Group Sex(1)


Furniture Anyone?

buying furniture becomes a very hot evening...

My wife Krista has always had a penchant for teasing and flashing herself in public. While subtle about it, she nonetheless gets a tremendous rush from showing herself to men when they can least do anything about it - and usually when they're with their wife or girlfriend. She says it's a public service since the guy probably gets turned on, goes home and fucks his lady like never before....Read On



Heather Had A Secret

the story of my half-sister showing me her wild side...

MY SISTER, THE MILF....Part 1 To say my family is dysfunctional would be a huge understatement. My father is a three-time divorcee who cheated on every woman he ever knew. My mom remarried after dumping him and started a second family that gave her three more kids in addition to the three boys she already had. I went to live with my dad in a larger town when I was 12 and never really got...Read On



Beach Shock

Jan changes my view about her....

I really didn’t want to make our annual trek to our friend’s beach house but I knew my wife, Krista, wanted me to go so I went. Krista had gone down early in the week with Linda and another friend, Jan, along with Jan’s husband Ted. Linda’s husband Jim and I planned to meet them for the weekend and I arrived mid-afternoon on Friday. Suspecting that everybody would be on the beach, I...Read On



Being a Good Neighbor

years of peeping finally pays off....

Alana moved in next door about four years ago. Surprisingly, the ladies in our friendly little neighborhood didn't take too well to the divorced 35 year old brunette with the nice body. While not particularly stunning, Alana was nonetheless attractive in her own right. With an ass that you just wanted to grab every time you saw it and breasts that were significantly oversized for her 5'3"...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


My Neighbor Angie (Pt. 2)

My day with Angie continues.....

From Part I.....I continued to lick lightly all around her dripping slit as if to clean her up for the next round. The sweetness of her juices were like fine wine. My mind began to wonder about the next phase as Angie removed her knee from the barstool and tried to steady herself with her back against the counter. Looking up at her, she pinched at her nipples and gave me her sexiest smile....Read On

Straight Sex(6)


Road Trip with Allie - Part 1

a road trip visit with my best Lush girl...

We had been texting and sexting since our last rendezvous. Allie was so much fun and so sexy, that I would get hard every time I thought of her - the timing of which wasn’t always convenient for such a reaction I might add. Since her company had put her on an out of town assignment for the entire month, my brain was constantly churning to figure out how to get together again. She was...Read On


Allie - My Lush Fuck Buddy - Pt. 2

A second encounter....

"Hello." "Hi, where are you," she asked? "At the hotel, and you?" "Not far away!" "Good, I can't wait to see you. I'm in room 232." "Okay, I'll be there in a bit." "K, see you soon!" Hanging up I set about making the final preparations. The bubbly I bought was an exquisite brand that tasted fantastic. It was well chilled from having sat in my vehicle all morning. I opened...Read On


Allie - My Lush Fuck Buddy

Lush friends hook up

I watched from the third floor hotel room window as she got out of her car. I was stunned and felt a rush move through my body. She was even more sexy and beautiful than the pictures she had texted me. A moment of doubt swept through my mind. Would I be able to please her in the ways we had talked about? Would my 50 year old body be able to keep up with a 27 year old woman? The thought of...Read On


The Bride's Mom

A wedding to remember...

When Diane asked me to do a montage video for her wedding rehearsal dinner little did I know that it would lead to this. I really didn't want to do it but said I would since she really had no other options. Besides I’d known Diane for over ten years as our kids had gone to high school together. As I put the video together, just as I had expected there were plenty of pictures of Diane. I...Read On


My Neighbor Angie (Pt. 3)

Angie lays out the plan....

from Part II.... My cock had definitely noticed. It was coming alive again. I needed the cool water of the pool if I had any hope of surviving this day. With two giant steps, I leaped into the water next to Angie. Perhaps as a thank you, I embraced her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. Without entering her, my cock was serving as a seat between her ass and pussy. Our lips came together...Read On


My Neighbor Angie (Pt.1)

A true story of finally hooking up with my neighbor

As my wife Krista and I backed from the driveway, our new neighbor-to-be came bouncing out of her house to say hello. Although a co-worker of Krista's, I had never met Angie. A slim, bubbly red-head with a raspy southern voice, she immediately hit my soft - and hard - spots. We hadn't even made an offer on the house but I knew we would and that Angie was a must-do. We bought the house and...Read On