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Topic Is equality such a difficult concept to grasp?
Posted 06 Dec 2016 00:15

We're discussing gender - so I'm not going to travel toward age or religion discussions.

Gender . . . all girls schools?

Why? Is your workplace going to be strictly all male or all female?
So why learn separate? Grades aren't the only thing to work toward in school.

Every moment of your life is spent around people of opposite or neutral gender (etc). Part of growing up and attending school is learning how to deal with those types of related matters. that's LIFE. You can hide from it or pretend that's not how it IS just to isolate and seclude yourself.

If people - both males and females - are forever encouraged to shut-down in the presence of the opposite gender, withdraw or remove themselves . . . then they'll never figure out how to make it in life. Life is isolated.
A child spends only a small proportion of its waking life in school, so why shouldn't that be aimed at grades primarily?

Consider the figures 36 weeks school a year, 6 hours on 5 days in each week. Awake perhaps 100 hours a week,say 5,200 hours a year of which only one fifth is spent in school, and that for only twelve years. Nobody is suggesting single sex education over the age of 18.

Topic When is a story 'finished'?
Posted 03 Dec 2016 06:46

As someone once told me "Your writing is finished only when you are totally fed up with it."

Topic Question for authors ...
Posted 03 Dec 2016 06:36

I write fiction all under one pen name, but my non-fiction is technical and written under my 'real' name. The problem with that was persuading the bank to open an account under my pseudonym so that I could bank royalties separately from normal income.

Topic Is equality such a difficult concept to grasp?
Posted 01 Dec 2016 08:34

The idea of equality meaning the same laws apply to me and you and everyone else . . . this makes perfect sense and is entirely plausible.

No, it neither makes perfect sense nor is plausible with the self-contradictory laws we now have.

In Europe age discrimination is illegal, yet it is apparently OK to have different rules for different ages in many fields, driver's licence is the most obvious, or buying booze.

In the UK discrimination on religious beliefs held is illegal, but the courts have ruled that a lifelong honestly held Christian belief that sex is for one man and one woman who are married is now to be over-ruled by the honestly held lifelong belief that two men may indulge in sex in private wherever they wish, even in a hotel room owned and rented out by holders of the first belief. Clearly these two positions are incompatible, but the older, less noisily pursued view has had to give way.

The Roman Catholic church has had to close its adoption schemes because it refused to allow adoption by unmarried couples, on pain of being forced to hand children over to such couples or pay them compensation.

Another aspect of this is that all should have equal opportunities in education. That does not mean that mixed-ability teaching works, anymore than a mixed ability sports team would. It does not even mean that co-ed schooling works better than same-sex schools. It has been shown, in the UK at least, that girls do better when educated in an all-girls school, but anyone who says this will be shouted down by the "equalists".

The answer to the question is " Yes , equality is a difficult concept to apply ".

Topic Where do you write and save the drafts?
Posted 01 Dec 2016 07:07

Maybe this sounds paranoid but I save two copies on separate external drives attached to my own desktop, both password protected.

I wouldn't use the cloud, or any internet site's facilities for work in progress because you have NO guarantee that other people can't read your work. Furthermore you have no control (or even knowledge) over where any of that is stored as back-ups.

It isn't that I have had a bad experience, but until I retired my job was computer security, and I know how much power I had to access other people's work. I know that “XYZ Inc.” are a reputable company and only hire trusted people, but in my forensic work I saw so many crooks ...

Topic Sprite's Pet Peeves - writers should check this out before submitting stories - it's just go
Posted 29 Nov 2016 05:52

Good job here, sprite.

Might I add:
Then and than, too and to, there is a difference.
Be careful with breath and breathe.
To make a word plural do not use 's; it's either s, es, or ies. (stories not story's; 's refers to possession)
Read your story out loud to someone. Their ears or yours will likely pick up some issues.

I actually take the 'laundry listing' ban a little further, (though I call it 'forensic pathologist's report') in my thirteen published novels about Kobekistan the main character, the Emir, has only one reference to his physical appearance, and that is that he is not so tall as his principal bodyguard, but Maktum is also described as almost seven feet tall, so that does not give too much away. The reader will always see someone in their mind's eye and that image will always be exactly right for them . I do describe clothing, however.

As to reading aloud, there are products on the market which will read your work aloud automatically. Microsoft had a product which read .lit format aloud to you, but I don't know if it is still available. A word of caution though, some technical terms can be mispronounced - as JKR found out when Hermione was pronounced Her-my-one.

Topic Spelling Mistakes?
Posted 04 Sep 2012 05:19

Photographed today:

Topic Sexy paintings and illustrations.
Posted 28 Aug 2012 01:16

What, exactly, was Eve doing before the snake distracted her?

Topic The way of a Man with a Maid
Posted 24 May 2012 01:10

The full text is available free at because it is in the public domain.

Topic punishment
Posted 24 May 2012 01:04

Agree a safe word.

Then gag the slave.

Then say, "You can use the safe word any time you want me to stop."

Topic FAIL Thread
Posted 24 May 2012 00:59

Lush Stories ...more entertaining than daytime television... That is not difficult.

Topic No wonder we live in such a kind & gentle society today
Posted 24 May 2012 00:34

You may notice that all the best insults in this clip do not include obscenities. See, for example, the lady starting at 1 minute 20 seconds into the play. I'm sorry I don't recognise her, but I am not a film buff, nor do I watch much US TV.

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 23 May 2012 01:31


Topic What is the meaning of life?
Posted 23 May 2012 01:30

Life is a sexually transmitted terminal condition.

Where are the Monty Python fans? :( What has HHGG to do with Monty Python?

