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I have a new job and now working in Dhamran, Saudi Arabia and living in Bahrain. I still cannot go out in public dressed and it is against the law to dress. I do all my dressing behind closed doors of my flat or a hotel room

13 days ago

I am back in the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia, living in Jeddah. I am somewhat restricted in doing what I did in the US. All my activities happens behind closed doors. I have some stories drafted but it so hard to post a story here that I need help from someone will point out my stories grammar issues. I will do the correction, just need to know what to fit.

12 Mar 2017 10:11

I am back in the USA, staying in the Brunswick area. Staying with family so hard to get away for a meet, but not impossible so no short notice. If I am going to dress for you, I will need a place to dress and play. If you are in the Brunswick area, have a place to plan, can meet during the day and want to meet Cindy, send me a email. If you want to meet Roger let me know, he is easier to meet, front seat of my pickup can be set up easy.

14 Dec 2012 20:29

I have a new blog site, Please take time and visit. I would like to know what you think would make my blog better.

05 Nov 2012 16:15

I took a three day vacation in London for a makeover and glamour shoot. It was the best. I have posted a few of the pictures. One night I went out to a club called Sweet Wednesday, which is for admires and CD/TV. That evening as Cindy is a story that I will post here.
I thank everyone for their comments on my pictures.

02 Jul 2012 16:38

I am working in Afghanistan and will be taking my vacation back to the US for a couple of weeks. When I return I will stop off in London for a few days to learn how to do my makeup, dress up for a photo shoot and to meet a few hot guys for some fun. I will be going to Sweet Wednesdays on 20th of June

28 Apr 2012 18:56

I would like to know what you are thinking if you shot your load in my mouth and what you are think if I swallowed or spit. Please send emails with what you really think about oral sex with a stranger

14 Feb 2012 04:33

Woops, I posted a story that got rejected for topics that are not allowed here. It is a fantasy of mine. So going to have to post it at another erotic story site.

14 Feb 2012 04:31

I have written several stories and wanted to post them here. I posted three and they were rejected because you can only post one a day. One story did get rejected with comments about some of the story line. I have made those corrections and will post that story today.

12 Feb 2012 17:46

I just joined this site and it has all the things I was looking to find, a chat room, posting of erotic short stories, a place to post my profile and a place to uploads some pictures. If you like my profile please send me a email. If you read my stories and have any comments please let me know.

11 Feb 2012 21:06