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I'm submissive by nature I have a tender heart, if it's broken I want to fix it, I am deeply loyal and I am deeply passionate. But don't let that fool you, I'm a strong woman when I need to be. I can stand up for myself and don't back this kitten in a corner cause she comes out spitting and clawing.

I am in a relationship with a wonderful man who has stolen my heart and brought light into my soul. While we both have rich and wonderful lives outside of Lush within the confines of Lush he is my main focus. While I still have many friends I am exclusively Rooster1957's.

If you're my friend your a friend for as long as you want one, of course, I am no fool I can tell if someone wants to be a friend or is just hanging on. Talk to me just say hi how are you. let me know you're alright and that you care that I'm alright.

Lush is rife with drama but I come here for fun to relax and yea cuz I like the kinky atmosphere. But I refuse to bring or allow any drama to dampen my time here. So I will distance my self from that drama.

Please take your time reading my stories and ask me anything you wish about my writing. I will be glad to talk to you about that passion anytime.

Charity Robbins
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In a Relationship with Rooster1957
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21 Sep 2017 10:48
varied and too extensive for this list
Favorite Books:
I read a lot and usually find something in the book that I like I rarely quit reading a book I start.
Favorite Authors:
I like reading and I read several books a week so this list is too long to list most but not all are romances I love historical and sometimes paranormal and of course erotica.
Favorite Music:
Right now my favorite song is 'Hurt' by Lady Antebellum

But anything from any type of music with strong female vocals I love to sing and belt some strong lead vocals.


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06 Apr 2016
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Topic: LUSH needs consistent MODS
Posted: 04 Aug 2017 08:18

My posts were never intended to upset mods or to say that anyone had done anything wrong I was just made a suggestion, that maybe consistency would help in the way stories were looked at. (please don't tell me how you already do this). As I was informed in the way that you attempt to do this and I do thank you for that.

Topic: LUSH needs consistent MODS
Posted: 03 Aug 2017 11:36

1. I apologized and if it helps I apologize again for any hurt feelings.

2. I had issues you responded some very nicely with helpful and insightful information to those Mods I thank you for your help it is what I would think that the forums are for addressing issues in an adult manner.

3. I'm sorry I have no way to satisfy your hurt feelings, anger or what ever emotion you have.

4. I refuse to apologize anymore it's not helping to put an end to this issue.

Topic: LUSH needs consistent MODS
Posted: 03 Aug 2017 09:26

I'm sorry you were offended. My post was not meant to upset or inflame I never mentioned names and only mentioned my recent post as it was my most recent concern. in truth, I had wondered a few other times about the same kind of issues.
I"ve had wonderful experiences and very bad ones. After some of the comments yesterday I felt that I owed you the opportunity to respond that maybe there was a reason for the way things happened, and I reached out by email last night. You responded and I felt really bad as you told me you had also had bad responses to making changes.
But my post was not only about that story it was about other stories ones where I"ve had them turned down I look over it have others look and only a handful of changes are made. Submit to another mod and it goes right through. I was just saying that maybe there was a way to make the process less subjective maybe I was not very clear, and to be honest looking back it seems a few things have been picked out and the rest of my post ignored.
At any rate, you explained and some of the responses from other mods have shown me that there is a process and that you guys do talk and try to be consistent.
I would have never ever posted your name. The story was taken down by me prior to the forum post so no one should have known who the Mod of that example was. I do apologize for your hurt feelings again. I honestly was not bashing you.
I hope this helps heal any bad feelings it was not personal and not specific to you or any other one Mod.


Topic: LUSH needs consistent MODS
Posted: 02 Aug 2017 17:08

Look I have tried she still did not need to be so nasty. Which I may have overlooked if she had not started on an open fourm the number of edits made on a totally different story. Ì do not care what her reasons publicity trying to shame someone for things is nasty you would think that I mentioned her by ñamè. Let's be fair I never mentioned any one by name yet I keep getting slammed for having an opinion which was not about the lengths of time it took to post. Again thanks to those who have been kind offered advice and a word of encouragement. Shame on her for sprouting my errors to the world and no one calling her out publicity for it.

Topic: LUSH needs consistent MODS
Posted: 02 Aug 2017 14:11

Buz if you look I did state that I was wrong apparently it was only saved as a draft. It was an honest mistake and I have apologized for that one error in my statement. I was not saying that all mods are bad but I have had some issues with a few mods not explaining other than to say grammar, tenses punctuation. My original post was in hoping for more consistency. You have been kind in expressing how that is accomplished and has done more to make me see that there is a system in place and that some effort is made toward that goal.
I don't think that anyone can claim that there are no mods are not as forthcoming in why they turn down a story. That I think is the least that is owed those of us that do try and I that do put forth an effort. I for one don't mind going over my work several times (and usually do) with the mods direction. I don't expect them to do the work that is not what I'm asking at all, but I do think that some effort to look at the story and at least show that you did a few minor changes while you decided to flip it back to the writer give us guidance is all I ask. This is all for others as I'm so done trying to work with que If I can't find someone to help me with it then I'll post my stuff elsewhere.

