Gods and Devils (The Unicorn Part II)

Master punishes his pet's new toy, and gains a new whore in the process

I. Introduction I stood in the kitchen watching the water slowly drip from the faucet. The girls were in the living room, cuddled on the couch, whispering, waiting. Pet was doing what she could to soothe Kasey. Pet knew what was coming; Kasey on the other hand, did not have the slightest idea. On top of the dresser in my room I kept a wooden box about 10 inches wide by 12 inches long; it...Read On


The Unicorn

My pet and I return home with a friend

Introduction I sat on the balcony casually watching the city that slept below me. The early morning hours have always made me feel so calm, so peaceful. This, above all things was mine. This time where I shared the world with no one, and nothing intruded. The random car passing down the lane, or the short bursts of song that came from the earliest of birds were all the movement and noise...Read On