Taking her anal virginity.

Vic's first time trying anal sex.

This is based off of a real life experience. Casey is my girlfriends friend. She has had this fuck buddy for a while now. Anyway, Vic texts me, " hey, gonna be late gotta go to cvs casey needs something that rhymes with smplan beee" So about 15 minutes later, they catch up with me by the Dorm rooms. "So casey, what happened?" I asked. "He came in my ass and it leaked onto my pussy,...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


An Empty House

Chris and Vic have the house to themselves

Names have been changed. Chris was about 5 foot 10, on the athletic side, with no fat on his body and an 8 inch cock. Victoria is 5 7, with B cup breasts, a luscious ass, and extremely sexy tap dancer legs. It all started Monday night, over webcam. For the past two weeks, Chris was sick and could not see Victoria. However, tomorrow she could stop by. They were talking about it over webcam. ...Read On