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Cheating sex stories, are those where someone in the relationship is being unfaithful to their partner. They may feature cheating husbands or boyfriends, cheating girlfriends or housewives. Stories specifically featuring cheating wives can be found / published in the popular Wife Lovers category.

Stories in this genre often contain elements of heightened excitement, the characters’ knowledge they are doing wrong, and the associated dangers which come with it. They may or may not get caught cheating, and that’s the risk they are willing to take. Typical scenarios would be where a person has been caught cheating in the middle of the act, is cyber cheating, or discovered text messaging their illicit lover.

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I had sex with my mother's best friend

The night I had sex with my mother's friend

My name is Jake and I’m nineteen. I’m on summer vacation from college. I’m a pretty popular guy and I love girls. I was on the football team as the quarterback in high school and now I play college football. All the girls swoon over me. It’s a pretty good gig. I mean these girls will just about throw themselves at you. They love to have sex with football players. I love to have sex. I’m not...Read On


My best friend's dad

I snuck out of my best friends sleepover to spy on her dad...

It was Friday and me and my best friend had been shopping all day. It was her 18th and we were having a girly day and girly night in with our friends. We had bought new outfits and jewellery. We had also bought some sexy outfits to wear for our boyfriends. When we got back to her house we ran upstairs to her room. "Let's try these sexy outfits on for each other before everyone gets here for...Read On


Cheating with my friend's wife

Playing with my friend's wife's underwear and finding out she was aware of it.

My friend and I go way back, from the time we were at University. We were very close then and now, fifteen years down the line, we are still very close. A lot have changed since our university days. My friend is now married to his second wife Lisa, while I still have my college sweetheart with our four beautiful kids. At thirty-five years old, my friend and I are still in pretty good shape. ...Read On


Horny Housewives : totally satisfied

When I told my friend about the issues between my husband and me, she offered me some help.

“Hey, so are you ready?” my thirty-five year old slutty friend, Stacey, asked me over the phone. “I’m not sure, Stacey,” I replied, even though I was totally ready in my yellow dress with no panties, as Stacey had told me. “Listen to me, I have spent a full hour explaining everything to you over the phone, now don’t even think about stepping back,” Stacey threatened me. Yesterday...Read On


A neighbour in deed is a neighbour in need.

While the wife is away then there is time to play.

We had a fire at the office, and it was going to take a few days to repair the area and get a few modifications done. I had to work from home. It suited me as I could work my own hours, and download anything I wanted to the cloud from time to time. I live alone, at the moment, having broken up with my lover of six months. He could not keep his cock out of other girl’s pussies, and he...Read On

Editor's Pick

Eden West

Lauren takes a solo vacation and meets the sexy VP she hates from work

I was beat, beat, beat. This last project had taken the wind out of my sails. Too many 11pm calls with China. Too many lunches eaten over my computer keyboard. In fact I'd spilled coffee so many times I was on my third keyboard. I told my pal in California that I was taking a vacation. “ I don't care if Mark can't make it- I'm just going to take off,” I said. “ Great,” said my pal Rob. “Go...Read On


My best friend's dad part two

The last time I had fun with my best friend's dad, something very unexpected happened...

It had been three months since I snuck into my best friends dads bedroom and ended up having sex with him. We had continued our affair ever since, sneaking around. I would go over when his wife was at work or stay home from college to have fun with him. I couldn't stop thinking about him. He was always on my mind. I thought about him so much that I stopped enjoying sex with my actual...Read On


My Roommate fucks my girlfriend

My girlfriend gives herself to my roommate

The sunlight flooding the room woke me up before the alarm did. I turned over to see Sarah still sleeping beside me. I loved how sexy she looked even when she wasn’t trying. The light painted her skin a golden color. I brushed back her long, light brown hair to give her a kiss on the cheek. She opened her eyes slowly and smiled at me. “Good morning, sweetheart,” I whispered to her. I...Read On


An Eighteen Year Old's Affair with an Older Woman

A story about a young man's intense affair with a forty year old wife and mom.

