Love Poems(27)


Christmas Lovers

About love at Christmas time.

Under the Mistletoe, We Embrace. Holding you Gently, Calming my Soul. Looking deep into your Eyes, Getting lost in their Beauty. After being Mesmerized, We retreat to our Room. Delighting in Pleasure, We entwine as One. Spreading Christmas Pleasure. Spreading Christmas Joy and Cheer....Read On


Christmas Present

About unwrapping a special Christmas present

Desire, Burning Bright, On Christmas Night. Burning a hole, In the Pants. Waiting for You, Not to be Blue. Waiting for you, To unwrap your Present. As you undress Me, We become Free. Free to explore each Other. As we move to the Couch. After we make Love, We fall asleep like Doves. Waking up the next morning, And I ask "did you enjoy your Christmas...Read On


Christmas Tree Lovers

About making love at Christmas under the tree

Under the Tree, We are Free. Free to Embrace, Face to Face. Rolling Around. Fooling Around. Desires, a Fire. Burning Bright. Desire so Intense. Out shining the tree lights. Making sweet Passion, For the remainder of  the Nights. ...Read On


Cruel Love

About how loves is cruel and can hurt

Love, Cruel Love. Crushing from Above. Stabbing my heart, Tearing it apart. Tearing it to pieces. Stabbing til it ceases. Ceases to exist, Clouded in mist. Love, Kills , Give pills. Pills to remove the heart. Making it part. Removing the Heart, Thats the great Part. Without a Heart, We'd...Read On


Dark Love

About a dark side of Love

Bite Me, Suck Me, Make me Bleed. Pain, takes no Heed. Sensual, It is. Making me Fizz With Pain, And Pleasure. Taking me In. Making me Feel, Feel the ride. No place...Read On



A poem about my first Ex Girlfriend

Fallen from heaven, Angelic you were. You found me, Crouched in a corner, cowering. Cowering like a dog. You thought you could help me, But you never wanted to. You tried to change my Aura. Take it away and sell it. Affection shown to you, Did you accept it? Or reject it? No one knows ! Wandering through time, On a deserted path, Waiting to meet you, again, Will it happen? Does true...Read On



A poem about one I loved

Shattered shards Of glass. Ripped through heart. Bloody heart. Blood cold, dripping From crumbled heart. Searing pain Of old. Shards of blood, Speckled with somber thoughts Of you. Love of you. Pain still held, But not forgotten. Love within, Of you. Always Love you, Never hatred. Life goes on Without...Read On


Imbedded in Heart

Poem about some I really loved

Shards of you, Splintered in heart. Wanting you Back in my arms. You hurt me, But that’s gone. Forgiven forever, Hoping for you. Hoping to hear, News of you. No news comes, ever. WILL IT? Love remains within Me. Love for you, Who betrayed me. Betrayal happens, But Love’s Forever, In the heart Of the Lost. ...Read On


It Means the World to Me

About making that special person Happy.

A Night so Amazing, That never wanted to End. A night everlasting, In my Heart. All the Planning, Paying off. Impressing the one, Who is dear. A fear, that never came. But was there, Instead Happiness , Filled its' place. Happiness, that made, A night so special. Filling mine and hers, With Joy. Making everything worth While, Seeing that Smile, Seeing her Happy, Means the world to me....Read On


Last Night

About remembering a night of sex

I lay Beside, You, my Beautiful. Thinking of, The Love, we Made. Passion so enraged, Filled our Souls. As we became One, Last Night. Exploring each other. Feeling a new Realm, One after Another. Bringing Climax after Climax. Biting and Clawing, Like Animals. We did Mate, Until Collapsing....Read On


Loose Caring

the Hearts Betrayal

Caring Lost, Who cares about the Cost. Why Bother anymore , When things get lost. The Heart brings Pain, Holding cares within. Lose the Feeling, Then you'll start healing. Why does the Heart feel Pain, Not even Healed by the Rain. Why should it be there, When without, Is...Read On


Love is Death

About how Love is pain and kills you

Love, death of all being, Sucking blood from veins. Draining the Soul. Torturing the Heart. Never fall in Love. It kills ones self. Ones Soul. Devouring it Whole. Love, Lifeless Taker, And heart...Read On


Love, A Destroyer of Hearts

A poem about how love can hurt and destroy a heart.

Love lost, Always with A Cost. Loosing ones Heart. Loosing a part, Part of ones Essence. Even  the quintessence. Never to be gained. Only Lost Within. Love Destroys from Within, Placing the Heart in a Bin. A bin of Trash. To be thrown out. Without a Heart, Now that’s a Start. A Start of a Happy Life, Without...Read On


Love, A Question

About questioning Love

Worth the Time? Worth the Crime? To give it a Chance. To let it Bloom. Will it bring Doom? And Gloom? Will it make me Happy? Or Sad? Maybe even Mad? For something I thought I Had. Had once in my Life? Bit it was Fake. Like life, Give and Take. Not always as good as Cake. Love, Should I let it in? Or close my Heart, Forever?...Read On


Love's Destruction and Question.

a poem about loves aftermath and questioning it.

