Sex with Rachel

A married woman is spanked and has sex with a younger woman

It was Monday morning and Rachel was back in the shop. She couldn’t stop fantasising about the really pretty grey haired lady she had served a few weeks ago. Actually she wasn’t grey rather a very dark brunette but she had lots of grey in her hair. Her eyes were the most beautiful brown to die for. She wasn’t the most attractive woman in the world by any means. Rather flat chested, but...Read On



Debby and her first vibrator

shy librarian buys a vibrator

It was Friday which was her day off. After the boys had left the house to go to school Debby quickly took the dog out for a walk. Underneath her jeans she was wearing lacy top hold ups and a thong. The thong felt tight against the crack of her bottom and she liked the rough feel of the material of her jeans rubbing against the cheeks of her backside as she walked along. She also liked how...Read On



David's delight

David enjoys watching a mature woman masturbate without her seeing him

David's delight Although he was on holiday David had still got up quite early to take his son to school. His wife Sarah was also on holiday but unfortunately she was ill in bed with the flu. It was Friday and they had originally planned to pop around to see Sarah’s best friend Debby after the school run but because Sarah was feeling so poorly David had phoned Debby last night to cancel. ...Read On