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update, life has been great. Met the woman of my dreams and am now Engaged. I love her so much. she is my world.

11 Jul 2012 14:59

hey people sorry haven't been on in such a long time. I wrote another poem that I will post soon. Life has just once again thrown me in a loop. Was in a relationship for almost three month and then she dumped me with total BS excuses. Sucks because she was the first girl I actually loved. She was the first girl I actually gave my whole self too, but I am moving on because I know she was just lying to me. She was just using me, at least was fun while lasted. Hope all friends on here are good and don't hate me

27 Nov 2011 10:39

sorry to all my friends on here that I have not been on recently in awhile. Just so much shit has been dragging me down. Dealing with too many deaths and other things. Some might care some might not, but I think I might delete my account. If anyone wants me to stay or try to cheer me up, message me

01 May 2011 12:20

Merry Xmas all. Hope you have a good time. I just wish I could curl up with a bottle and just finish it and do nothing else and watch the day pass

24 Dec 2010 19:14

Wondering if I should delete my profile and leave lush. Never talk to anyone one here and no one really talks to me. I don't know. Maybe

03 Sep 2010 19:08

thinking of getting Nipple Pierced next

25 Aug 2010 19:40

Being single is no fun. No luck with relationships. Maybe I'm just a looser and am meant to live and die without love

17 Aug 2010 18:50

Feeling better, but still feeling a bit hurt

06 Jul 2010 18:14

Happy Fourth of July , Everyone have fun and be safe Well Try at least

04 Jul 2010 09:36

once again Single, oh well

18 Jun 2010 18:22

well now I got 8 piercing and still want more

23 May 2010 19:51

ahhh why does Truth come in a bottle and how can I forget it ?

05 May 2010 19:08

migraines suck big time

27 Apr 2010 19:02

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone. Drink Up if you drink.

17 Mar 2010 18:55

YAY USA beat Finland 6 - 1

26 Feb 2010 14:15

GO USA Hockey yays

26 Feb 2010 13:23

in a bit better mood .

23 Feb 2010 19:46

In a I hate Love. Wish I could cut out my heart and still live. Being without a heart and emotions seems so great right now.

21 Feb 2010 18:26

new poem people, want opinions

17 Feb 2010 18:58

yays getting new piercing in a couple months.

12 Jan 2010 19:21

Wow almost 2010. Where did this year go? It flew by so fast .

30 Dec 2009 12:58

Merry Christmas, Merry Yule people

24 Dec 2009 14:22

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

25 Nov 2009 20:36

Life sometime just is never fun and kinda Sucks big time. Why ?

20 Nov 2009 18:21


18 Nov 2009 18:33

At the moment Hating my life

09 Nov 2009 13:06

In a bit of Pain but it's worth it .

06 Nov 2009 18:32

new poem Pleasure Please read and comment/Vote

02 Nov 2009 19:21

New Poem, Read and comment, Vote if you like

31 Oct 2009 15:11

Want people to read my works and comment and vote. Please and Thank you

30 Oct 2009 14:34