Chelsea's Surprise

I sat in the break room at work, messing with a frustrating button on my tightly fitted white blouse. I soon gave up and was smoothing my skirt down where it constantly rode up, when my phone rang. I pick it up, saying “hello?” into the receiver. I smile when I hear my brother’s angelic voice.  “When are you coming home sis?” He says with a laugh. “5:00, remember?”  “Oh yeah, sorry, I...Read On


Daddy's Birthday

It's daddy's birthday, I want to give him something special...

I was age 16 when I started dreaming about daddy's 9 inch cock. I would lay in bed at night, wishing he would fill me with his sweet hot cum. I'd masturbate, imagining my touch as his. This is a story about my first-time fuck with my dad 3 years later. It was late August and I was visiting my dad for his birthday. He was lonely ever since my mother had died. Often I had mentioned he should...Read On


My Brother Eli

There's something wierd going on with my brother...

My brother has always locked himself up in his room for long periods of time. So it was nothing new for me to see that his door was shut, again. I couldn't help to wonder what he was doing in his room for so long. I was at an age where I had no idea what "sex" was. It only occured to me that he was watching TV, doing homework, or reading. But I didn't know why he had to lock his door. ...Read On