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Finding Out A Dirty Secret

My friend admits a dirty truth to me, which shocks me

I met my husband, Peter, when I was eighteen and a secretary in accountants where he was the rising young star of the company. Aged twenty, he already had a reputation for taking risks — but he made lots of money. I fell for Peter right away and he returned my feelings. We were together a year before I became pregnant with our daughter Kara, and Peter wanted me to give up work and stay at...Read On


Forbidden Fruit

Dan's covert activities are not quite as stealthy as he had wished.

I grimaced as the tightness in my jeans increased. Not that I was unhappy — on the contrary — but my discomfort was growing and I could do little to relieve it. My prick, which until a few minutes ago was in its normal, dormant state, was now outgrowing the confined space and the strain was telling. The reason for this sudden growth spurt was Suzanne, our next-door neighbour. She’d just...Read On


For Sale, Brown Loafers, men's

The garage sale became more than I bargained for

It had been six weeks since I had sold the Camry. Six weeks since I had fucked that beautiful young mom in the garage. Six weeks since my wife had watched me cum on that lovely ass. She had stood in the open doorway, in silence, and watched as I fucked another woman on the trunk of the car.  Six weeks since she slapped my face, hard, and then made me fuck her on our bed in the same...Read On


Our Foreign Exchange Student

Natasha was so gorgeous that I could hardly keep my hands off of her!

For the last three months, we’ve had a twenty-one-year-old exchange student from Ukraine living with us. She’s a nursing student and since my wife is a nurse, it seemed to be a good fit to have her live with us for the summer. But when my wife talked to me about it, I had no idea just how gorgeous Natasha would be. If I’d known how much of a temptation she would be, I probably would have...Read On


I Finally Nailed My Neighbor

I’d always wanted to get Becky into bed and I finally did.

When Bill and Becky moved into the house behind us, I fell immediately in lust. Becky had long, wavy brown hair, a great body, and a sexiness about her that just really had me hard whenever she was around. My wife and I became friends with them quickly and we were together every weekend playing cards or swimming in our pool. After a few months of playing cards and looking at Becky’s...Read On


A Ride - Another Journal Entry From Me

Journal entry

I’ve just returned home to an empty house, and so I can write about an amazing day. Right, let me start from the beginning… It was a Saturday and I was expecting to go to our regular haunt for a swingers' party later that evening. Truthfully, I really needed some sexual attention.  After I’d spent part of the morning cleaning the house, I fancied a little rest after a long working week, and...Read On


For Sale, Low Miles

Selling a car leads to a lusty encounter

The red minivan pulled into the driveway just as I was heading to the garage. The doors opened, four kids spilling out of it, as the couple exited the front doors. They were here to look at the car I was selling, a silver Camry, and were right on time.  I opened the door of the garage and gestured them to where the car was parked. After a quick introduction, the husband began looking the...Read On


Wife-Swapping With Cindy

Cindy and I had never wife-swapped before and decided to try it with our good friends first.

Cindy and I married ten years ago. We were both sophomores in college. She was studying nursing; I was studying civil engineering. We’ve had a wonderful marriage and have no kids. Our sex life is phenomenal and we still make love almost every night. Actually, Cindy is the one that is so sexual and keeps our sex life alive and fresh. She is always coming up with new role-playing games for...Read On


My Friend’s Wife And Daughter

Tammy was a real doll and seduced me easily. And his wife was a pushover!

Jim had been my co-worker for many years when I moved back to Kennedy Space Center to take another job with NASA. We kept in touch and promised to get together often, but after fifteen years we hadn’t managed to do so. When I changed jobs, Jim and Wanda had a two-year-old daughter named Tammy. She was now seventeen and I was looking forward to seeing how she’d turned out. If she looked...Read On

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A woman discovers something unsettling about her husband

“Alan? Are you here?” I closed the door behind me and dropped my keys into the singing bowl by the door. His car wasn’t in the driveway, but him not being home was odd enough that I couldn’t resist the impulse to call out again. “Alan?” Nothing. I kicked off my shoes and headed for his office. I knocked twice as I pushed the door open, only to find it dark and empty, the usually everglow PC...Read On


Good Is Bad, Bad Is Good

My journal

Summer is the concert season and, as much as I like going and being backstage and all that, there are times when I just want to stay at home. That was the case last week when my man sent a text to say he had tickets to Saturday’s Counting Crows concert. He had backstage passes and front row tickets and, as a fan of the Crows, he obviously assumed I’d say, “Awesome, let’s go!”  But I...Read On


The Preacher’s Wife

Marie was a beautiful girl and being alone with her was the opportunity of a lifetime.