Amy and her husband Mark had just moved to a new community several hundred miles from where they used to live. Mark was a pharmaceutical salesman, and this was their third move since they had been married fifteen years ago. They hoped this would be their last move, since they didn’t want to move their only daughter to another school. Amy had recently turned forty and was a bit on...Read On


Taking revenge with my step son

When a woman finds out her husband is cheating, she takes matters into her own hands

My name is Lisa and I have curly red hair and blue eyes. About six years ago now I married a man named Joe. He already had a son named Tim who has brown hair and eyes. At the time Tim was 13, and I was 29, now I'm 35 and he is 19. His mom divorced Joe after he was caught cheating. Even though I heard that story and a few others, I still loved him and wanted to marry him. Although after six...Read On


Cheating with my friend's wife 2

Lisa had just returned from the park, where she left her husband Tom with the kids, apparently so she could do some laundry. I was now sitting on the sofa in the living room. My house, as are most new houses in Australia, has got an open plan living area, which is basically a large room in which the kitchen, dining and sitting areas are not divided by any walls. I could hear the pouring...Read On


A desperate housewife

Overwhelmed at home she needed a night out.

To the world looking in, Paige was a good girl with the perfect life. The only thing was Paige didn't want to be a good wife and mother anymore. She wanted to be free, free to be herself. She wanted to be the Paige that still went to concerts and on random road trips. To go to a bar, and dance all night with whomever she wanted. Maybe even take someone home if she had the urge. PTA's...Read On

Recommended Read

Something Borrowed

Just a quick taste of revenge

Ragged skin hung at the edge of her right thumbnail where she chewed it off with imperfect teeth, only to pick at it again. The clock hands revealed that ten minutes remained ‘til the hour, past the point where she could logistically back out. Even if she opened the hotel door and eased out into the hall, the odds were she would only just run into him. She couldn't hide and just not answer...Read On


Fucked and Taken

Ever have a day at work like this?

The texting and flirting had reached a point that I needed to cum. This red hot female was telling me about all of the things she wanted to do with my cock when she finally got her hands on me. Believe me; it was such a fucking turn on for me to think about a hot sexy female taking me as she pleased. My thoughts on this day were focused on work, being in the office and in charge of...Read On


The birth of a slut

A delivery man awakens a sleeping slut!

Lucy woke up that morning feeling groggy. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she took in the sunlight just peeping through the curtains. Rolling over to look at the empty pillow next to her showed that Josh must have already left for work, meaning she had the house completely to herself. She slid out from between the sheets, adjusting the straps on her pyjama top as it had slipped down her...Read On

Recommended Read

Secret Seduction

A married woman takes her young gardener to the next level

Coming of age was one of those expressions that Matt Baker had never considered in any detail. He had ambled along through his teenage years, noticing girls more and more without being in a mad rush to do anything. It was after turning 16 that his hormones really kicked in. The trouble was, that Matt was just naturally shy and had never plucked up the courage to ask a girl out. Since then,...Read On


The night that changed my life

A man finds out his co-worker has been lusting for him after 8 years

The sexual tension has been building for years however I just was too shy to act on it. She was a thing of beauty beautiful blonde hair just past her shoulders, standing about 5 foot 3 with a trim body and 36 C breasts. Oh, those breasts. I have been lusting for her for over eight years now; however, we lived on opposite sides of the country. She worked at the head office while I was...Read On


Helping Out A Friend

Helping my boyfriend's friend deal with a breakup.

“Babe, can you pass me my bikini?” “Which one?” “The thong bikini that shows off a lot of cleavage.. the one you like,” I said with a knowing wink. Me and my boyfriend Mike were at his friends cottage out in Virginia. It was supposed to be a weekend of partying, but the rest of our friends weren’t coming up until the following day. So for now it was just Mike, his friend Ron and myself. ...Read On


New Neighbors Part 1

She caught Tom’s attention as soon as she, her husband, and their teenagers moved in next to his house. New neighbors for the old Smith’s house he thought and interesting at that. Sarah, he came to learn was her name, and no she wasn’t one of the teenagers. She was the wife and teenager’s mom. A blonde between the ages of 35-40, 5’-3” or 5’-5”, a few pounds over her desired weight, she...Read On


My Wedding - True Story

We talked about it, we fucked over it, we did it.

