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Lovely week to break out those shorts and skirts...

10 May 2015 18:03

Back to TaeKwondo but I'll skip the sparring for a while.

It finally stopped snowing!!

31 Mar 2015 18:59

Knee is better! Moved on to Yoga for a while.

19 Mar 2015 20:08

Hello, Hello. I busted my knee doing Taekwondo. So I have a bit more time to read stories while it heals up. I'll have to think about Physical Therapy.

11 Oct 2014 18:04

Hi All-

Sorry for the dearth of time and stories. Life interferes with art! I'm enjoying all your contributions.


17 Aug 2014 19:32

My latest story is at:

Now why can't I make an image link here?

16 Oct 2013 19:57

So many stories, so little time...

01 May 2012 19:26

What's the best summer vacation you every had? I like sitting on the beach reading books and my SO likes running around cities taking pictures.

10 Apr 2012 20:08

Thanks people for the comments on the Alpha Male series. I love getting new comments on old stories! I am out of steam right now but will read your new creations for inspiration. XX

13 Dec 2011 19:33

The Alpha Male Part IV is done (finally). Check the "Reluctance" category. It was fun to write. XX CR

29 Nov 2011 20:12

I've been working on the last of the Alpha Male stories. Otherwise I've been off line for a month or so. Will try to catch up!

17 Nov 2011 21:25

Where did the summer go?

02 Sep 2011 20:39

Still working on Alpha Part III. Too many distractions!

14 Jul 2011 21:10

Just came back from vacation. San Fran and San Diego. So funny that our hotel in San Diego was just a little like the one in "Eden West".

12 Jul 2011 18:03

La, La, La! The editors picked my story. Thank you editors! Thats better than the bucks! :-)

30 Jun 2011 19:53

Wrote a story "Eden West". Otherwise just hanging out.

27 May 2011 19:47