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It's that time of year again. Put your hands up by your collar bone. Feel down to your waist. Did you feel 2 bumps? Do you know anyone who felt 2 bumps? If so, get your boobs checked, or have the women you know get them checked. Got mine done today. It can save a life!! I lost an Aunt to this horrible disease, and have many friends who have fought the battle. Do it for someone you love.

04 Oct 2013 17:32

One more month and I should be back. To all my US friends, have a great Labor Day weekend.

01 Sep 2013 14:37

I'm AWOL for a while. New job, lots of hours, no time for writing or social life. Be back this summer.

22 Apr 2013 17:18

After a long hiatus I am back. One story written and many more to go. Just need time.

19 Jan 2013 18:09

Ladies, it's breast cancer awareness month. If you haven't done it, schedule your mammogram. Don't forget to do your monthly self exams as well. And bug the people you love to do it as well. Let's kick this disease!!! Gentlemen, hound the women you love if they're not having their screenings!!

06 Oct 2012 08:17

A lot going on in my "real" life, so not around here much. Sorry.

08 Jul 2012 17:05

Several stories in the works, but I need time to work on them! One I think will be more like novel length.

12 May 2012 13:46

I've gotten some beautiful pictures/comments on my profile. Keep them cumming friends. Love them!

26 Feb 2012 10:58

Thank you everyone for you wonderful Valentine wishes. Enjoying a great night with hubby tonight.

14 Feb 2012 16:49

Go over to my Facebook page and check out the note on Valentine's Day if you need help with ideas for your lover. It just might help you get laid on Valentine's Day!!!

08 Feb 2012 17:56

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and comments, and even the negative ones. It helps me become a better writer.

06 Feb 2012 05:47

I'm migrating stories over from another website, so there will be almost daily postings until I get everything moved over. I like Lush MUCH better than the other site. There will be several different "genres" so keep watching for a story that trips your trigger.

02 Feb 2012 13:09

If you're looking for some great authors, check out DirtyMartini, LadySharon, Cowgirlbrumby and DonAbdul. You will be in for some good reads.

31 Jan 2012 17:59

New story. It's a short one. 1000 word story based on a picture

27 Jan 2012 16:49

I think I've finally got Nate & Ariana chapter 3 going. Woke up this morning with some inspiration, but just now have time to work on it.

23 Jan 2012 16:11

Happy New Year everyone. May 2012 be the most kick ass year of your life!!!

01 Jan 2012 08:35

Has a few new stories to flesh out and hopefully publish this week. A continuation of the Nate & Ariana story.

24 Dec 2011 09:23

Won't be on until after the 1st of the year at the earliest. Things are just crazy.

13 Dec 2011 19:32

Not really around. Some personal stuff going on that needs my focus. Sorry.

27 Oct 2011 20:17

New story - flat out orgy

14 Oct 2011 07:37

Help me out friends.... How do I add those pictures in comments on someone else's page? And there are some damn sexy pictures out there!!!

13 Oct 2011 17:37

Another new story. Thanks to reader, Simon, for the inspiration on this.

12 Oct 2011 14:42

Part 2 of the Valentine's Lingerie story is up.

11 Oct 2011 13:53

New story - there will be a part 2 coming.

09 Oct 2011 14:41

Has so many stories to write, and not enough time.

09 Oct 2011 12:39

Any recommendations for good erotica for the Kindle? I'm especially in a lesbian mood right now.

05 Oct 2011 20:11