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Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 17 Feb 2015 16:36

Just diet Pepsi!

Topic What's Your Current Mood.
Posted 17 Feb 2015 16:34

Miserable and not much fun to be around....

Topic Is squirting gross or hot?
Posted 17 Feb 2015 16:32

Not so great when you have to clean all that up!!! Giggles

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 16 Feb 2015 18:38

Sugar by Maroon5 courtesy of desire longing.....thank you hun!

Topic When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted 15 Jan 2015 13:25

Regretfully, last May.

Topic Have you ever had your wife or girl fuck you with a strap on?
Posted 15 Jan 2015 13:03

I was with someone that wanted me to but I chickened out. Did learn how to massage the protate. Hopefully ready the next time I am with someone and if he wants me to.

Topic How do you handle not having sex for a long time?
Posted 12 Jan 2015 17:01

Went a long long time,. Thank God for toys!!!

Topic Your ideal partner in two words
Posted 11 Jan 2015 11:41

My Daddy!

Topic How did you find Lush?
Posted 11 Jan 2015 11:39


Topic How did you find Lush?
Posted 11 Jan 2015 11:38

Looking for erotica. Found Lush and a whole new word opened for me....

Topic how many times are you wet in a week
Posted 11 Jan 2015 11:36

Seems like constantly now!!

Topic Blowjob with a condom... have you tried it?
Posted 06 Jan 2015 19:33

Was told to practice deepthroating to conquer my gag reflex. Put a condum on my anal dildo and it was gross!!

Topic Pegging
Posted 06 Jan 2015 19:29

A guy I was with wanted it but I could not do it...

Topic Ladies do you like having your ass fingered during sex or is that a no no?????
Posted 30 Dec 2014 17:45

Anything anal is usually fine with me....

Topic Cum inside or not?
Posted 30 Dec 2014 17:42

Always inside....seems such a waste outside...IMHO

Topic Story behind your avatar
Posted 28 Dec 2014 14:51


Topic Favourite Christmas Movie
Posted 19 Dec 2014 11:14

Miracle on 34th Street. Played last night on AMC!!! Yay!!!

Topic Christmas songs
Posted 14 Dec 2014 09:31

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee since I can remember!

Topic 69 position !!!
Posted 14 Dec 2014 09:24

I usually too

Topic have you ever had car sex
Posted 14 Dec 2014 09:22

Used to all the time.....

Topic Bare, trimmed, or bushy?
Posted 14 Dec 2014 09:20

I prefer bare on myself.....

Topic Name a public place you have always wanted to have sex
Posted 13 Dec 2014 16:09

Have always wanted to do it in a cemetery in the afternoon in broad daylight....

Topic ladies, do you enjoy watching men masturbate?
Posted 13 Dec 2014 10:35

Love it if it is someone I care about, not a random Lushie! Do enjoy porn of two men together...that would be a major RL turn on to watch.....

Topic What's your favourite way to call a vagina?
Posted 13 Dec 2014 10:28

Usually "kitty". Easier on my tongue....

Topic braless
Posted 13 Dec 2014 10:23

Never wear panties...just an old rule I continue to live. Unless I must, I do not wear a bra either....

Topic nudity in the house
Posted 13 Dec 2014 10:17

When I live at the campgrounds, I warned everyone to yell hello from the deck or get an eye full....I do not wear clothes if I can help it. Especially my own space. Now I need to be more careful and it is a bit cold here....

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 13 Dec 2014 10:05

Crooked Halo....Annie Bosco

Topic how many of you want to have sex outdoor
Posted 07 Dec 2014 17:53

Love doing it outdoors and will do it whenever the chance arises...

Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 07 Dec 2014 17:46

Think thats his name.....

Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 07 Dec 2014 17:46

Redneck Crazy by Tyler Farr