Cum on Inn - Chapter 1

Steve and Isabel open a new kind of bed breakfast

Steve owned a traditional Bed & Breakfast. His girlfriend, Isabel, lived there with him and helped him to run the inn. They had enjoyed several years of steady business and a good life, until the recession hit. Business slacked off and the discussion turned to how to increase business. There was the typical discussion of reducing rates, offering a free night's stay, special packages and...Read On



His Dirty Little Secret

His wife finds his stash of clothing, leading to some role reversal

Julia was doing some spring cleaning in the house. She had scrubbed everything, cleaned the oven, scrubbed the floors and was in the process of cleaning out the closets. Stuffed in the back of a closet was a bin. She didn’t know what was in it. The sight that greeted her caused a jumble of emotions in her. The bin was full of women’s clothing. It was all silky and sexy; Nightgowns,...Read On



Cum on Inn - Chapter 2

Steve and Isabel have their first guests

Steve and Isabel started the day with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Their first guests would be arriving at Cum On Inn. It was just a few months ago that they had decided to turn their traditional bed and breakfast into a sex-themed inn. Isabel would be part of the package offering the wife of the couple her first bi-sexual experience as well as her first anal experience. Isabel...Read On


Taking Care of Business Chapter 3

The threesome becomes a foursome and take their adventures to a hotel.

Ava stood hesitantly, watching the girl suck Mr. Lewis. Mr. Gibson explained that Ava had been watching them through the window, had gotten hot and got herself off while watching them, and now wanted to join them. Mr. Lewis said he was more than happy to have another participant. The girl never stopped sucking his cock, just gave a thumbs up. Mr. Gibson told her, “It looks like you’re...Read On


Taking Care Of Business Chapter 1

Marcy will do anything to get the job

Marcy dressed with great care as she prepared for her job interview. Her rent was already a month past due and there was $14 left in her checking account. She needed a job and soon. The suit was conservative. She wore a lace camisole underneath it. The lace grazed the top of her breasts. The skirt came just above the knee. She paired it with silk hose. Her act of rebellion was the pair of...Read On

First Time(3)


Nate and Ariana Chapter 2

Ariana continues her education of Nate, giving him his first anal experience

Nate loved his job at Ariana’s. OK, it wasn’t really the job it was Ariana and the “perks” she provided. Ever since he walked into the wrong place two months ago, Nate had lost his virginity to Ariana, and happily submitted to her teaching him about sex. Ariana was a sex fiend and was ready to go at any time. She quit wearing panties to work, leaving her pussy available at any time....Read On


Nate and Ariana

Walking into the wrong store proves to be the best mistake Nate ever made

Nate checked the address on the sheet of paper. This is where his GPS had led him, but this was not the computer store he was looking for. The name on the sign said Ariana’s. It looked like some fancy ladies store. College students can’t be choosey. He heard the computer store was hiring and he needed a job; badly. Maybe someone in the store could direct him where he needed to go. He...Read On


The Scavenger Hunt

His wife gave him a list for a scavenger hunt and permission to get laid.

****This story has a bi-male component. If it's not your thing, don't read.**** He had been working long hours and hadn’t had a day off since, he couldn’t remember when. He finally had a day off and it was a Saturday to boot. He might be able to sleep late for a change and enjoy some lazy day sex with his wife. He was surprised when he woke up and it was much later than he thought he...Read On

Group Sex(13)

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Through the Apartment Blinds

What he sees through the blinds, leads to an adventure

My husband had been working long hours and many evenings. We had not spent much together. It was yet another weekend of him working and I was feeling neglected. I was sick of not having sex. He was always too tired, or working or whatever else. I’m not a bad looking woman and I have had men make offers to me. I had always denied them because I was married, so I decided to handle things myself. ...Read On


Nate and Ariana Chapter 4

Nate introduces his new girlfriend to Ariana, who teaches the new girl a few things.

