more. Fingering each other and trying oral. Kim and Mary were sitting in the living room when the doorbell rang. Mary jumped up and ran to the door. She opened it and there stood a hunk of a man. Dark chin length hair with light colored eyes. He had broad shoulders and thickly...Read On



Something about Mary (Kim and Mary, Pt. 5)

Mary asks Tom to be her first....real cock

Mary had a secret. A deep down, never even shared with her best friend, kind of secret. She was in love with her brother. Ever since she knew what it felt like to touch herself and make herself feel good. She would imagine Tom’s body over hers and her fingers would become his tongue. When he went away to college she thought the feelings would become less intense. The feelings surged anew when...Read On

Love Poems(9)



Can't get you off my mind

Your name appears in my mind, My pussy heats. Your words play over and over, My pussy lips swell. The visuals, the details, the complete saturation of mind, My clit hardens, pulses. For hours we play, you discover hot spots I never knew I had, My pussy squeezes tight, clenches hard. Touching me with words, the way I want to be touched. Here. Waiting. Ready. Soaking wet. ...Read On


Bitten By Lust

Love Bites

My warm breath touches your skin first, Hot, moist. Then my soft full lips press against your neck, Firmly kissing the throbbing vein just under the skin. I lick your skin, Love your taste. Licking you with a flat, broad tongue. Savoring the taste of you. The tip of my stiff tongue, tracing the skin beneath your collar, My collar for you. My nail scraping your nipple....Read On


Pleasure Slave

Anal pleasure

My pleasure slave, You fuck my ass, As though you own my soul. You take control, I lose myself,  I feel my love unfold. Pouring down, As you thrust your cock, My ass stretched so much. I need you, God, I need you,  I have to have your touch.   ...Read On


Just so you know

Getting rid of it all

You were perfect, The beginning of a journey I desired. You awakened the part of Me I kept locked away, For fear of feeling too much. With no words of why, or a sorry ass goodbye, you left. you promised yourself and said 'yes Mistress, I'm yours.', Did you not get what you wanted? Keep searching, keep looking, keep promising others, Never ever going to find what you had...Read On


How do I say thank you...

Just because I love you

For your love For what you do to me You make me feel like I am the only one That feels this way. You touch my neck Slowly everything below ignites Every nerve Every inch of skin that gets wet and hot. Bursts into flames that burn me up I fall deeper  Crash harder Into you. I might not say much but my heart speaks I do want much more than just to hear  I love you ...Read On


I'm not girlfriend #2

Knowing your place

Does this mouth have to wait, To do wicked things to you. Warm, wet and ready, Not girlfriend #2 Should this pussy need anything more, Than your touch. Even when I am missing you, So much. Not girlfriend #2 Round, juicy, ripe, Not talking fruit. My ass belongs to you, Not girlfriend #2 I'm glad you know how to say to, How to touch, Me. I'm glad we play with others,...Read On


Unlocking Pleasure

There is a first time for everything. Unexpected pleasure.

You wanna know what you do to me.... Skin to skin, Touching softly, Tracing your fingertips along my edge. Then your lips follow the same path, Soft, then I feel you get harder, Baby, you want me. From my neck to my navel you have found the spots that make me moan, Nibbled every bit of skin, Tasted every inch of me and given me what I ask for. Then... You did more. ...Read On



Finding the right person to give your heart

Fiend That. One. Thing.  I need it, Everyday.  I need to be filled, Overflow.  Taken over by a feeling that makes me fly, Addictive.  The taste on the tip of my tongue, Lingers. Give me more, I know I am so greedy. But you made me crave it, Desire,  Hunger for it. I never had it so good, Wanted it so bad.  You are all I ever need,  The BEST I ever had.  ...Read On


Stroke Your Man

all about stroking

STROKE YOUR MAN Stroke him nice and easy, Real slow. That's it, Take your time, There you go. Don't rush, Show him you are sincere. He loves how you stroke him, Show him you really care. Ladies, stroke your man, Tell him he is at the center of your world.  Let him know how deep he is, And how much further he can go. Even though he knows it, With that sexy,...Read On

Quickie Sex(4)


I F*cked a Girl... Sorta (Kim and Mary, Pt. 1)

Two female friends, one dong.

Mary and Kim had been friends all through grade school. They’d be graduating and Mary was excited about finishing school. She was saddened by the fact her best friend would be moving away for college. “You look like your dog died. Cheer up!” Kim tossed a small pillow at Mary and Mary grinned. Kim asked to spend the night and Mary’s parents were out of town. She was old enough to have...Read On


Luke's Midnight Delight (Kim and Mary, Pt. 3)

Caught looking

The summer before graduation, Kim had been spending almost every night at Mary’s house. Her older brother, Luke, is in his 20’s and still at home. Kim would often come over and he’d be half-dressed, just coming out of the shower, or just wearing jeans and she couldn’t help but admire his lean body. He kept his hair grown out and had his nipples pierced. “You wanna play?” Mary and Kim lay in...Read On


Kim's Wake-up Call (Kim and Mary, Pt. 4)

Kim loves Mary, but likes cock too.

The sounds of pots and pans clanking and muted voices magnified. The feeling of hot tongues languidly trailing across the tips of hard nipples, stroking the damp breach nestled in between a women’s legs, slowly faded. Wait. Soft, dry lips. There. On the side of Kim’s neck. Moving down to suck at the place where her shoulder and neck met. She moaned. Her nerves still electrified from the dream....Read On


My favorite Sex Toy

A woman finds a good thing and rides him

I was out for a drive and decided to see him. His only purpose in my life was to serve one role and one role only. He did that so well I was beginning to feel more for him than the slippery lust he produces in me at the thought of his big cock fucking me. I told him when I first saw his profile on lushstories. 'I don't believe that is you. But I like the pics. They make me hot.' After...Read On