Topic WTF?
Posted 19 May 2012 02:43

What does "FREE" mean? does FREE mean 1.jpg does FREE mean 2.jpg

Topic It was a mistake to give women the right to vote?
Posted 19 May 2012 01:12

... 2) It is a fundamental human right to have say in one's government. ... Does that come under "Life", Liberty", or "the Pursuit of Happiness"?

No government gives you life, though they may take it away.
No government gives you liberty, though they may take it away.
No government gives you happiness, though they may take it away.

Topic 5 seniors suspended and janitor fired for senior prank with Post-It Notes? WTF
Posted 19 May 2012 01:00

When I was in high school, some friends and I turned every single book in the school library backwards. ... We reshelved a lot of ours by colour of binding and size. It took a long time to put them back!

Topic Cheer up a lush friend with a picture
Posted 15 May 2012 00:57

Topic Royalty Doing The Weather
Posted 11 May 2012 02:27

He was better than most of our weather people, and even included an ad lib joke or two.

Topic It was a mistake to give women the right to vote?
Posted 11 May 2012 02:24

... To say that women should not vote is the ultimate sexist remark ... No it isn't. Try "The education costs of the country could be reduced dramatically by not educating women beyond the age of eleven."

Topic It was a mistake to give women the right to vote?
Posted 11 May 2012 02:22

... What gets me is why is there still no Equal Pay Amendment its the 21 century. (Since we are on the subject of women's right) So the female draughtsperson we employed should get the same wages as the male draughtsman we employed with the same experience and skills, sitting at the next drawing board, doing the same work?

I assume you would answer with a resounding "YES!"

But she walked in one day and announced that her husband had been moved to a different office by his employers and it was promotion for him so she wouldn't be in after that day, as she was going house and job hunting in the new location. She left part finished drawings, and a hole in our available staff hours. Is she giving anything "equal" to the service provided to us in return for the wages by the man next to her ? And do you wonder why employers are wary of hiring women?

Topic Here it is, the world's first Fat Tax!
Posted 06 May 2012 01:37

... If a moron wants to ride his Harley without a helmet and risk certain death or vegetatative state ...
Actually helmets reduce the number of deaths by protecting the skull, but they increase the number of vegetative or quadriplegic state patients, thereby increasing the health costs. This happens because modern helmets are heavy, and when the body stops rotating the helmet continues to rotate, causing spinal injuries. Death is a relatively cheap medical condition.

Topic w00t! Precedent established
Posted 06 May 2012 01:29

AOL give out the same IP to thousands of customers.

Until there's a unique identifier for each machine, it's never going to be cut and dried. Even then, a person can claim someone else was using their machine anyway (if it were a one off incident).

Gav told me they are planning on doing something to identify individual pc's now, that's going to hurt the people who are happy stealing movies / music / stories / anything on the web.

I also use an ISP which has dynamic IP allocation - but - the ISP knows exactly which PC is on-line via a particular IP at any given moment, otherwise they couldn't send each individual packet to the correct PC (see note below), or (more importantly for the ISP) bill the time/traffic to the right customer. Therefore, with considerable effort, the PC using any IP at any known moment can be identified. For which purposes the government will deem it worth the effort involved is a matter for them. Clearly Joe Public will think it was worthwhile to track terrorists, but my bet is that the vice squad will decide that porn user tracing is also worthwhile, if only because it is their job, similarly with the copyright fraud police.

My question is "If porn is corrupting those viewing it, how are the vice police protected from being corrupted?"

Note: Yes, I know about promiscuous read.

Topic Here it is, the world's first Fat Tax!
Posted 05 May 2012 02:02

I have no problem with this at all. Consider our government. How many millions of dollars do we dole out every year for medicaid and medicare coverage to treat people whose ill health is directly related to their diet? Type 2 Diabetes rates have risen 6000% in the last 30 years, and in the 1950s only one in seven people were considered overweight, while now two out of every three fit that description, while our consumption of simple carbohydrate-based foods (which is also the cause of Type 2 in the majority of sufferers) has risen astronomically.

The government, frankly, needs (and owes it to healthy people) to recoup some of that money somehow.

You do realise that there are many people hurt in road accidents every year and that your argument applies equally to the concept of increasing taxes on vehicles and fuel? Would you "have no problem" with that?

Topic w00t! Precedent established
Posted 05 May 2012 01:55

CISPA doesn't matter, does it? Either it passes or it doesn't, but that will only change actions already taken by your government from hidden-and-illegal to hidden-and-legal. There is ample evidence that the US Government, in particular the Executive, does what it pleases irrespective of the law. The latest obvious example is Guantanamo, where US law applies, unless you are an inmate.

Topic Woman claims she can't get a job because she is overweight.
Posted 05 May 2012 01:49

... if you are morbidly obese then there are aspects of the job that you wont be able to do. ... Yes. I wouldn't hire a fat boy to clean my chimney. He might get stuck.

Topic So, I took an investment survey this afternoon...
Posted 04 May 2012 00:14

... Your comment was just kinda mean. if.jpg

Topic What chicks think about during sex with Jenna Marbles
Posted 04 May 2012 00:06

"Sam - the ceiling needs painting."

Topic So, I took an investment survey this afternoon...
Posted 03 May 2012 01:09

Can't the Wiggling Stormtrooper give us a "Like" button for this? Please?
I understand that Facebook rules the world, but are you incapable of saying you like something without having a special button to press? Is it the effort of typing the word which deters you, or the spelling problem?

Topic WTF?
Posted 03 May 2012 01:05

Freedom Flask Demo
This would be really useful for smuggling liquor into sports grounds. They forbid taking your own to games in the UK and then sell beer at inflated prices.