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The Perfect Assistant

Donna was in a rut in her old job but found something other than just taking dictation.

When I graduated from high school I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. So like many of my classmates, I applied to some colleges that interested me. I was accepted and started classes the next semester. I was a good student in high school and didn’t really put forth a lot of effort but I did get good grades. I thought college would be the same for me; boy was I wrong. I was a...Read On


Tom, The Boarder - Fellatio Or Else

Tom drives a hard bargain

Tom spread my legs, saying, "Now, for the best part, you'll love this," as he disappeared between them, I felt kisses on my thighs and tongue slurps until he got to my lady parts. Oh my god, I don't know what he was doing down there, but it felt even better than his big cock in my whoo-ha. I came harder than I ever had in my life. Oh my goodness, that was the best thing ever. Bill had...Read On


Jimmy And Amy's Forbidden Weekend

This is a story told from a man and a woman's perspective about a passionate weekend away together.

Amy I'm going to be late. It took forever to collect my bags and find a taxi. I hope he's still there. What am I doing? Will we have chemistry, or will it be awkward? I am crazy? Ha-ha, this is crazy! I am married, he is married. I'm so going to hell. Jimmy I cry from joy. I weep for the realization that I will see you soon. It has been too long in the making. We have spent too much...Read On


Throat of the Tiger Part 1

Dorky Busty Mormon Girl Learns the Art of the Blowjob

Hannah, what have you gotten yourself into? This was the only thing I could think on the way to Michael’s apartment. The last few days flashed through my mind in a total blur, a tornado of excitement and lust and fear and awe and so many other things all colliding. All my romance novels have this cliché: “It’s so wrong, but it feels so right!” That’s just where I was now, about to turn...Read On


The Nurse - The Vacation

The vacation during which everybody discovers things about themselves

The flight on the 757 was relaxing, but with one more flight to go to reach the island, I had a choice. I would have to ride another airplane or go by boat. One hundred miles in a small boat on the ocean was not my cup of tea. I had decided on another airplane, but when I saw it, the boat ride didn’t look so bad. My father used to call this type of aircraft a puddle jumper. With my...Read On


Tom, the Boarder

Stories of erotica lead to erotic nights.

I married my high school sweetheart. Bill came from what I would call an "Old-Fashioned Traditional" family, and by that, I mean, his mom never worked outside of the home and they went to Church every Sunday. She cleaned, cooked, had babies and raised kids until they were empty-nesters, the normal suburban household of the 60s and 70s. My husband finished college when I was a freshman, and...Read On


Good Neighbours

Loneliness and frustration lead married neighbours into an affair as steamy as the summer weather

I saw Miranda across the street as soon as I came around from the backyard. It was a hot, muggy Saturday afternoon on an August long weekend. My neighbour was dressed for the steamy weather in tight little shorts and a string bikini top. Pausing, I drank in that sight with a soft sigh. Miranda was standing over her lawn mower with a sour look on her pretty face. As I watched, she pulled...Read On


The Wife Denies and the Nanny Provides - Part Four

Husband Leaves Wife fro Joys of Teen Nanny

I worked the stick aggressively on my Porsche as I sped home early, my mind racing with thoughts of fucking our young nanny, Jill, all afternoon.  My wife, Sue, continued to neglect my sexual needs and had forced me to seek satisfaction with our hot live-in nanny for the last several months.  I turned onto our street anticipating the feel of our nanny’s luscious lips wrapped around my...Read On


My Lush Lynn

What happens on the road, stays on the road

Lynn is totally my lush.  She also happens to be my best friend, business partner, and has been dating Graham, her long-distance lover, for several years.  This is another of our many stories. I’m Alex and I too am in a long-distance relationship with Melanie.  The challenges of long-distance dating are one of our favorite topics of discussions.  I’m not going to suggest that we...Read On


If I can't have you, I'll take the next best thing

Desire gets the best of me

How did I get myself into this, I wondered, sitting on your bed waiting.  Even now, despite the feeling of lust and horniness that is taking over, I know I shouldn't be here doing this.  This is wrong; you and I have been friends for years. Close friends, even, who shared so many secrets and desires, except the one I needed most. I don't blame you for not wanting me in the same way, but...Read On


