She stood at my doorstep drenched

Her wet shirt clung to her breasts and her nipples were inviting

A cool summer evening, I was home alone, my hubby had left two days ago on a business trip. It was around 7pm, all was quiet except for the thunder & rain storm that come out of no where. I decided to put my jammies on and make myself a cup of hot tea. I decided to watch TV, a rerun of Law & Order, makes a perfect quiet evening. I thought I heard a knock on the front door so I waited a bit,...Read On

Love Poems(4)


His Lips

sensual passionate kissing

His Lips…. His lips are thick, full, and inviting His lips trace the outline of my face His lips lightly and sensually kiss each eyelid His lips drag ever so slowly down my check His lips open and I feel his hot breath His lips pass over my neck causing me to quiver His lips release his tongue to circle around my breasts His lips pucker and I feel a slow suckle on my nipple ...Read On


I Have Many Faces

Do you see a woman filled with passion desire

Close your eyes and picture me. What do you see? It is only me with one mind, one soul, and one heart and yet I have many faces. Can you tell them apart? Many say I have the face of an angel, kind and sweet. Come, look a little closer look in my eyes, can you see the devil, bold and seductive? Mornings come, and I look in the mirror and ask myself, which face shall I wear...Read On


What Does Love Mean To Me

Deep desire to love and be loved... Just like everyone else out there.

Are they just words written in a hallmark card? For me, they are deep emotions ready to be expressed. The willingness to give up everything for that special someone, Reached by purging the materialistic delights to attain that love. I gaze into your eyes and I see your desire and passion for me, Yet when you look into my eyes do you see love, passion, and desire too? I...Read On


Yet He Does Not Touch Me

Just to be near him is enough but is it really..I want to be touched

He stands behind me ever so close and I can feel his body’s heat radiate His face is close to mine that I can stick my tongue and almost lick his face His lips barely brush against my lips and yet I quiver Yet he does not touch me His hand follows the outline contour of my shoulders, chest and breasts His erect cock circles around my hips, buttocks and pussy He kneels before...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


Anyone up for a game of pool?

Strip pool sounds like fun.

I got a call from my sweetheart about spending a week house-sitting for his parents while they were away on vacation. I said yes, thought it would be fun spending time in the house where he grew up. I met him at the home with my overnight bag in hand, knocked on the door and he opened it with a big smile on his face. That was the first time I had been there so I was curious about it. He...Read On


His Scent

The intoxicating smell of cum, perfume and persperiation on the sheets

I missed his touch and scent on my body so much, that I needed to see him that night after work. He never minded that I just stopped by whenever I felt like it, whether it was to talk with him or fuck him, which was really nice and comforting to me. I stopped by my house first to pick up a few things to put in my overnight back to take over. I made sure to put at least one piece of sexy...Read On


Picnic on a rainy day

a little fruit, whip cream and some hot passion and great sex

We met accidentally on a chat site, but felt like we had known each other for years. We would talk on the phone occasionally then chat a bit on the internet and finally we decided to meet each other in person. We met at the mall, a public place, and lots of things to see and do. We agreed to meet outside of one of the department stores. We swapped pictures so we had an idea of what to expect....Read On

Wife Lovers(2)


Always wanting more - one orgasm is never enough

one orgasm is never enough

Early this morning my hubby went the bathroom and came to bed with a hard on; how yummy. Of course, I got all hot and bothered at the site of it. He told me he didn't want to play and wanted to save his sperm for our weekend getaway. I thought to myself, are you kidding me? I asked him if we could spoon together and lay his cock between my pussy lips. I did not have to do much convincing and...Read On


Attention to the Mrs.

He suckled my nipples through my tank top

It was an early night when my hubby and I decided to go to bed. He was not in the mood to have sex, which was not surprising since of late he just was so tired he just crashed. I on the other hand was very horny and I really needed to feel his cock deep in my pussy. I was starving for a good fuck. I decided that I was going to ease him into having sex. I usually go to bed with a night...Read On