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The Sleep Over

This is a fantasy of what I would want to have in a sleep over when I was younger.

This is one of my many fantasies from my youth. Part of this story has a little bit of truth in it but my fantasy is much hotter and nastier than what really happened. I was eighteen and had just graduated high school, going to college in the fall. My friend Carrie had invited me and Jennifer over for a sleep over. Carrie and I had been friends since middle school. We were close friends...Read On


Tempted by Eve

temptation is sweet, a mistress is sweeter...

Eve smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Her chocolate eyes had darkened a little with nerves but brightened as her teeth showed in her red lipstick smile. With a slender hand, she tousled her hair and let her curls hang with a bounce before tugging on a red hat and wrapping a scarf around her neck. Her bust was noticeable beneath her boat necked plum jumper, and her petite build...Read On


The neighbor

You are having a few drinks with the neighbor as usual on Friday night. Your husband is away. He frequently goes away for business, leaving you alone to take care of the house and kids. You understand, but it gets old quick. You have had several drinks tonight and are arguing with the neighbor, again. You both always end up arguing about something. It’s in his nature. There is no...Read On


Rendezvous in Chicago

Two Lushers meet at a business conference

She's married; she has a number of young children at home; she has a successful career; she is intelligent and beautiful, and she has a libido running on overdrive. Why would she risk it all? Why would she risk it all with him? So much to lose and what would she gain? That fucking sex drive will be the death of her. He is older, like at least twenty five years older, with limited...Read On



You arrive into the darkened theatre on your own. You've told your husband about this movie he would never go to see, so you booked your ticket and off you went in a nice summery dress. You find your seat as do others and the trailers play. You barely give them a glance, as you keep looking at the people coming in - especially lone men. Your heartbeat is thudding in your chest, and your...Read On


My girlfriend's step sister gets off on us

A woman notices a voyeur and then is confronted her.

I laid back on the bed in her bedroom. "Fuck, that's good, Nancy," I moaned, with my hands going to her blonde covered head. Her tongue slid into my slit very deeply and the top half of my body began doing the worm in slow motion as her fingers were inserted into my cherry as well. They were thrusting in and out as her tongue was zooming up and down, too. My mouth opened up and I put a lot...Read On



An ignored wife craves attention, love, and lusts for more.

Her golden brown curls reached midway down her back. Her eyes were a seductive icy blue. Her body was that of a goddess. A thick hourglass figure, a full perky bust, thick, but firm thighs, and petite size seven feet. She was the wife of a man named Devin Carswell. Her name was Annabel. She was the most perfect wife any man could ever wish for.  Her cooking skills were excellent,...Read On


My Mother's Lover and Me

This should have never happened, but it did.

Having returned home after visiting some friends, I had found my mother and one of her contractors naked and recovering from sex on the pool deck. I was shocked. I was aware she had arranged a meeting with him, but had no idea that sex was to be the reason. My mother had been a widow of five years and, to my knowledge, had not entertained a man since my dad’s death. This was a...Read On


Cheating With the Neighbor--Chapter 3

Rick and Molly hatch a daring plan.

I managed to make it through the party without letting on that I knew my wife and Anne were having an affair. I put on my brave face and played dumb the remainder of the night, but when we got home I decided that I had to come clean about my fling with Anne. I couldn't very well confront her about Anne without confessing what I had done. Molly was sitting up in bed when I came into the...Read On



He squeezed his jewels in one meaty fist. “You like,” he rumbled.

It kind of started going wrong for Annette when Alfredo yanked down his shorts and revealed shaved balls. Chests she understood. Armpits even. All the local men were hairless, deep bronze and lithe; all six packs and sleek muscle. That she understood. But the balls thing. Yeesh. With a soft creak of raffia, Annette shifted in the “Emmanuelle” chair. Ironically, it really was not...Read On


Sneaking into my office

Will never look at the desk the same ...