Pat's Wish

I had never seen Pat's cunt so ready to accept a cock

Since Peter had left, life had turned vanilla for Pat. Yes, Dave has been around and fucked her, but infrequently. Pat wouldn't say anything for fear of upsetting me, but I think she was craving another cock. I phoned Pat's sister Sam and asked if she had any ideas. Sam told me when Pat was there last she did talk a lot about having sex with other men. The tingly feeling she gets when...Read On


One Too Many or Not Enough

Is it wrong to have sex with your business partner?

Lynn is my lush. However, she also happens to be my best friend, my business partner, and with someone else. My name is Alex and this is our true story. My best friends have always been female. In high school, my best friend was the soccer babe. In university, it was the skater chick that I eventually went on with to have three children. In divorce, it’s Lynn, who suffered through the...Read On


Wife Tales - Office Visit

I suprise my online friend with a visit to his office.

Alex and I had been sending messages back and forth on Lush for a few months. He always had very sexy comments about my pictures and my stories. I loved opening his messages to see what he had to say. They not only made me feel good but it got me very aroused to know I could affect a man in that way. His last message got my attention more than any of the others. He had just read a private...Read On



Big tits. Did I say big? I meant huge!

I had tried for some time to entice my hunky neighbor into a sexual relationship without success. So, you can imagine my shock when I walked into our pool room and found my husband down on his knees sucking that hunky neighbor’s cock. My husband Stanley was a successful businessman who had grown his father’s wholesale toy business into the premier company of its type in the country. He also...Read On


The Nurse - Finders Keepers

The plan is put into action, but nobody follows it

Chris’ Story Ivy put her leg down and I rolled off her, admiring the beautiful brown woman I just fucked. Her skin is without blemish. Her dark left nipple has only one white spot on the areola, which makes her look even sexier. Her beautiful face is framed by her dark hair in the classic short style of a nurse. I have been with her three times, and I still have not told Josie. It is crazy,...Read On


The Nurse

Cheating husband, with help from the wife, wins a bet.

Chris's Story I finished my report, and Karl walked up to me requesting a favor. He was stuck in a meeting and wanted me to run to the local pharmacy to get him some condoms. He and Janette were going partying after work, and those parties always led them to get all horny. He told me he did not need another kid right now and handed me a piece of paper giving all the pertinent details of what...Read On


Mistress Perspective Part 3 Dreams to Reality

The exquisite pain of falling from dreams to realities

The most dangerous part of being a mistress is forgetting your own reality. Having such happy moments with your lover, that you forget there are other priorities. Losing track of time. Leaving marks on skin. Creating an entire make-believe world where only the two of you exist and then having to face the crushing reality of falling, alone, from those special moments. What I struggle with...Read On


My Weekend Fun

When the rooster is away the chicken will play

Somehow, my emotions and the way I live my life, is different from others and this Journal entry is purely from my point of view and reveals my thoughts about what I did. So, this true story is a brief account of what I did this weekend… A Saturday night alone is something I don't get too often. But, when my husband’s alumni weekend comes around and he goes to Maine to be with his...Read On


Friends with Benefits - Part 5

Miss Jones the innocent wife becomes Roma the whore

Roma was riding home on a train from Edinburgh at 4.30pm, after a wonderful weekend fucking her new lover Peter. She was now emotionally free of her boring husband, but still needed to maintain formalities. She had not thought of moving out, splitting, or any of that. She had just had two affairs which had made her demanding, fulfilled and multiorgasmic. She knew her life needed subterfuge...Read On


Seduced by The Friend of a Friend

Kate was an early in life widower, so I stayed her friend because she was so damn sexy

My wife Sammi and I went to visit a long time friend of mine, named Kate, for a special dinner celebrating absolutely nothing. Why Kate asked us to visit, was beyond me, except that she wanted to reconnect with me since I had helped her though the grief in the suicide loss of her husband several years before. I had known Kate for years and at one time, I had tried to date her. She had told...Read On


