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Topic Besides cock, what is the best thing you can ride to make you wet?
Posted 28 Oct 2014 17:30

A DILDO!!!!!!

Topic When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted 22 Sep 2014 15:44

It's been 3 weeks if not 4 weeks with a live person......with my toys today. Not as good as a live person!

Topic Have you fucked or been fucked at Work or on the premise at Work?
Posted 22 Sep 2014 15:41

Hell yes I have and loved it!

Topic What would you do if you caught you're brother in law sniffing & jerking off into yours dirt
Posted 21 Sep 2014 16:19

Ask him if he was enjoying himself....... :)

Topic Is LUSH your secret or everyone knows about you being on lush?
Posted 07 Jul 2014 17:36

Lush is my secret NONE of my friends knows about me being on here

Topic Ladies do you like having your ass fingered during sex or is that a no no?????
Posted 29 Jan 2014 17:34

Hell yes I Love It!

Topic who honestly likes to give blow jobs
Posted 26 Oct 2013 14:33


Topic Would you take off your underwear, if your other half asked you to; while wearing a skirt or dress,
Posted 23 Oct 2013 18:20

I like to go with out my underware Espically at work

Topic Would you like your husband or boyfriend buy you sexy underwear?
Posted 23 Oct 2013 18:16

Boyfriend buying sexy underware.........

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 20 Oct 2013 19:15

I love sucking cock!

Topic Have you ever had sex or performed oral sex in front of others?
Posted 17 Oct 2013 17:28

No have never.......would like to!

Topic Girls: How long have you gone without an orgasm?
Posted 07 Sep 2013 18:29

6 Months

Topic Sex in Vehicles Survey (Cars, Trucks, Limousines etc)
Posted 10 Jul 2013 16:11

For me it has always been a truck! Much easier access. Never had sex in a limo.......something I would like to try! I have always wanted to have set in the bed of a truck by the water under the stars!

Topic going out without panties
Posted 25 Jun 2013 16:44

I do go without panties sometimes. When I ware a skirt to work I like to go pantless it makes me feel naughty

Topic Ladies do you like having your ass fingered during sex or is that a no no?????
Posted 24 Jun 2013 16:03

Hell yes I like my ass fingered while a man is eating my pussy!

Topic Are you a screamer or a moaner?
Posted 13 Mar 2013 16:36

A Moaner when necessary.......A to let the guy know I m enjoying him fucking me or eating me?

Topic Girls, do you like it shaved or ...?
Posted 13 Mar 2013 16:34

Shaved all the way!