Glancing around the street as one car passes, doubt floods your mind, yet you feel a burning excitement. You watch the car vanish into the distance and you exhale one long slow breath, to calm your body. Reaching into your purse, you check your phone one last time and then power it down, to make sure there will be no interruptions. Your hands shake, you feel the heat start between your legs...Read On


Fun Under the Christmas Tree

Damn, there goes the seventh commandment.

I usually don't mind working the Christmas holiday (thank God I don't work in retail). The work is usually light and this year I planned to telecommute from my home office so it didn't seem like work all that much. Plus, I was going to be a bachelor for the holiday anyway so why not work. My wife's youngest brother Jerry -- he's a jerk and I refuse to refer to him as a brother-in-law --...Read On


A Little Christmas Guilt

Guilt can be compounded by fucking a woman other than your wife just before Christmas

I didn’t think it would ever happen to me. In fact, my mind had never even strayed towards the idea. My married life had been no less than spectacular for all of its fifteen years. We were both about forty and were awash with a deep respect and love for each other. We had marvellously uninhibited sex, common interests, stimulating conversations, and, equally important for both of us, no kids...Read On


My Wife Does Us Both

Wife has a wild time with us

After our encounter with the guy at the river sandbar, me and my wife both wanted to try it again in the comfort of our home in bed. Again Di had a man in mind. Like before she had been talking to him on the internet. This is how it all came about from my prospective. "If I told you I wanted to do another threesome with a guy I've been talking to on the internet would you get mad?" she asked....Read On


An Invitation To Be A Naughty Wife - Chapter Two

Paige is invited to cheat for the first time but will she get cold feet?

Rachael Mead had been running her little parties for the past three years and they were going from strength to strength. It never failed to amaze her just how many married women were sexually unhappy and were prepared to at least contemplate the possibility of cheating if there was a high probability of getting clean away with it. Others were prepared to do much more than just contemplate...Read On


Cheating With the Neighbor--Chapter 2

Rick continues to cheat, even as he struggles with his guilt.

The next day was difficult. After a late-night sexual marathon with Anne, my older married neighbor, I was torn. I was feeling guilty because I had cheated on my wife, Molly. That had never happened before, and I was struggling with my guilt. On the other hand, I found Anne to be too sexual to resist. She did things in bed that I had only fantasized about before, and I had to have her...Read On


Sex With a Stranger

I never thought I would actually do it.

It was totally random and something that I never thought I would actually do. But when he asked if I wanted some company, I agreed. It did not matter that I had met him only thirty minutes earlier and had never actually met him face to face. I was in the mood to do something daring, something I had never done before and sex with a stranger was definitely out of character for me. I waited...Read On


Crossing The Street 6

Dana pushes Sonia further.

I woke on Sunday and rolled over to find Mitch already out of bed. A glance at the clock told me he’d already left for his weekly golf game. Sleepiness clung to me and I lay there with my eyes closed. It was late. I'd slept in. I felt relaxed, and quiet, and... ...sticky . My eyes shot open with a gasp as last night's adventure played out again in my head. My pussy felt a little...Read On


More Than Hot Water

Jason is afraid of being caught and Joanne makes him soon forget, until...

Coming home from a very stressful day at work, I see a note on the small table by the door. After hanging up my coat, I open the note which is typed and it says... Come upstairs, removing your clothes as you do. There is a surprise waiting for you in the master bath. Approaching the stairs, I see red rose petals scattered on the steps and begin removing my clothes. Ascending to the top...Read On


The Cheater

Jason cheats on his wife after a fight but wonders if it really is cheating when the other person is

He walked out of the bar, following him, still not quite believing he had agreed to the suggestion. Still not sure he would actually follow through. He hadn’t done this since he was in college, and then only once. And he had been at that frat party and well over served. That was a dozen years ago, and buried deep in his mind. Earlier that evening, Jason had fought yet again with Cheryl,...Read On


That Slut

The innocent one always gets hurt the most.