After their threesome at the frat house, Ariana saw a difference in Nate. His confidence increased. He began to become more aware of fashion and changed how he dressed. He even trimmed his hair and switched from glasses to contacts. Ariana missed the geeky young man that first walked into her store several months ago. Their romps in the store after hours became less frequent, stopping...Read On


Nate and Ariana Chapter 3

Ariana takes Nate to a frat party so she can fill her desire for a threesome

When Nate and Ariana were in the boutique together Nate let his shy, geeky exterior down. Ariana’s attention and their sexual exploits together gave him a confidence he had never experienced before. However, when he walked out the door, his shield went back up; his confidence gone. He was a computer geek, and he knew how people looked at him. He wasn’t one of the jocks or popular guys...Read On


Ride of Her Life

Tired of being the good girl she went looking for trouble, finding a bar full of fun.

She was tired of always being the good girl. She went to church, obeyed the speed limit, visited or called her parents every week and was always on time for work. She always followed the rules. It was exhausting. Why couldn’t she break a rule every once in a while? One night she had had enough. There was a bit of bad girl in her that was screaming to get out. She dressed conservatively with...Read On


My Birthday Present

My hsuband fulfills my fantasy for my birthday

It was my birthday and my husband, James, had promised me a surprise I’d never forget. He handed me a box. When I opened it I discovered a beautiful black dress. It was cut low in both the front and back, came just above the knee, and was slit up the thigh. He told me that I was to wear the dress with nothing on underneath it. As I looked at it, I realized I couldn’t have worn much underneath...Read On


Let's Play Pool

A pool table serves as a bed of pleasure during a gang bang.

It had been a bad week, and I was ready to go out and cut loose. I was feeling a little slutty and dressed accordingly. I put on my black leather bustier, which shoved my tits up and put them well on display. I shrugged my leather jacket over the top. My leather mini skirt came to mid thigh. I added knee high spiked heels boots to complete my look. I asked my husband, Brian, how I looked....Read On


Cabin in the Woods

My husband surprises me with a weekend away, and plenty of play time.

One night my husband, Matt, came home from work in a very amorous mood. He kissed me hard and made my body tingle from head to toe. My pussy was wet in seconds. He asked me if I would trust him and indulge him in a fantasy tomorrow. It would be Saturday and I didn’t have anything pressing on the schedule so I said “Sure.” I asked him what the fantasy was and he said I’d just have to trust...Read On


Taking Care of Business Chapter 4

Marcy takes charge, teaching the men to love cock and cum.

****This has bi-sexual male components. If it's not your thing, don't read.**** The foursome fucked well into the night and next morning. Both men had their cocks in all six of the women’s holes; one just as good as the next. When it was time to part, it was with great reluctance on all parts. They didn’t know when Lewis would be back in town and the pleasure he brought the women was...Read On


Taking Care of Business - Chapter 2

Marcy begins her job by servicing the customer and the boss.

Marcy took a look at Mr. Lewis, feeling an intense attraction to him. There was definitely sexual tension between them. She no longer cared about the interview or the job. It was all about the sex at this point. She looked at Mr. Lewis and said, “I am one of the perks of this company. You are a good customer, which provides you the use of my body at your discretion.” “Gibson! Why have...Read On


Spa Treatments

Joe goes in for a massage, leading to the employees giving him special treatment.

Joe lay on the massage table waiting for the sweet young thing to return. The girl giving him the massage had a slender body, firm boobs that he wanted to fondle and a sweet ass that he wanted to dive into. He was growing hard thinking about her, and she was due to return any minute. She had given him the option of stripping nude or leaving his boxers on. He took the option of nude, hoping...Read On


Cum Away With Me

A surprise vacation at Hedonism leads to a full fledged orgy

Jeff and Kris were a happily married couple. They had experimented sexually before their marriage, but with marriage and children, things had slowed down. They both wanted more time together, but struggled to balance it with the demands of life. Jeff decided to whisk Kris away for a vacation for two. He arranged for the kids to be taken care of while they were gone. He packed a bag for...Read On


Riding the Subway

3 strangers make the subway ride more exciting.

“Fucking son of a bitch!” I yelled as I clicked off my cell phone. Sometimes having an old fashioned phone would be worth it, just for the satisfaction of slamming it down in someone’s ear. Jason stood me up again to go hang with his “bros.” Well, it’s likely he wasn’t going to be getting a blowjob or laid by those bros. Hope he has fun with them. I called up some friends and we...Read On


Valentine's Lingerie Gift - part 2

What started in the dressing room, continues in their bedroom in a threesome.

