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Topic What can't I miss in Vegas?
Posted 19 Feb 2015 15:10

Go over to the Wynn in the evening and go to the outside bar area on the 2nd floor (sorry I have forgotten the name of it). You look out over a large pool with a tall cement wall at the other end with water streaming down. About every 20 minutes or so the lights dim, the water goes off and they project things onto the large wall. Statuary and other things come rising up out of the pool all to a coordinated sound track. It's a great way to sit and enjoy some conversation with a partner over drinks.

I stayed at the Wynn once when my employer had a business conference there. I love that hotel.

Topic Do strip clubs turn you on or not?
Posted 19 Feb 2015 14:59

I didn't enjoy it at all. It reminded me of going "window shopping" with my parents when I was a kid. They had no intention of buying anything, just looking at the display windows on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. If you can't just bang the dancer right there on the table, what's the point of the whole experience? Blue balls and sexual frustration ain't my idea of a good time.

Topic If you're from Texas say Hell Yeah
Posted 17 Feb 2015 09:27

I'm not from Texas, but I sure enjoyed visiting Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Mostly I enjoy Texans. They are a hoot. Open, friendly and gregarious. I couldn't live there because I hate the heat. I don't know how they survive the summers down there. Today's high temp here in the Chicago area is going to be 17 degrees (F), and that's fine with me.

Topic Guys, be honest: can breasts get too big?
Posted 16 Feb 2015 14:43

I would agree with most of the's all about proportion.

Topic nudity in the house
Posted 16 Feb 2015 14:30

Usually I am naked within a half-hour of coming home for the day. I live alone, so it's no problem. I cook and apartment clean naked. I love the feeling of being free of clothes.

Topic how many of you want to have sex outdoor
Posted 14 Dec 2014 12:42

The best outdoor sex I ever had was at a small beach with hundreds of people around us. My girlfriend (future wife) & I were teenagers at the time and we were at the beach club her parents belonged to. We were standing in the deepest (neck high) water with both of us facing the beach. I was directly behind her and her back was pressed up against my body. I was kissing the back of her neck and getting horny as hell. She responded by rubbing her butt slowly against my now rock hard penis. I then stuck my hand into her bikini bottoms and began rubbing her clit like crazy. We were both totally turned on by having all this wonderful pleasure while a huge crowd of people were right around us, including her parents, sitting on the beach. She came pretty quickly and thankfully, quietly, as to avoid bringing us any unwanted visitors paddling up to us. We then switched positions with me in front this time. She began stroking my dick for what seemed like a too brief period before I came. It was a great experience to have an audience.

Topic getting wife to go nude in home
Posted 14 Dec 2014 09:36

I am naked most of the time when I am home as I feel more comfortable that way. I live alone, so I don't have any issues with anyone else about it. Regarding some of the concerns that I have read about furniture, I always have a towel placed on anything that I am sitting on. At the end of the day I throw it in the wash and put a new one on for the next day.

Topic If you could go back, and say something to your first love, what would it be?
Posted 12 Dec 2014 16:59

To this day, after 4 decades, nobody could make me laugh like you could. Thank you for that.

Topic Where is the riskiest or oddest place you've had sex?
Posted 07 Feb 2014 13:26

In a projection room that overlooked a high school gym/auditorium while it contained about 400 people eating dinner and dancing to an orchestra. What a rush!

Topic What movie have you seen more than any other?
Posted 07 Feb 2014 08:29

Casablanca. My parents both liked movies from the 30's and 40's, so we watched them regularly on TV. Seeing Casablanca made me a huge Humphrey Bogart fan. They just don't make them like that anymore.

Topic How do you feel better after a bad day?
Posted 07 Feb 2014 08:22

Turn on a cooking show on the Food Network and pour myself a Manhattan (nectar of the Gods).

Topic A good midnight snack
Posted 04 Feb 2014 15:03

A bowl of cereal.

Topic Best Sandwich Ever
Posted 04 Feb 2014 15:00

Peanut butter on one slice of bread, mayo on the other with lettuce in between. My mom made this sandwich and I loved it. My own kids were grossed out at the sound of it, but once they tried it, they liked it!

Topic What do you think is the worst song ever written?
Posted 18 Apr 2013 20:47

Worst song....Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I've got love in my Tummy". It was from the 70's. It was so bad and so psychologically damaging that I have blocked it out of my memory and can't remember who performed it.

Topic Flying..who loves it, who is terrified of it
Posted 17 Apr 2013 19:00

I didn't care for flying the first time I flew, but I have come to enjoy it. I especially like taking off, when they open up the throttles and you get pushed back into seat it feels great!

Topic In what spaceship would you travel the universe?
Posted 16 Apr 2013 20:55

I would have to go with Moya also. I loved Farscape.

Topic How many women's asses have you come inside?
Posted 11 Apr 2013 20:33

Zero, it just doesn't sound appealing to me at all.

Topic Do You Have Any Unsual Turn-ons?
Posted 10 Apr 2013 19:43

Being squeekie clean after a hot shower.

Topic How do you remove body hair?
Posted 06 Apr 2013 22:42

How do I remove body hair? Very carefully!

Topic Drive Thru Headless Prank
Posted 04 Apr 2013 20:24

Now that was funny! Thanks for sharing it. lol

Topic Your penis size (honest please)
Posted 04 Apr 2013 20:09

I'm between 5 and 6 inches. I'm Okay with that. Besides, as the old saying goes, it's not the size of the rod, it's the skill of the fisherman. thumbup

Topic 101 Ways To Annoy People
Posted 04 Apr 2013 19:58

107. At the end of every sentence declaratively, "And that's a fact, Jack!".

Topic Giving up coffee for a month
Posted 03 Apr 2013 20:30

I could give it up for a month, but I sure would miss it. I only drink 1 or 2 cups a day at most, but I really do like it alot. I had some Cuban coffee when I was in Miami once, it was great. Good strong flavorful coffee flavor.

Topic worst band in history
Posted 03 Apr 2013 20:25

Agreed, if you want to be a performer then you better perform. So many "studio bands" have to use all of the electronic tricks generated in the studio to sound good. When they hit the real stage their lack of talent really shows. I would also agree that there are too many terrible bands out there.

Topic What makes lush so addictive?
Posted 01 Apr 2013 20:23

The people in it .

Spot on, Leiza!

Topic name a tv comedy programme that you never laughed to
Posted 01 Apr 2013 20:16

Friends and Seinfeld. Smug characters that were totally self-absorbed.

Topic North Korea
Posted 31 Mar 2013 20:40

I think Kim Jong Un is just plain bat-shit crazy. Nutbag

Topic Be Nicola for a day - ban anyone you like!
Posted 31 Mar 2013 20:33

Letting the inmates run the asylum, eh? A bold move. Hope it works out Okay! wave

Topic Dwarves, sex, and Dragons
Posted 31 Mar 2013 20:17

I think I'll pass also. Not my cup of tea.

Topic Facts about climax
Posted 31 Mar 2013 12:05

Thanks for the educational link! As I have stated before, you can learn alot here at the Lush. toast