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Just a bit of anal play

A missing part of my education is supplied!

We relax in the tub after our lovemaking. Once again, he wowed me like no other guy. He's sensitive, sweet, and well, he fucks me like he thinks I'm the Goddess of Sex. What more can a girl ask for? You'd be surprised. As we enjoy the bubbles and heat, we sip a bit of smuggled wine. We're not supposed to bring anything in a glass bottle in, but we come here a bit and the girl on duty's...Read On



A Typical Day....

Just another day at the office?

Just A Typical Day.... The music blares loudly out of the Bose speakers, thundering AC/DC as it adds to his being disoriented. I like him better that way, besides, the noise covers up my...stealthier movements, and allows me to surprise him. I yank his covered head back and slap his nipples with a wooden paddle. "Attention worm!!! You are here to punished! Is that clear?!?" I yell loudly. ...Read On


I've got...a sub?

I find myself with a sub, and no idea what to do with her!

I'm a very normal girl in pretty much every way. Oh, all right, my ass is a bit bigger than I'd like (although many tell me it's just fine), and I do tend to drink a bit more vodka than I should, but on the whole, I'm pretty normal. I'm a junior in college, and despite that fact, I'm still in the dorms because I can't afford better. Single mom, need to focus on my studies too much to work...Read On


MY birthday gift!

My education in the ways of BDSM continues!

After my gift to my husband opened my eyes to new and exciting pleasures, we tried many things. Bondage, roleplaying, costumes, and tried any position we could think of. It was a most wonderful experience for me, but then my birthday came. After he had asked for such an unusual gift, I felt the need to ask for something special myself and I cannot think of what I want, so I ask him to...Read On


My First Sub, Part Two!

My sweet sub and I take our relationship to the next level...

It is Halloween, and we are all set for some partying, Kamiko's dressing as a cat, and ah, she'll have a proper collar and I'll hold the leash as we've decided to let the rest of our friends know what's going on. Except, I've got to tell Julie first, so I beg off lunch with Kamiko to have a private chat with Julie. "Julie, we've known each other for almost three years, right?" "Around...Read On

First Time(2)


Our First, Er, Second Time!

In which a disaster lays the foundation for a great relationship!

Our First, er, Second Time! This one's 100% real, with only the names being changed! There are two parts, the first time, er, attempt, and the second!~ Part ONE! We enter my apartment, and things are going quite well! We're on our fourth date, and well, I LIKE him! Warren has successfully charmed me with his wit, his smile, his kindness, and his not inconsiderate dancing skills. His...Read On


The True Tale of my First Lover

The night I first learned how great sex could be!

I'm not a baseball fan. I'm tired of striking out. I'm 19, a college freshman, holding down a 4.0, and I'm still a virgin. I am such a loser. Maybe I'm not a loser, but I'm certainly not popular. I got asked out on my very first day on campus, but it was really a flyer to a frat party, and the guy said "make sure you bring some cute friends!" Ouch. I only knew one girl from my high school,...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Blurring The Lines

A weekend most of us would enjoy!

Blurring The LInes! My husband and I moved to Montreal from California, and well, it's been a bit of a shock for both of us, as the weather has gone from delightfully wonderful in November in San Luis Obispo, to horrifyingly cold in Montreal in December! However, we coped with the tough winter and have adapted as best as we can. We're both pretty open and inviting people so making some...Read On


The Working Girl Goes All Out

I expand my business as I explore my wilder side!

When you last heard from me, life had gotten horribly complicated by my fucking my father. Yes, I'm sure it's wrong somehow, but well, I love him. It's complicated, let's just put it that way. My summer at home before heading out to law school was awkward at first, but Mom spent tons of time with her various charities and other adventures which left time enough for us to have some...Read On



A little understanding

In which a gentle understanding helps a brother and sister to learn...

Our parents are....ignorant, to say the least. My brother and I have desires for our lives that are far beyond what our parents want, and as a result, there's quite a few arguments, and an obvious disconnect between us. I parked in the driveway, and took a look to make sure my baby was looking beautiful before I went in the house. My baby is a '69 SS Camaro, black with an orange rally...Read On


Aunt Fiona

I Learn How To Fly!

Aunt Fiona was hardly my mother's favorite sibling. Mom was the oldest, and Fiona the youngest by a considerable margin. I first met my aunt when I was five and she was in high school and a star gymnast. I thought she was gorgeous, with her long red hair, pale skin, and deep blue eyes, I didn't tell Mom, but I wanted to look more like my aunt and less like my mother when I grew up. When...Read On


Kristi and I Begin.

Where an argumentative relationship blossoms into love

OK: Note of explanation here. This became a much longer and larger story than I'd first envisioned. So I went back to do re-writes of parts and add more development of the two central people, as well as the supporting cast. It's not done yet, and it may take awhile to finish it. Also, it builds to the sex EVENTUALLY! It's called sexual tension, and I don't go straight into the bedroom!...Read On


My Secret Revealed!

