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dem boots

03 Jul 2013 16:00

amen to that.

02 Jul 2013 00:32

perhaps we will end up doing it everywhere but in bed...

02 Jul 2013 00:25

will be back shortly folks. thanks first of all for all those who commented on my first entry and the warm, interesting welcome from some of you. the lady is pleased.

01 Jul 2013 07:32

narcissism is not necessarily a bad thing, if you love watching him submit to all your baser desires from the mirrored ceiling

30 Jun 2013 23:28

come as you are and all over me (if you dare)

30 Jun 2013 16:14

his orgasm is a completely and devastatingly beautiful thing to witness

29 Jun 2013 13:04

Naughty thoughts, most of the times. An aspiring homemaker and an oft-fanfic writer. I came here to flex some writing muscle and see if this is my cup of tea. Whisper if you need me. I'll try to answer just as softly.

29 Jun 2013 12:04