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Topic Looking for a story:
Posted 27 Apr 2010 15:29

Yes you are right this is the best site online with the hotest woman from all over the world to the best stories I have ever read!

Topic Looking for a story:
Posted 26 Apr 2010 06:11

I'll try again but every story site I been too I cannever find it. There was one site but it was a pay site and sorry not ging to pay for any sites. But thanks for the info I will try hard and see what happens.

Topic Looking for a story:
Posted 25 Apr 2010 08:26

I read this story a long time ago maybe 5 to 8 years or more. Not sure about the title something like Accidental shower or mistake shower or Identity? It was about a huband and a wife and son, the parents where having sex before the huband had to get up for work, when they are finished the husband gets up and take a shower and the wife falls back to sleep. She loses track of time wakes up and hears the shower still thinking its her husband she jumps in and starts jerking him off from behind to finally realize its her son in the shower.

If anyone can find that story or if it gives them an idea on a story PLEASE let me know so I can read it.

Topic Anger Test
Posted 19 Jul 2009 06:28

Your score is: 75



What does your score mean?

I'm actually afraid to tell you this, but someone's got to do it - you have a wicked temper! Your responses to the test questions showed that you have a tendency to blow a fuse at the slightest provocation. You may not actually act out on those angry feelings, and might even wish that you had more self-control. Truth is, a nasty temper can cause a lot of trouble in life; other people could be nervous around you, which is certainly not healthy for your relationships. You may make enemies as a result of your outbursts, and even get yourself into some pretty sticky situations. Most of all, these feelings of fury are surely affecting YOU; being angry consumes a lot of precious energy you could be using in more productive ways. Each time you find yourself angry, ask yourself if it's really worth it. Will you even remember the whole incident in a few days time?

Topic Drinks:
Posted 13 Jul 2009 08:04

When i was in costa rica a few years back volunteering at a turtle centre in this tiny tiny town, I went to the local bar. This guy ordered me a drink which I had never heard of and he pulled out this enormous glass. He mixed together pretty much every liquor in the bar and it was sort of a brown color. Then he lit it on fire and you have to drink it while it is still on fire. It was potent though - it made me soooo sick. It was a massive amount of god knows what.

Sorry when I started to read your post it made me think of the TV show the SIMPSONS a FLAMING HOMER!

Topic Drinks:
Posted 11 Jul 2009 18:16

I just had my fav a nice big helping of sushi. And finished off a 300ml bottle of sake. I prefer the unfiltered but it was the only bottle I had left.

With the beers choices there is a place that from time to time will have different beers from other countries. And there are some local bars or restauarts that have a wide selection.

Topic Drinks:
Posted 11 Jul 2009 12:56

What is your fav drinks? And how do they differ around the world since it seems like there is a vast amount of people from all other the just the United states?

Love Sake more with sushi but sake bombs with beer are just as nice! A nice dark beer too Sam adams has a few dark beers and Imperial beer is another. Genius beer is the darkest I know but after drinking that now room for food!

Mixed drinks:

Long Island Ice tea
Sea breeze
Mud slide
bahama mama

Topic lube in condoms
Posted 07 Jul 2009 12:24

Have to be carefull some lubes make the condom weaker and will cause them to break, they even warn you not to put lubes with condoms?

Topic Sex with an ex; would YOU risk it
Posted 04 Jul 2009 16:01

Depnds on what ex, but yes there are 2 that I would enjoy having a chance to make love to a few more times.

Topic Your top 10 celebrities you love to have sex with.
Posted 03 Jul 2009 16:38

Ok this one is easy name the top 10 female or male celebrites you would love to get in bed with?

01. Milla Jovoich
02. Alyssa Milano
03. Christina Ricci
04. Pauley Perrette (from NCIS)
05. Liv Taylor
06. Kat Von D - LA INK tv show.
07. Jennifer Connelly
08. scarlett Johansson
09. hayden panettiere
10. Q'orianka Kilcher

Topic Teacher Fantasies
Posted 03 Jul 2009 16:04

I had the biggest crush on my Homeroom teacher, if I saw her again I would love to get after school detention and make love to her on her desk.
In High school I also had a social studies teacher that would have all the guys in the first 2 rows of class and she would sit on her deck in a dress and would open and close her legs. If one was lucky you had a great view.

Topic Ladies do you like it if your man has or uses toys:
Posted 28 Jun 2009 08:06

Ok what about a strap on? Any toys to spice it up? feathers, blindfold, cuffs, tongue vibrators or piercings.

Topic Lipstick - why??
Posted 24 Jun 2009 15:04

I think in some cases it's exctremly sexy, Blow job rings on the dick are sexy

Topic Sex games:
Posted 20 Jun 2009 12:15

Have you ever made up a sex game to play with your G/F or B/F or went to an adult shop and got yourselfs a sex game to spice up your sex life?

My Ex G/F and I made up a game we play the card game 21 and the loser have to role sex dice where one has all sex acts and the other has places in your home that you can do those act in. We added a few other things like whipcream or handcuffs,whip,blindfold. So no matter what everyone wins even the one that loses.

Topic Ladies do you like it if your man has or uses toys:
Posted 19 Jun 2009 17:02

:-" angel7 flower glasses8
Looks like an alien...
Toys are toys, I like to play.

cat cat cat

It's not. When I first saw it I was like never going to fit. But with a little lube I was able to get it in. Post some of your toys and maybe a little of yourself?

Topic Ladies do you like it if your man has or uses toys:
Posted 19 Jun 2009 13:35

ok so what if this was one of the toys. How would your react, would u use it also not the sameone but if you had your own would you?

Topic Ladies do you like it if your man has or uses toys:
Posted 17 Jun 2009 06:25

Boy, did I get the wrong idea with this post! "Do I like it if my man has or uses toys?" Hey, I figured it's a bit silly, but sure, I'll them them all about his Lego collection...WRONG TOYS!


There's nothing wrong with using some toys? Butt plugs and prostate massagers just add to some of the joys of sex?

Plus I am not saying that it has to be those toy's? There are cock rings plan ones and ones that vibrate. There is also other style toys that if worn will vibrate, sleves with little spikes or nubs list goes on and on.

Topic Ladies do you like it if your man has or uses toys:
Posted 14 Jun 2009 08:28

My ex G/F and I loved a little toy play, both the plugs and the prostate massagers would make sex more intense and she had hers and I had mine. I would feel the plug inside her when we had sex and when I would cum it would send waves of pleasure between the both of us.

Topic Ladies do you like it if your man has or uses toys:
Posted 13 Jun 2009 15:00

Ladies what if you found out that your guy has sex toys of his own? Is it a turn on or a turn off and does it depend on the toy.

I have several butt plus from small to large to extra large. A few cock rings and prostate massagers? bootyshake

Topic Shaved ?
Posted 12 Jun 2009 05:43

I perfer pussy shaved, my first girl friend was not and I would always ask her to shave but she refused. Then when we broke up I meet up with a woman that was and it was incredible. Oral sex was so much better really sex all around was better. Now my on again off again girlfriend is she and so am I as a male it does just make it all worth wild to shave.

Topic Sex comics sites?
Posted 18 Apr 2009 19:58

I'm looking for a Free sex comic site. All the one's I know and have saved in my fav's are not doing it anymore and its so hard to find free let alone ones that are good reading!!! So anyone willing to share there site please post it. Doesn't really matter what just as long as it's HOT good and free ( Straight, incest, couples, girl on girl ).