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Topic Do you guys actually like going down on girls?
Posted 05 Dec 2016 21:54

It's my favorite part of sex. I know I'm going to get off. But I want to make damn sure that the woman does many times before I do (unless she blows me first). There is something very powerful about making a woman cum by using your tongue on her special spots.

Topic Do you get off on phone sex?
Posted 05 May 2015 20:34

I definitely get off on phone sex. A lot of times, I'm already pretty worked up by the time the decision is made to do it. But I will always wait until the girl starts cumming before I let loose. Just something about hearing her moan and scream that lights my fuse.

Topic Any embarrassing erection moments in your life?
Posted 25 Aug 2014 18:09

I was probably 16 or 17 when this happened. 3 or 4 of us from our summer job were just BS'ing after work out in the parking lot, one of them being female. The discussion turned sexual and I started getting hard. It got noticed. I got laughed at a bit that nite and then it was brought up a few more times that summer too. The girl was average-looking and she'd give me a devious smile every once in a while but she never asked to see how it looked outside my shorts.

Topic last time you had sex....
Posted 12 Feb 2012 23:27

In my fuckbuddy's bed...over the arm of her couch...and then on the floor behind her couch. I'd grade it a of the better times we had together.

Topic Are you a NFL Fan?
Posted 18 Dec 2011 09:45

Bears frustrating as it is to be one right now.

Topic Unimportant, trivial, and/or obscure facts from your past.
Posted 17 Dec 2011 20:45

...led my basketball team in blocked shots my junior year. i'm 5'7
...have broken 3 bones -- all sports-related, all in freak accidents
...1st bone i ever broke -- collarbone, when i was 6, when a girl tackled me in backyard football and landed on me wrong. humiliating.

Topic When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted 17 Dec 2011 15:24

Monday after Thanksgiving with my longtime fuckbuddy. One of the more intense sessions we've had in a while.

Topic Your top 10 celebrities you love to have sex with.
Posted 11 Dec 2011 20:25

1st time post...Good subject to start on

No particular order....

Kaley Cuoco
Minka Kelly
Anne Hathaway
Jennifer Aniston
Britney Spears
AJ Cook
Miley Cyrus
Leighton Meester
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Danica Patrick

I'm sure I left out others.