First Time(1)


Step one: Giving In

Becoming his never felt so good

I’ll be honest, I’m horny and I’m absolutely sick of waiting. I’m a 29 year old virgin and I've decided it's time I do something about it. So tonight I dressed in a red and black wrap dress and black stiletto heels. After a quick fluff of my hair I was ready. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I knew what was going to happen when I got there. I went to a club called ‘Body on me’. The...Read On

Love Poems(3)


He Wants Me?

Can this be real? Are the feeling true?

We meet and chatted I was looking to score You turned the tables In a quest for more Confused and unhinged I followed along Wanting to redirect Longing for my comfort zone The conversation continued With fantasies of hope We talk about futures The thought to elope I always wanted to wait To make sure it’ll last. But the thought of Your penis Of...Read On


Making her Cum

I’m going to help You whisper in my ear I’ll help you cum Just be open to the idea I gulp loudly Take a deep breath and nod Open your legs Spread that pussy wide A cool liquid pours over my aching clit My breath shudders out At your look of intent That’s it my Diva You say with a smile Rub that clit How does it feel now I groan out loud With...Read On


Tell Me

Would me you?

Tell me what it would be like To have my hair flow through your fingers To have my tongue stroke along your ear To have my lips upon your lips To have my tongue meet yours for the first time Tell me how it would feel If I rubbed my hands along your chest If I raked my nails down your back If I wrapped my hands around your cock If I stoked you till you screamed for me...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Voyeurs Stimulation-Becomes His Completion

She didn't know that she was being watched

She didn’t know that I had followed her, that I watched her, that I longed for her, or that I wanted to give her the release she desired. I wanted to make her aware of my presence. I wanted to place my thick rigid cock in her mouth. I wanted to replace her hand with mine. I wanted to run my hand along her breast, slowly rubbing my fingers over her hard nipples squeezing. While guiding...Read On



A Voyeur's Stimulation

First Story Hope you enjoy. Comment if you want to know what happens.

I waited here before same time, same place, and same day. She always arrives first. Today she was dressed in a short red teddy that barely stopped mid-thigh. She turned when she heard him come in. A big smile on her face they exchanged words. I could never hear what they said but, whatever it was it didn’t matter I wasn’t there to listen to them but to watch. She glided to him and grabbed...Read On