I was attending a three-day leadership conference with my pastor and his wife, Marie, and several other congregants. Halfway through the conference, he got a call that a member of the congregation had been in a car accident, and he had to leave to be with him and his family. He asked me if I would bring Marie home the following day after the conference. Of course I said I would. Marie...Read On


The Boys Room

It was a Thursday night and the club was packed. Having the night off from work, I decided to go out, joining my boyfriend and his five friends. James was already in the club when me and my two friends met and joined them. It was a typical night out, lots of drinking, dancing and conversations with raised voices competing against the music. My friend, Gina, would go outside to smoke and I...Read On


Addicted To Delilah

He would stop if he could, but he's addicted

They lay together in the bed of their cheap hotel room, the glow from the neon sign outside their window the only illumination.  He watched her dozing, the heady satisfaction of satiated lust clear on her face.  The window was behind her so her skin shone with the light filtering in through the window and there appeared to be a halo of red light around her.  Fitting, he thought, since she...Read On


Forbidden Fruit - Part 1

I just can't stay away

I shivered as I felt his touch on my shoulders. I didn't need the reflection on the glass in front of me to know it was his hands caressing my back. I'd know that electrifying touch anywhere. I broke my gaze out the window to turn to him. "Adam, no. What are you doing?" I stammered as his whiskey-soaked breath filled my nostrils. I put a hand up to attempt to expand the shrinking gap...Read On


The Neighbor

A cheating husband's perversion.

My name is Kevin Somerville and I’m a pervert. I freely admit it to myself. I love porn and watching naked women and sex. The problem is I’m thirty-five married to a nice woman, who after giving birth to two children lost interest in sex. I compensated by building my business to get our family not stinking rich but very well off, that we wanted for nothing. I continued with my fascination...Read On


A Blissful Workout Part 1: Prologue

Melinda worries about her figure, but her best friend is more concerned about her sex life

"I'm getting podgy," Melinda groused over her second glass of wine. With a sigh she pinched her stomach through her dress. "See that? Fat." "You're not podgy," her best friend Cassidy laughed over her own glass, before reaching out to tickle Mel's tummy—and causing her to almost spill the wine. As her redheaded friend giggled, Cassidy leaned in close and reassured her, "You've got a...Read On

Recommended Read

The Other Woman

He knew cheating was so wrong...

He couldn’t get her out of his mind. She consumed his every thought. Those lips. He had kissed them a thousand times and yet he still craved more. That smile. Those stolen moments. He could still taste the sweet peach juice upon her lips following the very first time their lips locked. Fuck. He craved her. Aiden knew he shouldn’t but Melody oozed seduction. Something he just...Read On


An Hour Long Cheat

As Vicky gets a free massage from Angela, cheating sparks fly.

"Well, you two seem to be clicking," he pointed out, getting out of the car. "You two planned almost our whole wedding by yourselves, and now you are getting a massage from her too. I certainly did picture you two killing each other." "Why, John?" I pondered, closing the gap between us. "It isn't like I stole you from her. You were divorced for over a year before we met," I reminded him...Read On


The Sex Life of Riley Tompkins #1

Riley's fun is spoiled when she gets a text message from her boyfriend...

I sighed, staring out the window as a thousand thousand raindrops pelted the rooftops and city streets like so many paintballs exploding in their reds, blues, and greens, the rain gave no indication of stopping.  So much for Sandy Neck.  I closed my eyes and slowly breathed in the aroma of the chamomile tea in my Wonder Woman mug; the warm apple-blossom smell mingled with lemon and honey gave...Read On


The First Grade School Teacher

Our son’s first grade school teacher was gorgeous and I had to have her!

