Erotic Poems(8)


In Your Hands

Bound and gagged, And blindfolded too, Hanging all alone, Waiting for you. In your hands, I give you all, My body and will, I'm proud, standing tall. All I hear in the room, Is you moving about, Full of anticipation, desire, And pride, no doubt. My body exposed, And I'm on fire, Hoping to be strong, And never tire. My nipples are clamped, And pinched and teased, Not a whimper escapes,...Read On


Your Doll, Your Toy

I lie awake in bed, Aching from our night, Of earth-shattering sex, Reliving each moment, In my head. Thinking of your touch, Your strokes, your clutch, As you pinned me down, And held me tight, Unleashing your inner beast, On me, Your doll, Your toy. My shoulders ache. My thighs burn. My mouth is dry. As I remember, How you spread, My sweet wet lips with, Your rock hard shaft, Waiting...Read On


Morning Fun

I awake from my bed And reach over to touch The most wonderful man Who I adore so much. His muscles are strong And his heart is wide I am so lucky To have him by my side. He snuggles in closer Against my tender breast Kisses them softly As his lips caress. I nuzzle his hair And it tickles my nose Sending many shivers From my head to my toes. His hand wanders down And slips between my...Read On


His Slut

Come here slut, He calls to me. I run right over, As humbly as can be. I bite my lower lip, As he pulls me in. For a hot steamy kiss, Leaving him with a grin. On your knees, He orders his whore. I am going to fuck you here, Til I hear you roar. Spread them now, He commands from me. As he guides his cock, In my tight pussy. I moan loudly, As he thrusts in me slow. Penetrating me deep, As...Read On


Sexy Hot Fun

Sexy Hot Fun My towel slips off And beads of water drip Off my body Onto the floor. You watch me And I smile As I begin To walk over to you. You pat the bed And I hop up. Wanting you To touch me all over. We kiss Sending shivers From head to toe. My body responds And I push myself against you. My nipples graze Your chest. As I straddle your cock And grind my pussy against you Feeling...Read On


Masturbation Madness

Masturbating Madness I am laying in bed  And Thinking of you,  My hand slides down  And finds the dew. Oh so wet and   Hot sticky sweet,  I am ready for  For a real good treat! My fingers swirl around  My pink sexy clit,  As I think about fucking you  I will totally admit. The rhythm gets faster  The urge is so real,  I am on the edge  I am ready to feel. My fingers inch lower  As...Read On


Date Night

Our night is about to end, As we head home holding hands. We enjoyed our dinner date, The night was just grand. We finally arrive home, I kiss my Love with glee. We wait for the elevator, To bring us to 3C. The elevator opens and, We cautiously step in. The door shuts behind us, I look at you and grin. Up and up we go, We are homeward bound. Our thoughts are the same, Even...Read On


Our Last Night of Summer

Having naughty delicious fun On the last summer night Just you and me, my Lover Let's fuck with all our might. Gazing into your eyes As I caress you there Feeling your cock thicken Is about all I can bare. I want you to fuck me Hard, deep and fast These feelings surge right through me I want the tingles to last. Beautiful and erect My nipples are just right To...Read On

Love Poems(11)



Beautifully naked, On bended knee, My every breathe, All that I am and will be. Desire mounting deep within, Wanting to please, To serve, to love and honor, For he has captured my heart. My heart, mind and body, Screaming for him, Wanting Master to guide, Allowing me to serve. My world becomes dark. The soft silk cloth Covers my eyes. Yet the light never dims within. His hands around...Read On


My Destruction

In my garden, Flowers dance, Under the bright warm sun, And I get lost in my dreams. Dreams of my one and only, My love. But in my garden, Temptation lurks, The snakes slither near, Causing my thoughts to stray, From here, where I belong, To there, a place of sin. My heart breaks, My soul cries, Heartache descends, On me, As I walk exposed, Knowing my loss, Is at my own doing. I beg...Read On


Lost Without You

I am lost without you... Lost in the darkness, I call out your name, But I can not find you, I shiver in fear. The fear is polarizing, Causing me to freeze, Not knowing what to do, Or where to turn. I sit here crying, Needing to be rescued, Wanting your tender embrace, To make me feel safe again. I sit alone for hours, As night turns into day, And I realize I am still alone, My fears...Read On