Thank you for being kind about it

Topic: LUSH needs consistent MODS
Posted: 02 Aug 2017 12:23

Liz has kindly asked that I correct myself I did, in fact, have a story that I thought that was submitted on the 2nd of July she has not so kindly explained that I was in error and that the story was not fully submitted. How ever she did not think to apologize for calling me a Liar only requested this retraction which I give as she says I was wrong and I only have her esteemed expertise to go on.
I do think she owes me an apology for stating the number of errors in one of my latest stories one that was worked on several times by me to get to that level. I have no problem working and correcting my errors I know I have a learning problem which I admitted to in the first post that I made today I have a lot to learn I was simply stating that some of the MODS not all of you do not always give clear reasons I was not in any way detracting from the work that you put in only stating that we work hard as well and deserve some input by the mods and that possibly some consistency is needed.

This is what a Forum is for is it not..or is it just to only state things if it pleases the Moderators or should I say the ones that call people liars and treat them with disrespect by openly stating errors that should never be openly discussed. I never named any mod in my posts I would not want to embarrass anyone that way. So I mention no names as to who called me a liar.

Topic: LUSH needs consistent MODS
Posted: 02 Aug 2017 11:57

I removed the story I am no longer submitting stories to the cue. The story was there prior to my removing it I have a screen shot under my pics if you wish to see it

Topic: LUSH needs consistent MODS
Posted: 02 Aug 2017 10:30

I expected this and while i agree with a lot that was said some things were wrong.
calling me a liar ..The story I removed today was submitted first on July 2 and as of the 30th of July I re submitted that story and it was looked at in a very timely manner. Had not been looked at ...I'M NOT LYING about that so I resent that I never attacked any of you personally I have had mods that have worked with me. and to those I have been very appreciative. But I have also had those who dismiss a work without even making one change. So how am I to know if it's one or many issues that causes it to get kicked. and YES It seems like it is a power trip for some MODS so fine .........

The story that the lady so kindly picked was giving me a hard time and that Mod worked with me letting me look at and see the changes as we worked on it. It's also not one I paid to have edited by a paid site.

Other than that, I'll keep any more opinions to myself. Except for this final thing, this is not just my opinion many others have said the same thing to me especially those who no longer post on this site.

Topic: LUSH needs consistent MODS
Posted: 02 Aug 2017 04:45

We need some consistent mods on this site. Ones that will actually try to help rather than say the same old things over and over.
Case in point my most recent attempt to post a story that sat for a month without being looked at finally I resubmitted it and it gets rejected no changes were made, it's like they did not even start to try and look at it. Just said the same old lines about checking grammar, pronunciation, tenses.
How many times have I had that happen and paid someone to edit the work they only find a few problems. So I submit and what do you know a handful of errors corrected and Lush editors accept it.
I've heard suggestions to try Grammarly which I have and do use as well as ProWritingAid then I use NaturallySpeaking which read's the text to me so I can hear the errors which I do and I work over and over changing and correcting until it sounds just right.
Okay so I have dyslexia and I know that I have trouble with writing this was my whole reason for starting this endeavor but when I pay someone an English teacher no less to read and edit my work then have it thrown back in my face then I begin to wonder about the ones doing the proof reading on this site.
Yea I know I'm going to have it thrown in my face that the Mods are not paid and how they do their best. Well, I would like to throw that right back in the face of the ones tossing that at me.
I'm not paid I do this I do it for fun and while I know there must be standards but they should be fair all around if a Mod is going to toss a story, some effort to edit that story should have taken place. Otherwise, how are we to know you even took a moment of your time to actually read the thing. or that you care enough to show someone where they are going wrong. In addition, all the Mods should have the same standards. Maybe it should take two Mods to reject a story unless a certain percentage of errors are found in the first 100 words. (I'm sure there are many errors I did not run this by any of my software nor did I take my time trying to dot every I and cross every T)

Topic: You can have sex with one or more Character from Game of Thrones - who will be your ultimate lay?
Posted: 01 Aug 2017 23:53

John Snow of course but also Tyrion Lannister he looks like he would be a fun.

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Who's The Top

I walk silently into the room, wrapping my arms around you from behind. "Guess who" I whisper into your ear, taking a little nibble out of the lower lobe, before sucking it into my mouth and flicking my tongue quickly over it. Your hands slide up my arms slowly, then back down to my wrists, capturing them in your firm grasp. "Come sit on my lap," you state emphatically in that commanding...

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The Dance /Daddy's care

My hands vibrated from the rush of adrenaline flooding my body. I was not sure I could manage the leather buckles on her wrists and ankles, but I did. She was mine, and no other Dom will release her but me. So, I straightened my back and willed my fingers to work. With slow, deliberate determination, I unfastened the buckles one at a time bringing her legs together as I released her ankles....

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The Dance

“Do you Submit?” he asked as calmly as if he were asking about the weather. “Yes, Sir,” she proudly stated. He slowly pulled a blindfold from his pocket. “Who am I?” “You are my Master.” The world went black as the smooth satin slid into place over my eyes. My scalp prickled where his knuckles brushed across my hair as he secured it. The scent of him surrounded me, God, why do I...

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"Come on get up and out of those horrible pajamas, you are coming with me." My friend Sarah was determined to pull me out of the funk I had been in for the last five weeks two days and 16 hours. That was the exact length of time since I walked into my apartment and discovered my boyfriend fucking the slut who lived in the apartment directly below ours. The same slut who's bedtime antics...

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The Escort

When denied the access to your eyesight, your other senses take over for you. Recognizing this mentally is easy, but, when experienced. the effect is considerably more profound than you can express with a few brief sentences. So when I was led blindfolded, barefoot, hands secured with a silk scarf behind my back, I was unprepared for the assault to my scenes. The distinct smells: cigar...

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