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Topic Haiku...Lushly speaking
Posted 03 Feb 2013 16:27

Pleasure erupting
I’m seeing the moon blind less site
Peacefully I float

Topic Favorite TV/Cable Show
Posted 02 Sep 2012 17:22

Once Upon aTime, Teen Wolf, CM, Bones, Face Off and many more!!!

Topic If you had one night to spend with the person of your dreams,
Posted 31 Aug 2012 20:51

MICHAEL JAI WHITE and we would do anything and everything

Topic Phrase of the Day
Posted 31 Aug 2012 13:28

the classic-"Did I do that?"

Topic Is 4.8 inches hard really a disappointing first impression?
Posted 31 Aug 2012 05:04

Hugs Cant we all just be happy in the skin we're in? What one person doesnt like another one will love! Find the lover and ignore the Judgers Big Hugs Kisses too all and to what makes us different!!!!!!!

Topic Phrase of the Day
Posted 30 Aug 2012 19:11

"Son of a Jack Wagon's bedazzels!!!!!"

Topic what should I do?
Posted 28 Aug 2012 19:40

What would you want your partner to do in a situation like that? I find that if I try very hard to not have a double standard, that will often guide me to a choice. If you would want your partner to have the fling to see if it gets out of his system, then go for it.

I agree with 1ball. You already said its not something you would normally do why start bad habits? But if you dont mind your boyfriend doing it let him know whats going on and do it. Just make sure you tell him before he finds out about it second hand. Second hand communication always ends badly.

Topic Sexual words association
Posted 26 Aug 2012 10:01


Topic Sexual words association
Posted 23 Aug 2012 20:25


Topic Secret admirers
Posted 19 Aug 2012 14:20

There is nothing wrong with a person wanting and lusting after you. As long as it was a healthy want an not stalker lust. But like Shylass says if its secrete you probably wouldnt no about it.

Topic Sex before marriage? Or marriage before sex?
Posted 15 Jul 2012 05:10

evil4 Sex before marriage does not guarantee a long lasting marriage neither does waiting till you get married. So it sounds like a no win situation. But sex before marriage is way more pleasurable. t1517 So I’m indifferent.

Topic Would you sell yourself?
Posted 15 Jul 2012 04:53

No, why sell something that is so freely givin?

Topic Should creationism be taught in schools?
Posted 15 Jul 2012 04:46

My response may go a little above and beyond the scope of the question asked but here goes. I’ll probably get raked f for saying this but I give a strong YES creationism should be taught in school. Does it have to be taught in a science class? Not really. However, in some way shape or form it should be a mandatory class taught to all students. Why shouldn’t they be presented with the facts that of both and allowed to draw their own conclusions? Before they taught the scientific method it was “Creationism” that was taught in school. We are left at a serious disadvantage by waiting to the last minute to teach creationism to the youth of this country. No matter what you believe creationism is a valid theory.