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If anyone want to see more of my photos go to and use screen name christian1971

07 Aug 2010 17:16

If anyone want to see more of my pics please go to

07 Aug 2010 17:13

Posted some new photos, ladies let me know what you think or what I should do next?

24 Mar 2010 08:00

So day horny looking for some good stories to read.

11 Oct 2009 12:35

Thank god for the weekend! And that my A/C is on and that I can relax in a nice cool house! Have to see what to do this weekend. Go to the beach or a nice drive someplace for the weekend. Any single ladies want to go to the movies or a relaxing dinner?

17 Jul 2009 13:38

Still extremly horny, hoping that my FWB (Friend With Benefits) will come over and we can have sex!

08 Jul 2009 20:01

I am beyond belief horny and in need of a sexy woman to fill the void.

28 Jun 2009 15:44

One more week to go and I am on VAC. Hope the weather is good so that I can relax and enjoy the week.

28 Jun 2009 07:53

Better mood today, hoping that the weather will be just as nice as today was.

27 Jun 2009 18:04

Extremly Pissed off mood!

26 Jun 2009 13:44

When will the rain stop!

20 Jun 2009 16:39