I looked at my phone and read, "downstairs in 15min." I loved it when he snuck over after his shift. My loving fiancé was fast asleep and when I heard a car I crept out of bed and went downstairs. I opened the front door and without a word we kissed passionately. His hands were everywhere and it was like he hadn't seen me for months. I loved fucking him as he always made me feel like it was...Read On


Noisy Neighbours

I dealt with the problem.

I started to wonder whether everything they did on a daily basis was just to piss me off. It had gone from petty stuff, like ‘forgetting’ to drop round parcels that had been delivered when I was at work or letting their dog jump the fence and scare the shit out of my cat, to hanging pictures up at 11pm and parking their car right outside my driveway. I’d always hated my neighbours, and...Read On


Cheating with the Neighbor

Rick is seduced by his much older neighbor.

My name is Rick Brown. I'm a happily married man, or so I would like to think. I've been married to my wife, Molly, for 10 wonderful years. I am a commercial architect for an up-and-coming design firm in the Pacific Northwest. Molly is the CFO of a company which manufactures defibrillators and other health care equipment. Because of her position in her company, she has to travel a lot, but...Read On


A Wedding Night to Remember

When your husband isn't present, but a stranger is...

Marrying Matt was the best thing I could ever do! The wedding was a grand affair, everything was white. The champagne bubbled in the crystal glasses, while the cake was a tower of thirteen layers. The frosting was butter crème, my favorite. Looking at Matt, I was once more struck by how handsome he looked in his Tux. He met my gaze with his silver eyes and a whole smile lit his face as...Read On


Cheating Wife and Employee

I fuck my sexy redheaded boss.

Work was done for the day and we slid our time cards through the slot and left the factory as soon as possible. It was payday and we all wanted drinks at the bar. This was the highlight of our week, the after-work drink at the bar. We worked second shift and that didn’t leave much time for a social life, especially when we were working seven days a week. It had taken a toll and that week a...Read On


Unexpected Encounter

A naughty wife goes out clubbing with her cousin and friends and has an unexpected encounter

Her husband had been away for awhile and her cousin invited her to go out clubbing with her and her friends - not really her idea and not really her scene, but she had agreed anyhow. It might be fun checking out the “young men” she told herself. She had been working out a lot lately and was now thankful for it as this was not a time where she wanted to look her age. She knew she looked...Read On


Married Stranger at a Business Conference

This is a true story about a drunken one night stand with a married woman on a business trip.

I've had sex with women I'd just met, several times. Some from online, some from bars and clubs and this one from a work conference. We were in a fairly large city on the east coast for a large sales conference with about one thousand sales reps from my region. On the last night, we all went out to party. I actually didn't have much luck at some of the more fun clubs. I stopped in at a...Read On

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Recommended Read

Taken to the Edge

My phone rang. My heart pounded like the fast beats of my ringtone, which would have been playing had it not been on silent. I answered the call, “Hello.” “Where is he?” his deep strong voice said. “I can see him in the next room. He’s asleep on the sofa." “Touch your cunt for me.” “What!? I can’t. He might wake up.” “Do it.” I slid my hand down and under my panties. I could...Read On


Shower Incident

Fuck, I hear David whisper from behind me before I feel his fingers enter me from behind.

"Fuck! I've gotta leave to work, they called me in! Ugh, today was supposed to be my day off," Liz complains as she throws her work clothes on. I laugh at her miserable expression and throw a pillow at her. "Stop complaining. Work is work, you need the money anyways," I say to her. "But we were supposed to have a bum day!" "Oh well, maybe next time," I say, rolling over to my stomach on...Read On


Hockey Instructor

A naughty housewife has some fun after practice

She was happy in her marriage. Her husband was her best friend and she was still attracted to him, so she could not understand her desire to be with this younger man. He was her hockey instructor and he was cute – obviously in fantastic shape. He was cocky and had a good sense of humour which, to her surprise, added to his attraction. Initially, she was not certain if the attraction...Read On


Lusting for Her

She was my wife’s best friend and how did I ever get my hands on these?

It all began years ago, when we were first introduced. At the time, my Alyssa and I loved to hang out with a large group of her friends, and that’s when I first met Fiamma. She was the same build and height as my wife, standing at around 5’3”, about 110lbs, with nice firm C cups that rounded out really nice. She had black hair that ran about shoulder length, and a beautiful smile. Her...Read On