Our Special Place

There is a place where the clouds are fluffy And the grass is green. Where butterflies dance around the sky And the sun always sparkles off the water. There is a place where the air smells like cupcakes And fireflies light up the night sky. Where the birds always sing my favorite song And the pretty flowers sway in the breeze. There is a place where people always laugh And lovers lay arm in...Read On



Forever I hear the door creak open And the pitter patter of steps Shuffling down the hall Stopping outside my door My pulse races My heart throbs I have been waiting for this For a long time I smile from ear to ear The knob turns My nipples stand erect My pussy tingles He has come He has come for me At last my love He steps through the door A smile on his face A twinkle in his eye...Read On



Sleeping in on a Saturday... A bird chirping a sweet song Wind whipping through my hair The smell of fresh clean laundry A rainbow glowing across the sky Dancing to my own beat The thunderous applause of the crowd A crispy apple Juice running down my chin The heat of the sun on my back The crunch of freshly packed snow under foot Laughter, laughter, laughter! The excitement on...Read On


Thinking Dreaming

Thinking and Dreaming Lying here naked Dreaming of you Together forever Just us two. Our love was right there Like a star in the sky Shining a path so clear Neither of us could deny. I imagine you here Right next to me Arm and arm we are As happy as can be. My heart beats stronger Feel it pound As we chat, talk and moan Our most sacred sound. Day in and day out I long for your touch...Read On


Music, Dance and Spices

My life is full, Wondrous and bright. And I am thankful For it all-- Friends, Lovers, Family, Sisters, Brothers, Big and small, Old and young. But most of all I am thankful for you. You guide me, Protect me, Love me, Cherish me, And always feed My lustful desires. Now I sit here Thinking, dreaming, hoping To be the bright spark In your day, Your want, Your need, Your desire. Together we...Read On


My Dream, My Love

For My King...

My dreams tell a story of devotion, our unyielding passion, That blossoms every minute of everyday. And with each day that passes us by, We cultivate a stronger, deeper bond of love. My dream, my love... My heart burns with desire, a need so strong That I can't get you off my mind. I desire your touch, your smile, your heart, So much that it burns deep in my soul. My dream, my love... ...Read On


Forever with You

I want forever with you-- If I walk  Next to you  Will you guide me each day? If I sing Your favorite song Will you listen to me now? If I stay In your arms Will you love me forever? If I rub Your back tenderly Will you relax under my touch? If I sleep In your bed beside you Will you make love to me again and again? If I invade Your dreams each night Will you wake with a smile? ...Read On


Waking with a Smile

A love poem from the heart!

Waking with a smile, Has been easier these days, Knowing I am in your arms, Safely I lay. Turning over, Giving you a kiss, Butterflies dance about, My heart's full of bliss. Strong, warm, giving, Your tender care, I look into your eyes, Consumed by your stare. I touch you, and then You touch me. There is no doubt that This is where I want to be. I hear you whisper, I...Read On

Love Stories(2)


Loving the Unexpected

The sun was shining through the windows as I opened my eyes. This was going to be a perfect day, I just knew it! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and I was in love with the most incredible man ever. Not to mention, today was my 30th birthday! Thomas had to work today but promised an incredible birthday celebration when he got home this evening. I pressed him for details but he...Read On


Never Let Go

In the doorway I stood watching my baby sleep. His breath steadily rising and falling and that peaceful look on his face was more than I could handle. I inched slowly over to the bed careful not to make a sound for I did not want to wake him. It was the first day he had off in weeks and he definitely needed his rest. Not to mention, we had a big day planned. We had Christmas shopping to...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Memoir of a Blow Job

My heart flutters as I hear him call out, "Blow me, Slut!" I love serving my Sir. I run from my room. My tits bounce and sway as each foot lightly hits the floor. I enter the dark chambers and my pussy tingles. My Sir is a beautiful vision laying on his bed. His cock is thick and hard and it looks like it is ready to be sucked. I slowly walk over to him, unbuttoning my blouse, exposing my...Read On