Do you want to know something? I adored you. I mean really loved you. I was going to love you forever. I really was. You took that away from me. No, wait... You both took that away from me. You had to choose that fucking Slut. Of all the people we know, you had to choose that Slut. She took what was mine. You were mine and I was yours. She wasn't supposed to be part of us, but she...Read On


A Hand-fasting

Scarlet attends a pagan wedding and meets her lover

A hand-fasting was always a very special event. The pagan marriage ceremony, joining a couple in love before their friends, family, community and gods was usually held outside in woodland. This would be followed today, as was the custom, with an evening around the camp-fire singing, joking, drinking and eating into the early morning. Scarlet thought this one had a fine pagan feel to...Read On


A Wedding Night to Remember

When your husband isn't present, but a stranger is...

Marrying Matt was the best thing I could ever do! The wedding was a grand affair, everything was white. The champagne bubbled in the crystal glasses, while the cake was a tower of thirteen layers. The frosting was butter crème, my favorite. Looking at Matt, I was once more struck by how handsome he looked in his Tux. He met my gaze with his silver eyes and a whole smile lit his face as...Read On


Cheating with the Neighbor

Rick is seduced by his much older neighbor.

My name is Rick Brown. I'm a happily married man, or so I would like to think. I've been married to my wife, Molly, for 10 wonderful years. I am a commercial architect for an up-and-coming design firm in the Pacific Northwest. Molly is the CFO of a company which manufactures defibrillators and other health care equipment. Because of her position in her company, she has to travel a lot, but...Read On


Small Words

When the love of the affair is so big, sometimes only small words can describe it.

Small Words I pull in to her drive and flick the lights off halfway around her house. I drive right around and almost into her garage to conceal this little car from the street. When I pull up I wait. The motor ticks as it cools and I sit and look in to the back of the modest weatherboard. There is dim light in there and I can see her silhouette in the shadows of her kitchen. I...Read On


The Young Barista - Part 3

I take Sam on our first real date.

I pulled up at our agreed upon rendezvous point, it was at the bus stop a couple of blocks away from Sam’s house, a route that her parent’s seldom took. She was the only one at the bus stop and as she came into view, I could not help but stare. There she stood, looking simply exquisite in a very tight fitting, long sleeve, short black dress. She had matching heels on that were not so...Read On


Boomerang Serena and Norton

Adventure with more turns than a scared snake

The effect, for Serena was unbelievably erotic, her hands tied above her head, her legs were spread and carefully secured by leather cuffs. The lights were dimmed to a shadowy level and the background music had an eerie classical melody with an ominous base Serena did not recognize. Serena’s now wet weepy pussy was being tormented by Terronce’s ten inch cock as he used the massive head...Read On


PHL>PGA Part 2

She finally lets him up, and now it's her turn - this time in the first person

As you stand up and wipe your hand across your mouth, you give me a devilish grin. I decide to guide you over to the couch, and sit you down on coffee table. We start a little kissing and stroking, but we soon get down to business - must be all of the pent up frustration from the day. I have you bend over in front of me, kneeling on the coffee table. I roll your panties down your legs. Then...Read On

Recommended Read

Flowers of the Night, part II

Sometimes the best intentions....

“What were you thinking, calling Damion?” I asked Hunter. “He's my friend,” he said. “Why shouldn't I call him?” “Let's see,” I said. “Maybe because you spent the afternoon fucking his wife.” “I hadn't fucked you when I called him.” “You called him before you called me?” “You're not jealous are you? I called him early, when I first got in.” I looked at him across the table and...Read On


The First Time I Cheated - Part 2

I remember the next day vividly. I woke up naked in bed to two missed calls and several texts from my boyfriend. He wanted to get together and see a movie. I instantly felt guilty about what I had shared with Damon the night before on the phone. There were two more texts from Damon on the phone as well. I ignored them and took a shower and got dressed. After the shower I called Ryan and told...Read On