Bobby's Wife

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

When he came home from Shenanigan’s about ten o’clock, Bobby found the DVD taped to the window on his backdoor. The house was dark and Melanie’s car wasn’t home. He ripped the DVD off, walked into the kitchen, tossed it onto the table, and opened the refrigerator door. Pulling out a bottle of Bud, he twisted off the cap and threw it across the room. He missed the kitchen trash...Read On


The Mistress Perspective Chapter 2 Jealousy

The subject of jealousy in a cheating relationship

Now that you know a little about how my affair came to pass, I will tell you some tips. Lets start with Jealousy. That big green guy. Some people feel it more so than others. I didn’t for a very long time. Not in love, at least. Sure, I have been jealous over cool shoes, or amazing sex stories. But the type of Jealousy I am talking about is for the cheater's significant other If you...Read On


Hijabi affair part 2 - Dinner

The sexual desires they have built up over years start to get unleashed

Worried about Zahra telling my wife what had happened I quickly zipped up and ran back to the kitchen. Zahra was standing there, with a slight smile on her full lips as she talked to my wife about the cooking. 'So why is it so hard?' She said, pointedly staring at me. I realised the outline of my hard cock was still pushing against my trousers and turned away red-faced. My wife was too...Read On


Customers Girl

Selling bud to a friends girl for the first time....

It started out like any other day, relaxing playing video games. I finally had time now that I got my weed business set up here in Colorado. I grow some premium buds for dispensaries as well as sell some on the side to friends and family. Heard my phone ringing in my bedroom. So I paused the game and went to grab it figuring it was Friday so I probably had some people wanting some smoke. It...Read On


Not her husband - Part 4

Beth finally finds out who the stranger is...

With Beth facing him, the stranger reached back and started to untie the blindfold. She put a hand on his arm. “Slowly… please,” she said. He slowed and Beth had her eyes closed when he removed the blindfold. She gradually opened her eyes… and Beth couldn’t believe it. Sitting right in front of her, naked, was her high school science teacher, Mr. Harper. Beth had a crush on him all...Read On


Hijabi affair

Hijabi wife and Muslim husband allow their desires to be fulfilled

My wife and I have a reasonable sex life. She doesn't have much of an appetite and only likes a few positions but she's certainly very attractive. To fulfil my needs I occasionally masturbate and think about my many fetishes. Recently I have been fantasising more and more about women wearing the hijab. There have been a number of porn movies made with women dressed in a hijab and I live in...Read On


Not Her Husband - Part 3

Finally Beth loses her anal virginity

I'm really going to enjoy fucking her tight ass, the stranger thought. He licked a finger and shoved it into her ass but he could get only about half inside because her muscles clamped down. Sure, he could force his finger all the way in but he liked it when the woman enjoyed what he did. “Come on now, kitten you need to relax your ass muscles. If it's this hard to get my finger in,...Read On


Not Her Husband - Part 2

Stranger returns

Beth waited and listened. She heard the bedroom door close and then the front door shut. She waited a full five minutes, counting off the seconds, just in case he changed his mind and decided to come back and fuck her. To Beth's dismay he did not return. Beth tried to put the handcuff key in the lock but she dropped it onto the floor. With the blindfold on, Beth couldn't see to find the...Read On


Bad News Leaves Vegas, Part One

Lily's husband is away, and may be cheating on her. What will she do?

Lily didn't need sex - she was in perfect control of herself - but she was still very lonely. Her husband Bill was an established programmer whose work sometimes took him around the country, and once even outside of it. This time, he was in Vegas showcasing something that Lily didn't understand, but that was hugely important to him, and he was also collaborating with other programmers in...Read On


Friends with Benefits - Part 4

Miss Jones journey to adultery and love making

Miss Jones had spent a week without sex and her frustration was beginning to show. She came to work dressed demurely, kept herself to herself and avoided the Head at all costs. She went home as early as possible, fingered herself before her husband came home and wondered whether she needed a dirty weekend overseas on tour with the girls. But after a week of this, she knew she needed real...Read On