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Since retiring I have amused myself writing erotic stories and novels.

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Topic: Harvey Weinstein
Posted: 25 Oct 2017 07:51

Don't forget that the standard of proof required in a criminal trial is higher than that in a civil trial. Weinstein does not have to be found guilty of criminal charges for him to be judged appropriately fired from his job. In the United States legal system, there are two standards of proof that must be met before the judge decides who wins a case. Civil courts use a lower standard of “preponderance of evidence”, while criminal courts use a higher standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

There is a third standard: trial by news media. It requires no proof and can never be undone or corrected. We have seen it in the last few years in a number of cases where someone has not actually done anything but has been accused of something which the media deem to be wrong. On a few occasions something a man has said has been taken out of context and has cost him his career, even on one occasion a Nobel prizewinner lost his job for a misjudged attempt at a joke.

So I no longer make any points anywhere without carefully judging what the reaction may be. For this posting I expect to be thrown out of all the Porn sites of which I am a member and to have all my writings banned in every soi disant civilised community, even the text book I wrote on computer security.

Topic: Inspiration and Celebrities
Posted: 27 Mar 2017 04:35

I never willingly describe a character's physical appearance. The readers of my stories know exactly what each character looks like in their own mind . Anything else is either unnecessary or off-putting. I hate stories that start off with a paragraph about the principal's appearance that reads like a forensic pathologist's report (5'6",195 lbs, bald, blue eyes, 16" prick, 32yo, etc.). That said, when it is necessary to the plot I will give some details, but only when necessary. In my "Delights" series of a dozen novels, the main character, the Emir, is never described, and the only clue I give is that he is not as tall as his head bodyguard, but as Maktum is "almost seven feet tall" that isn't giving much away!

Topic: Writing a Whole Novel...?
Posted: 17 Jan 2017 01:55

but... but... i want fame and moneeeeyyy.

They will come. The difficult bit is getting your first novel published.

Oh, and knowing when it is finished.

Topic: Post a random fact
Posted: 03 Jan 2017 01:26

You are more likely to be killed in a domestic kitchen appliance incident than to win the UK national lottery if you buy one ticket for every draw.

Topic: Why Did You Choose the Avatar You Use?
Posted: 03 Jan 2017 01:17

Because it is me being unloaded from the Ffestiniog Railway. It tells people how old I am and that I won't suddenly appear on their doorstep out of the blue and that riding on trains is my second favourite pastime (and is more available and less effort than my favorite).

Topic: What food are you craving right now?
Posted: 03 Jan 2017 01:11

Breakfast time here - toast with lamb dripping generously spread on it.

Topic: New Year's Resolutions - What's Yours?
Posted: 03 Jan 2017 01:08

I'll try to keep my 1/1/2000 resolution which was never to make any New Year's resolutions.

Topic: Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted: 03 Jan 2017 00:58

O mio babbino caro by Amira, but then I am an old man.

Topic: Do you hate your job?
Posted: 03 Jan 2017 00:53

Job? Job? Oh yes, I remember, I had one of those back in the last century, but it took up too much of my time so I ¿retired? I think they call it and now I get a pension.

Topic: As a reader which do you prefer. A first person or third person view point?
Posted: 03 Jan 2017 00:47

I know it has been a long time since this thread was live, but nobody pointed out the great problem with first person narratives.

In a third person "fly on the wall" composition there is no limit to what information can be passed to the reader. In first person only what that person actually knows, sees and experiences can be told.

"Is this love?" (s)he asked me. is fine but not (S)he was wondering if this were love. as the first person narrator can only guess at the other people's thoughts.

Similarly, the narrator needs to be told by a someone else what happened when (s)he was not there.

All my writings are in the third person because it allows me to relate activities which are forbidden in first person, such as events my hero(ine) did not witness and the feelings of other characters.

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Nobody Planned It

The problem with a Christmas Party for a company that works deep in the defence industry is that there are few personal contacts between employees in different parts of the organisation. It is clearly illegal to discuss one’s work with anyone not assigned to your particular project, so each Section tends to socialise as a group and don’t really get to know people from other sections. This...

Added 30 Nov 2016 | Category Cuckold | Views 13,871 | 3 Comments

Carol's Craving

(c) 2001 Charmbrights. All rights reserved. The author has asserted the moral rights under sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. Carol and Jeremy Coming away from the ante-natal clinic after a check-up four weeks before her second baby was due, Carol looked down, a little wistfully, as she eased her bulk into the car. 'Will I ever see my feet again?'...

Added 29 Sep 2011 | Category Interracial | Views 17,073 | 6 Comments

Bedroom Antics

Chapter the First In which businesses prosper, families meet and a marriage is arranged, but no improprieties occur. It was a large house, set in a small park, but it could never look like a house of the gentility. It shouted aloud to anyone of sensibility, in this year of our Lord eighteen-fifty, that this was the home of a tradesman. A very rich tradesman, it must be admitted, but not...

Added 14 Sep 2011 | Category Straight Sex | Views 5,666 | 3 Comments

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