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Topic creampie or not?
Posted 29 Sep 2017 08:19

I have always wanted to eat some hot cum from a fresh fucked pussy!

Topic Should i taste own semen?
Posted 29 Sep 2017 08:18

I used to lay back and shoot it to my mouth but now since I love cum I just cum in my hand and lick it off!

Topic What do you think about when you masterbate?
Posted 29 Sep 2017 08:16

When I do masturbate I always force a ruined orgasm but I always think about sucking big cocks or getting fucked real good!

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 20 Dec 2013 14:14

This morning in the shower

Topic Do you like to crossdress?
Posted 25 Oct 2013 07:17

Oh I absolutely love dressing like a slut! I love the feeling of lace, satin and nylons on my body! I can't ever dress without thigh highs and heels, it makes me feel completely slutty!!