A Pit of despair, Is it worth to repair? Mend it, Make it whole. Is it worth more, Broken or fixed? Shattered into Pieces, Waiting til it ceases. Ceases it beating, With pain Fleeting. Love bring Pain. Which the heart Causes. Is love worth the Pain? Can it be healed by the Rain? What can heal the Heart, Surely it can't be Love. Which is a pain from the Start....Read On


Only You

Poem about my Girl

Looking at you , Never am I blue. Making me Smile. Enticing Me. Your Eyes, Easily lost in. Your smile, Always warm. You are amazing And sexy. I want you Bad. With you, I'm never...Read On


Overcuming Loves Pain

about sex healing loves pain

Fleeing Pain, Seeping Wound. Caused by Love. Hell Above. Make me scream Now, Make me Bow. Heal the wound. Complete me. Embrace Me. With your grip. Please me with your body, Make me scream, you're a Hottie. Entwining bodies, Healing. Giving so much Feeling. Sex heals the heart, Pleasure replaces...Read On


Pain Excites

About how pain can be exciting

Pain slowly seeps, Threw my veins. Waiting for Pleasure, To drain the Pain. As you bite me, I writhe with bliss. As we kiss, Our passion explodes. An explosion of Passion, As we bed, Our passion is fed, By our joining. Joining only to Climb, Climb higher til we fold. Fold to keep from the cold. Warming each other....Read On


Pain Within

About the heart and pain

Pain excites within, Arousing Pleasure Arousing the Mind. Seeking inner Peace. Drowning in Pain, Pain of the Heart. Killing all Pleasure, Enticed by the Pain. Pain of the Heart, Kills all things. Kills the Pleasure, Taken with Glee. The hearts Pain, Must be Quelled. Must be Extinguished, So Naughtiness can Rein. Pain Excites the Mind. Heart pain extinguished...Read On


Painful Heart

About the pain the heart and love can bring

Loss of Heart, Heals the Pain. The Heart Controls, Hurting the Soul. The Heart creates Pain. Feels Emotions. Lost Inside, To torment One. Love, creator of Pain, Helping the Heart, Bring on to its' Knees, Making...Read On


Passion Enfolds

poem about sex

Lusting for your embrace. Smiling at your face. Beautiful and sweet. Taking you off your feet. Collapsing as we touch, Never too much, Folding into embrace, While kissing your face. Our bodies Glistening, And listening. As we enfold. Are we cold? Passion alights , And takes flights. We are one, Will we be undone? ...Read On


Passions Bliss

Poem about sex and passion

Passion Enfolds, Exploding within. Believing  in Sin, Little as a Pin. Rippling with Desire, Taking you higher. As we Collapse, And become One. Climaxing with Intent, Riding the wave of Pleasure, Only we can Measure. Begging for More. Laying with delight, Next to You. Grinning, Savoring , What we...Read On



About oral

Sweet Juices, Flow Out, Enticing Me, With your Scent. Going Down, Showing Pleasure. Greedily Drinking, Of your Bounty. Your face Shows, The Passion, And Pleasure. My turn...Read On


Pleasures Stream

About sex

As I Bed, You, my Dear. Nothing so Sweet, That tastes as Good. Biting to Taste, Craving your Blood. Salivating as I think, Of what Becomes. The rhythm of Two, Beating as One. Moving so Slow, And yet so Fast. Riding a stream of Pleasure , Only to merge with...Read On



About having sex more than once.

As I Lay, Beside, my Sweet. I turn to Thee. And salute you. Are you ready? For round two. Ready to See, If we can do Better. Wanting to Feel, Pure Euphoria. As round two, Excites Passion. Passion that Explodes, From deep within. Only to leave its' Mark. On You. Was round two Better? Or should we go another...Read On


Times Gone

About an ex love

Passion gone, Like a fleeing dream. Floating on A cloud. The sky, calm And blue. Making me feel Lonely and free. The dreams are Of you. Someone I still love And always will. Regret in mind. Never should, have Let you go. Cause you, hold my heart. Forever shall I love. Forever keep my...Read On


Xmas Desires

Disires at Xmas

Under the Mistletoe, Passions Flare, Caught in a Snare, Snare of Love. Our tongues Search, For each other. Igniting the Flame, Of Desire. Moving to another Place. Watching each others Face. We enfold into One, And our soul...Read On