My wife and I always get involved with our son’s education, so when there’s a parent/teacher conference, we always attend. When our youngest son started first grade, I was there the first day to meet his teacher. Jenny was an absolute doll. She had long brown hair and the cutest smile I’d ever seen. She was bubbly and friendly and I had to have her. I wanted to push her down on her desk...Read On


The True Story of My Cheating Life - Part 1

How I first cheated on my High School sweetheart with a black boy.

This is the real story of my cheating life. Everything has been recorded in journals since I was a teenager and I’ve been spending some time going through them and asking some of the people involved to tell me as closes as possible what they remember. These stories start when I was sixteen, about to take my first exams to get into college (in Brazil some students can choose to take three...Read On


Not Her Husband Part 5

About an hour after Mr. Harper left and her husband was asleep, Beth went to the guest room. She wanted to read some diary entries from her high school days but didn’t want Jack asking what she was reading. Beth flipped through the pages until she found the note of when she first met Mr. Harper. It was her sophomore year and it was also her sixteenth birthday when the first day of...Read On


My Wife’s Sister Came to Visit

The first time I met Sheila, my wife’s sister, I fell in lust.

I first met Sheila, my wife’s sister, the day Sandy and I were married. She had the most gorgeous long dark brown hair I’d ever seen and the cutest smile that made me want to grab her and kiss her for an hour. I found myself briefly disappointed that I hadn’t met her before Sandy. I know that’s a terrible feeling to have on ones wedding day, but I couldn’t help it. Sheila was just so...Read On


Personal Training

Jennifer recieves close attention

Jennifer felt a surge of excitement and nerves as she walked into the gym. She had been here thousands of times over the years but this time was different.  The lights were dim and the silence was deafening. As Jennifer’s eyes adjusted to the gloom she spotted an envelope on the floor inside the squat rack. As Jennifer closed the distance to the envelope she looked into one of the mirrors...Read On



true story as always

After the passing away of Harry — he features in my earlier journal entries — my interactions with Joe or Gary were little more than that of saying hello at the gym.  But I sensed Joe still had feelings for me. He often tried to talk to me but my times at the gym were less frequent and, in my small town, people talk and it’s not worth risking my relationship. So that’s why I moved on…. ~~~~~...Read On


Lady and the Tramp 5. Meeting the People

The vicar's wife gets more black cock than she could have expected.

For five days now, Khalfan, the solidly built local had been fucking Suzie, the smart little wife of Vicar Jason. It stopped for a while then as Khalfan had to return to his tribal home. He would be back. Suzie was on top of the admin and getting on well with the people around her. Head nurse Fola, a tall girl in her thirties, was good to work with and helped Jason and Suzie settle in. She...Read On


Keeping My Neighbors Satisfied, Pt 2

I had two gorgeous women whose husbands were overseas

At the end of part one, Linda and Bill were going to bed where she wanted to try anal sex. He’d never tried it either, so they both were excited. Not only that, but Linda had also expressed an interest in letting Bill have sex with her friend Carolyn and would like to watch. - - - After we undressed, Linda dropped to her knees and gave me a nice blowjob to get me ready. She had a way...Read On


Cocktails with Katy

A frustrated neighbour gets what she wants, and so do I.

We had been living in our new house for over a year and had gotten to know our various neighbours pretty well. It was a new development on the outskirts of our city so we had all moved into our houses at roughly the same time, giving us all something in common when initially engaging in small talk. We lived at the end of a small row backing on to the embankment separating the houses from...Read On


The Wife Denies and the Nanny Provides - Part Three

The husband finds relief in the nanny's pussy again

I was lying in bed, freshly showered and enjoying the feel of the fresh set of crisp sheets. I had just put them on our bed so my wife wouldn’t know that I had just spent the last two hours sucking and fucking our hot, young nanny senseless. I heard the front door open and closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, not wanting to have to talk to my sure to be drunken wife. Sue walked into...Read On