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Im thinking of a gorgeois and sexy young woman I got involved with . We met on here amd actually met up. It was an amazing night and I never knew that sex could be so fulfilling. She did write about our first night together its titled "Hideaway at Hillveiw" BY Sinfuldelite . She was half my age and had a very sensous body with amazing breasts. We met several times , not as much as I would have liked to. We are over 2 hrs apart. but she is worth the time . So take a chance and follow your heart because sheis an amzing beutiful and sensuos woman . If I would not have taken a chance and went and drove 2 hrs to meet someone I have NEVER seen , I would not have had such an amazimg 2 yrs with her. But she wanted it to end and I was just going to leave my wife for her. I think of her alot and always read her stories over and over. I miss Brittany badly.

21 Feb 2016 18:27

Im thinking how badly i want to lick Sinfuldelites pussy right now !!!!!

09 Oct 2014 19:20

How sexy sue Brazil is .

17 Nov 2013 19:07

I'm thinking how nice it would be to have a mouth around my cock !!

12 Nov 2013 20:47