My secret is revealed, but it leads to an incredible evening of pleasure!

Girl With A Secret My god, what a miserable experience. Senior Prom. A solid month of preparation, a two hundred dollar dress that will have me working for Mom all summer, a three hundred dollar pair of shoes that will see me enslaved to her postal/shipping/mailbox store until I'm fifty-six, and we can't forget the ninety dollar haircut. What did I get out of it? A rather mediocre dinner,...Read On


My Sister, My Teacher Part Three!

Part Three- Where I Get My Career Going!

Freaky is only the beginning now!!! Good to see you back and reading about this increasingly bizarre life of mine! When I wrote you last, I was one step away from beginning my life as a paid woman of pleasure. My sister had taught me everything I knew, and she'd brought me along for my first paid gig, as part of a fantasy lesbian romp. I was portraying young Lady Katherine, known to all...Read On


The Working Girl

I find a novel way to pay for an education, but find it's trickier than I thought....

As he finished showering and dressing he left me with a quick, sweet kiss. "I'd love to see you again," he said softly, "soon, very soon." "Not a problem, you know how to contact me, I'd be happy to. In case my uh, wetness didn't let you know, I had a very pleasant time myself." He laughed softly. It was about the only 'soft' thing about him. He was about six three with a toned, but...Read On


The worst and best date of my life!

He comes to my rescue, and it becomes the best night ever.

The Worst (and BEST) Date of My Life! Did you ever have one of those dates where you spend hours getting ready, only to have the date be a total disaster? David was the major hunk in my drama class, smart, charming, and that body just got me going! He was about six foot one, dark brown hair, enough muscles to be handsome but not creepy, and a smile that left a swath of drenched...Read On


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A rough night at work

A bad night at work, or a good night? Depends on your viewpoint!

Saturday evening was delightful, the club was jumping, and there lots and lots of pretty people around to enjoy. A tall brunette was giving me the eye, and the way she was looking at me told me we were on the same wavelength. She finally walked up to me and spoke. "Can I buy you a drink, pretty lady?" Silly girl, of COURSE you can! "I'd love that, and I love Cosmos. My name's Elizabeth,...Read On


My Sub Part Three

Our relationship is finally established!

It's time for Thanksgiving, and we have a mini party at Julie's the Monday night before we leave. The vodka and tequila flow freely, and Kamiko and I do a fair amount of public making out. Julie's found a decent guy named Chad and he's totally cool with us practically getting it on in front of them, but Julie decides to give us some competition in the public affection and practically attacks...Read On


The Bass Player and I

The audition was a success, and her bass playing isn't bad, either!

"All in favor of killing Becky, raise their hands?" Four hands shot up instantly. "It's agreed, we kill the bitch. As soon as possible." Oh, don't worry, dear reader, we're not really planning on killing someone. We'd like to, but we're not that violent or bloodthirsty. Becky is, or was, I should say, our bass player in our band, the Pastels. So named because of our love of 80's new...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Lady Commands!

In which a fair lass finds pleasure to be more fun than fighting!

Life is hard at times among my people. Our land is cold, unforgiving and bleak in winters, but in the summers there's nae more beautiful place, trust me! My name is Lady Meghyn Carrolwyn. I'm called "Lady" because me mother died a few years ago, so it's up to me to be called such, except, well, I'm not much a lady it seems. Just ask me father. He's Lord Patrick Carrolwyn, and no...Read On




A bisexual witch finds life gets much more complicated via spells!

Bewitching Copyright© 2010 Castlequeen As I wake, I get a touch of my lover's scent, and it warms my heart. Jason is an intern at a nearby hospital,, and some day he'll be the successful and caring doctor, but for now he's just working so very hard. It's just one of the things that I love about him. I don't get much time with him, but I get by, and of course, there's Leila, who is...Read On



His Birthday Gift

His gift triggers my innermost desires!

I lay on the bed, completely nude save for an ankle bracelet. I wait for my husband as tonight I am his, body and soul. It is his birthday, and all of my usual no's are now yes's. We have tried several positions, and I have begun to overcome my gag reflex when giving him head, but my somewhat shy and repressed upbringing has prevented us from going further. Tonight that all ends. I asked...Read On


Meeting A Stranger...the Sweet Seduction...

Taking a chance on a stranger? I find out what it's all about....

Author's Note: This one's 100% true, (names are changed) so enjoy the ride.... As a professional type, (psychologist) continuing education is something you never escape. At least twice a year I'm doing seminars or short classes to keep up on the latest developments. I kind of envy my husband as he's a graphic artist who simply reads blogs and magazines to keep up on the latest info about...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


THE night!

A special night and a special gift!!!

THE Night! A true tale from Castlequeen- "It's.....ready!!! Come see!!!" I step into the backyard and can't suppress the giggle. "What's so funny, Miss Smartypants?" he demands. What is so funny is our brand spanking new hot tub. Not the tub itself, but the setup surrounding it. Our plan is to install a low barrier surrounding it with lattice work that we'll grow ivy on so it's...Read On