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Roger is a fifty-eight year-old white married bisexual who enjoys a cross-dressing fetish. When dressed as a woman Cindy has a desire to meet admires and other CD/TV for adult role-playing. Cindy has been dressing for the last five years and now fully dresses from wig to stocking toes. Sometimes she likes to dress as a slut picking up people in the bars. Other times she likes to dress casual to enjoy walking down the street without being notice. In the real world, Roger is a boss, a leader and has to make difficult decisions daily. When Roger is off work, he rather takes on the submissive role as Cindy playing dress up pretending to be a woman. Neither Roger nor Cindy is into the master/slave role-playing. Cindy enjoys erotic humiliation but without the pain.
Cindy likes to be honest and up front with everyone saying she is a CD and likes to meet strangers for adult fun. Cindy is not a female trapped in a man's body nor does she desire to be a full time TV. Cindy had done many sexual activities from mild to wild but does not like real pain or bathroom games. She does not mind a threesome or more and she is not camera shy. Age and race are not a concern to her but if have a concern, then that your loss. Cindy is 5-10 220 lbs., blue eyes, gray hair and 6 inch cut thick cock. She likes porn, CD/TV, bottom, oral, 69, younger, Dom top men, and many other things.
Cross-dressing is the act of wearing clothes typically reserved for the opposite gender. Cindy chooses to cross-dress for the sexual gratification. She derives sexually excitement with the feel of the feminine fabrics and clothing her body. She enjoys the sexual excitement that she experience from wearing feminine clothing, and in seeing her feminine image.
Cindy likes to cross-dressing feeling the freedom to express the feminine side of her personality. When dressed in female clothing she feels liberated to express her emotions that cannot be expressed as a man. She likes to dress to have a feeling of comfort, and reduced stress.
The most powerful why Cindy likes to wear female clothing is to experience the feeling of the "power of a woman". It is the power to choose who will get their attention, and perhaps who will enjoy her body. She does not get to dress up often but when Cindy does, it is equally stimulating and intoxicating to experience this type of power for a day. Even if it is only for a moment it is a beautiful feeling to feel "sexy" and "feminine." Power as we all know, is an aphrodisiac.

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Cindy is s CD that dresses for all three reasons, it feels good, it allows me to escape my male responsibilities and I can exercise my female power over the males that I meet. Cindy dresses for the pleasure of the other person and dresses as a slut since most people wanting to meet a CD is looking for a slutty type of CD. While Cindy like meeting admires, she has met some very nice TV and CD who are very erotic and passionate. Erotic humiliation is the consensual use of psychological humiliation in a sexual context, whereby one person gains arousal or erotic excitement from the powerful emotions of being humiliated and demeaned, or of humiliating another; often (but not always) in conjunction with sexual stimulation of one or both partners in the activity. The person being humiliated is often called a bottom, and the person who humiliates them is often called the top, (though these are standard terms used in general dominant/submissive role play and are not specific to humiliation interests). Humiliation is not the same as dominance, as the devotee is not necessarily seeking to be ordered about. - A man is somewhat uncomfortable with his bisexual tendencies, and gets turned on in a sexual situation where he's being called "faggot" or "cocksucker" A man has fantasies (or realities, as it were) of dressing like a sissy girl, pink panties and full make up and frilly girlie lingerie and clothes...and these desires make him question his masculinity. Rather than experiencing this emotional discomfort as a negative, he seeks out external affirmation of his sassiness in the form of sissy humiliation Cindy physical and tangible aspects that might include: • Ejaculating, on the bottom's body, especially the face. • Frequent, mandatory performance of sexual services for the dominant, such as, cunnilingus, or fellatio, without expectations of reciprocal acts or intercourse. • Prohibitions or restrictions on clothing, for men, a particularly powerful sense of humiliation may be achieved through forced feminizing or cross-dressing. • Male forced anal penetration using dildos, anal plugs or similar objects. • Forced to wear a gag or restraints on the body. • Forced masturbation in a humiliating manner. Other types of submissive male humiliation include exhibitionism - being loaned out to others, being forcibly feminized or forced into a cock sucking situation, The equating of humiliation to being 'female' cannot be escaped or overlooked as it is perhaps the most common humiliation fetish among male submissive. In addition the male submissive often seeks the powerful direction of a Dominant to 'forcibly' allow him to experience acceptable male on male relations which are considered by 'proper' society to be socially unacceptable. Many male submissive's desire for a Dominant to take them across societal boundaries by allowing, accepting and enjoying their feminization. There can be a true need to express this side of their personality as it is equally true that our society compresses and punishes 'feminine' men through constant and often extreme verbal humiliation to the point where many men are literally afraid to show or reveal what they have been painfully taught is softness or weakness, their feminine side. Dressing up and being a CD adds a bit of additional excitement to my bisexual activities. When I meet a admirer, CD or TV I prefer to be fully dressed, with thigh high fishnet stockings, suspenders, low cut panties, red knee high boots, a short skirt, corset or breast form, long sleeves blouse with a expose neck line, blonde wig and makeup. I also have pearls necklace and bracelet and a small hand bag. With the makeup I am almost passable.
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cross-dressing short erotic stories, I have a blog site now http://cindyusa58.blogspot.com/ Please visit and comment


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Topic: Looking for someone to proof my stories
Posted: 11 Nov 2016 00:07

I have several stories that I like to post here. I ran word grammar check on them and they seem to be ok but would like for someone to read them and tell me if I need to make changes. My stories are bisexual, crossdressing, oral and anal sex. If you do not mind the topics and have the time I would like to send a story to you.

Topic: I would like to know
Posted: 05 Nov 2012 16:28

I am writing a erotic story. The main charter is a dominate male who is addicted to receiving oral sex. He would go to adult book stores, glory holes, rest room to find someone to give him oral. I know that some men likes to say things while they are receiving, verbal humiliation is what I need help with. There are two things, what would this type of man say when he is receiving and what is he thinking. I know it is two different thing. And after he comes, what does he think about the person that just gave him a bj.
Please respond by email.

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