Straight Sex(2)


A night at the gym

A chance encounter to share a workout

It's late at night in a strange hotel room. You can’t sleep, so you make your way to the gym. You need to work of some stress. You feel tense, pent up energy inside you, so you get on the treadmill. You run fast, uphill, for longer than you normally do, feeling the power in your legs work off the stress. You step down off the treadmill and move toward the dumbbells, some weights to finish...Read On


Frequent Flyer

Letter to my stewardess on Singapore Airlines

I would love to fly with you again, to lie down in my seat and know that you would be near me as I slept. I can imagine laying there, dreaming of your body as you walk the dark and empty cabin. Just you and me at 30,000 ft alone, at night. You stand above me, my eyes closed. You look around the cabin. No one else is awake. You have sent your crew to rest. The flight is near empty. Just you...Read On