I wanted to reward my husband for allowing me to fulfill my fantasy as my Valentine’s gift. He stood in the dressing room with Amber and me. We were both naked and if she was half as wet as I was, she was ready to fuck. Steve was fully clothed, but Amber and I had just finished my first experience with another woman. He knew how much I fantasized about it, and had arranged for me to meet...Read On



Dancing to His Commands

My husband surprises me with a black stranger and a public sex show

I enjoy being a submissive to my husband, Alex. Our sex life is fantastic when it’s just the two of us, but several times a month he takes me out somewhere to find someone else for me to fuck. I never know where we are going. He chooses what I wear, and I never know the gender of the person I will be fucking, or the number of them for that matter. He does not demean me while doing this,...Read On



Valentine's Lingerie Gift - part 1

Her husband gives her a gift of lingerie, which leads to another gift.

Valentine’s Day was approaching, and my husband didn’t know what to get me. I had gone through a weight loss and was feeling confident enough to start showing off my body a bit more. His gift to me was handing me the credit card and telling me to go pick out some new lingerie. I could get whatever made me feel sexy. He gave me the name of a small boutique that he had been to and had...Read On


Learning from Elizabeth

First lesbian experience includes bondage and a threesome

Elizabeth and I have been friends for more years than we care to remember. She is the one person I feel totally comfortable with, and who knows ALL my secrets. I have always known she is bi-sexual and admired the fact that she took the world by storm, while I was afraid to act on my desires. I have always been able to be sexually free with her. We had seen each other nude more times than I...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


The Dressing Room

Two strangers are invited into a dressing room after giving their opinion of her outfits.

My boyfriend and I had a date coming up. Lately our dates had been ending up with steamy sex, so I wanted to buy a sexy outfit and some new lingerie for our date. I had visited several stores, before I finally found a few things I liked. I wanted something sexy and just a little bit slutty. It had to be just right. I dressed with sex in mind when I left the house. I’m not a stick thin...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


She's Mine

An encounter in a bar, leads to a quickie in the alley

Jared walked into the bar, and there she was. Her back was to the door, preventing her from seeing him enter. Men surrounded her with several drinks in front of her. Apparently she had attracted quite a bit of attention. Jared fumed at the site. As he scanned the length of her body, he saw the reason for the attention. She had on a pair of low rise jeans, that had ridden even further down...Read On


Date night

A couple's weekly date night takes a slight twist with his surprise.

She walked in the house, dropping her keys and the mail on the kitchen table. She was exhausted after a long day. Her thoughts were filled with making dinner and what were they were going to do for their weekly date night. She hadn’t had time to think about it all day and hadn’t planned a thing. It took her a few minutes to notice that the dishes had been done, there was single red rose in...Read On


The Chair

Her husband, a chair and some light restraints give her a night she won't forget.

Morning came and he woke her with a long, deep kiss. She smiled up at him, expecting more, but he kissed her one more time then got in the shower. She waited for him to come back. When he did he dressed and continued about his routine. As she got up to dress, he told her to put on her sexiest bra and panties underneath her work clothes and he’d think about her like that all day. Little...Read On


Capturing the Moment

A simple photography session transforms the subject and turns sexual

Tabitha was a beautiful woman, but not in the classic sense. Individually, her features were stunning. She had bedroom eyes that radiated her lust when they were half closed and she was on the brink of orgasm. Her lush full lips made men hard when they saw her. They longed to have those lips wrapped around them and exploring every inch of their bodies. Her high firm tits did not show...Read On



Pam's Cumming Out Chapter 1

Pam meets her neighbors, Syndey and Maya, who show her a surprise

Pam and her husband John were your average couple. Enjoying midlife with still a healthy sex life. They enjoyed experimenting with different things. When women learned what John did for a living, they had fantasies of their own. John was a firefighter and chief of his department. His job required him to stay in good physical condition. Standing at 6 feet, with dark hair he often got the...Read On


Pam's Cumming Out Chapter 2

John joins the threesome and experiences Sydney's cock for himself

John and Pam lay tangled together in bed. Pam had told John all about her weekend with Sydney and Maya, ending with the fact that he had been invited to join them for a weekend together. John fucked Pam like a stallion while she told him all about it. He loved hearing about Pam lifting Sydney’s skirt to find a big black cock staring at her, as well as everything she had done. When John...Read On