First Time(1)


The Lion and the Wolf

Can be read as a stand-alone story, or as part of the set that begins with Sara's Surprise.

Summer’s dying embers had given their last and been replaced by a September mist that painted the landscape with a layer of frost. Maybe a return to school, to normality, would be my salvation. These were the thoughts that came, formed and then vanished like the blue wisps of breath escaping my lips in the chill autumn air, as I saw the lights of the school bus approaching. Guilt, however, is...Read On



Depravity Road

Follow-up to Sara’s Surprise and From the Sublime to the Surreal, both of which should be read first

Cat-like eyes of yellow fire bore into me, as I stared down at the pale, almost translucent figure on her knees before me. It was a deathly face that stared back; one that knew my darkest secrets and my living torment, one that enticed and repulsed in equal measure. Each time was the same, but the knowing only served to heighten my fear: her blood red lips would part to reveal an abyss, a...Read On


From the sublime to the surreal

Follow-up to Sara’s Surprise, which should be read first for context – aunt Susan’s revenge

Time slowed as the key turned in the front door, and nothing could be heard but the click of the latch opening. As the reality of the situation began to dawn, Juliet was the first to react. With a loud screech she scrabbled to her feet, leaving her scent coursing through my nostrils and her wetness dripping from my face. Sara was quick to her feet too, and as she rose the head of my...Read On


Sara's Surprise

Cousin Sara and friends educate a virgin

At the age of sixteen, I was, like many a virgin, shy and somewhat sullen. Unlike the vast majority of my friends, I had not found a love. Vivid memories of that time, of how others seemed less awkward, still haunt me now. It would be fair to say that sex was a complete mystery to me, but the summer of 1999 changed that forever.   It was July, summer was in full bloom and everyone...Read On


Written In Blood: Journey's End

Last part of Written In Blood: Prelude. All my stories form a set, starting with Sara's Surprise.

Stopping at the door, she turned and with a thoughtful look, just said, “Maybe.” Then she was gone. And that was the last I saw of my twin sister, Jenny, for eight long weeks, until the first week in July, just fifteen days before our seventeenth birthday.   Each day since she had left had seemed like a lifetime of utter misery. Even now, nine years later, it feels as if it was only...Read On


Written in Blood: Prelude

Part one of a two part story.

Sunrise sizzled the morning dew that had settled on my bedroom window. In my arms, her once vibrant, naked body lay still and silent, bathed in warm dawn hues of pink and gold. Cold sweat dripped from her smooth skin, as I looked lovingly at her peaceful face. For the first and last time in our lives, my sister Jenny and I had made love, and nothing would ever be the same again. It was...Read On



Witches’ Toil

Can be read as a stand-alone story, or as part of the set that begins with Sara's Surprise.

Beth’s leaving plummeted me back into the depths of teenage depression, leading me down a long, dark tunnel at which end no light could be seen. Not only had I lost the girl who had become my best friend, but I’d also lost my love. Together, we had shared the most special thing; we’d shared the loss of our virginity. No joy was there for me in the dawning of the new millennium, no sparkle...Read On