Weekend at Grandparents With Cousin Part 1

Every year my family and I go down to my grandparent’s house with my aunt and my cousin Sarah. This year we went down like normal and met one of my other cousins Victoria at my grandparents. I have not seen Victoria in a few years so when I saw her for the first time this year I was stunned. At 17 she had started to blossom into a beautiful young woman. She was around 5’3” and she died her...Read On


Weekend at Grandparents With Cousins Part 2

The rest of the Sunday when by like normal but I thought that from now on my vacation was going to be a lot better. Sarah and I spent the rest of the day with Victoria just hanging out around town and it was very normal. Sometimes though, I would catch Sarah staring at my pants and I had to resist to just take her then and there, especially because we were in public, but mostly because we...Read On