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A professional communicator most of my career and married "hobbyist" most of my love life. I now bring sustenance to the elderly.

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Pennsylvania, United States
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Cats, film, tv, travel, solutions, and serenity NOW!
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The Dune series, Biographies of people and histories of our world. Rush reveres Time travel with exceptional Americans.
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Frank Herbert, Ian Fleming, Ayn rand, Shakespeare, Lewis Black, Mark Styne, Elmer Williams,
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The sting, Star Trek series old and new, 2001 a space Odessy, 2010, On her majesties secret service, network, butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, west side story, fiddler on the roof, the kings speech,
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Land of the lost, Star Trek all series, the simpsons, the prisoner, the ascent of man. SNL, CBS Sunday morning, TCM movies, Aerial America
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Carpenters, the association, blood sweat and tears, manniheim steamroller, Holst, Beethoven, broadway musicals all eras, Gordon lightfoot,


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Topic: The best sexual advice you'd give a younger you.
Posted: 29 Apr 2017 08:28


Thankz for the Mammaries!
Of parlor girls and fun.
Eating pussy when I'm done.
Of banging girls all night long until we watched the sun
I thank you so much

And thankz
For the mammaries
Of all the girls I've screwed
Until they were all pooped
The time I came 5 times rage of all the times that I screwed.
I'll never forget that night.

And all the girls I've done at the parlors
There are so many, I can hardly count
The thing about them is that I loved them
I really really did
What does that say about my Id

And thanks
for the mammaries
Of pussys that I ate
They really were so great
I sucked on them until they quaked
It really was fun to feel them shake
They squirmed and squeezed and grabbed my skull
I really know I got them well
It all was so swell

And now as I troll on my tablet, I wonder
How wonderful it all really was
I grab my dick and pull it all asunder
It spits out some goo
From my circumcised dick like a Jew
I really am so glad I lived the way that I do
I, thank ,it all

Thanks all the girls I fucked sucked before
good nite!
(Band strikes up instrumental version of thanks for the mammaries with a swell)

Topic: have you masturbated at your work place ever
Posted: 29 Apr 2017 08:12

At my radio station, I put on a long record. That's what we did kids back then. Took a pic of Tiffany remember her. I love redheads pale and freckly. Stood at the urinal and wacked off to this G rated album cover till I sprayed a load on the porcelain. Good times

Topic: How Lack Of Touch Is Destroying Men
Posted: 29 Apr 2017 08:06

You're so right at touch adversness. I had a parlor girl tell me once. It would be a better world if we had more touch.

Topic: Are we better off now than we were 8 years ago?
Posted: 29 Dec 2016 15:31

Thank you all for your thoughtful and ,as always ,here at Lush, civilized responses.
I just wanted a snapshot of our world and as always the answer is
it depends.
I wanna give my answer.
In 2008 I made the highest salary of my career 24k as a radio station operations manager
Today I make 6k as apart time meals on wheels deliverer
My chosen profession ,broadcasting ,has no jobs, I originally took the delivery job because the radio station stopped paying me and I stayed on till it could be sold. It went into a duopoly operation where it's just a jukebox with no employees
The irony is I've never been happier. In my work I drive thru beautiful mountainous terrain delivering meals to fine folk. But ,I have had to sell my assets, my families home, and many a yard sale of my dead relatives stuff to pay the bills. Also much like the our great nation I run up a debt too.

But I'm an optimist at heart, unlike the edges of America who think it's the end days(I always thought that was the wacko flyover folks religion). I have a spidey sense things are gonna be Great Again!

Topic: Are we better off now than we were 8 years ago?
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 08:13

I'm so pleased (that largely) the discourse I see here is of higher, well thought ideals, than just about any comments forum in cyberspace. There are flamers here, but (again largely) the public cybersquare of ideas shines through.

In this spirit of discourse I ask you personally, not politically, how your life is now versus 2008?

Topic: American news media - watchdog or lapdogs?
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 07:17

As a child, I was fortunate enough to live back in the days of 3 tv networks and a few independent stations, the local paper, big city capers at the old newsstand, and weekly news magazines. "Picking up our TV free Through the air as God intended it to be," as Dave Letterman once opined.

My family lived between 2 major markets and my father was able to watch all 3 network news shows. What I learned then was Cronkite, Huntley Brinkley, and Howard k smith all read out of the New York Times and told us what happened. In this Fairness Doctrine time, There wasn't really a dimes Worth difference from all these most trusted men's dinner time shows.

When my parents were kids newspapers abounded in all towns across the land, and they knew one of their papers was the Republican one and one was the Democratic one and read them with the proper jaundiced eye.

In the early days of the printing press it was more like our current Information Age where all sorts of undocumented propaganda was spewed out by those who had access to that printing press.

Today MSNBC is the democrat newspaper FOXNEWS is the Republican CNN chases vanished planes in black holes and the rest read out of the New York Times and tell us what happened.

But they all added a new element. YOU! The added the gossip that is the internet. The undocumented, unverified, personal agenda motivated, GOSSIP. The news organizations don't check, verify, ask questions, or do anything remotely resembling due diligence regarding the chaos that is the beginning of any event that is new in our world which is the root of the NEWS.

In the end let the consumer of news beware. Don't play the childhood game of telephone and just resend the thing you saw on Facebook, twitter, or NBC. Use our Information Age resources and do the due diligence our lazy deliverers of what is new do not. Check your sources, ask questions, and don't take anything for granted.

That's how I watchdog the lapdog media.

Topic: Past Lives?
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 06:37

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. All of nature experiences a death and rebirth cycle.
Why should the soul of man be exempt? How do you explain the differences in aptudes, those stratospheric short lives that make such an impact on humanity, and just the multitude of variety in humanity?
It can't be that all lives start at zero and ends anywhere from 1 day to 100 some years later.

George Carlin once said "if there is no reincarnation, someone is manufacturing souls." Life in our universe is recycled; Beginnings and endings then, beginnings again. If you believe you only live once then an eternity of darkness or delight or hellfire....you're limiting all possibilities of being. The soul is a terrible thing to waste.

Topic: Prostitutes/Escorts
Posted: 19 Sep 2016 20:15

I've had sex repeatedly with many parlor girls. I can never understand the disdain for hookers. In
This hyped up rape culture I went to these girls paid them because I didn't want to take advantage of my dates.
Yah, you'll go pick up a drunk girl who's lost her inhibitions and think your a stud but if you have to pay a hooker your a loser. What bullshit.
All these ladies I've done had their reasons for doing it. Admittedly there were no Asian or other foreign types I went to American girl places black and white.
And I've had some remarkable sex with some of the best friends of my life with prostitutes. I don't care if their acting. I felt great in the time I had with her and had her have some fun with me. And I love virtually all of them Dearly. And oh yah,I'm drug and disease free for decades. These girls are cleaner than that drunk pickup cuz their life is on the line. They got to get home to their kids. Stop downing their sort and we that pay their bills.

Topic: Forum Game: Sexy Chain
Posted: 15 Sep 2016 16:38


Topic: Longest fuck session/most orgasms
Posted: 15 Sep 2016 05:31

I don't remember the time but it was several hours. But it was our first time I came back to the a place I was house sitting and she was on the couch with only a towel. We went back to the bedroom and I was possessed. We fucked and fucked I came 5x inside her. I remember the sweat dripping down my spine as I was thrusting still one of the most erotic feelings. I just remember wanting to feel that bubbling tide gush out into her pussy and I had to have it.
Next morning neither of us could barely walk.

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Erotic Bookstore Gobsmack

I always enjoy massage parlors, dirty book stores, any of those places that have the wonder of what exactly is it beyond the Green Door. There's this adult book store off the highway going up this mountain grade. I pass it before and this time, I pull in. I walk into the store and it's your usual assortment of plywood assembled shelves with VHS porn tapes. It's the 80's. yah' know. Well,...

Added 14 Sep 2016 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 1 | Avg Score 3 | Views 2,927

didn't even get her name

I'm a regular hobbiest as we seem to be known on Massage Parlor rating websites. I've been going to parlors since I was 18. The reason I went is when I dated my objective was Not to get into a girls pants. I wanted to get to know her; have a nice date. Course after dating for a bit there was sex and making out. I just grew up thinking that being a gentleman you didn't force a girl right out...

Added 04 Sep 2012 | Category Masturbation | Votes 4 | Avg Score 3.75 | Views 5,928 | 1 Comment

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