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Who am I? Well, other than a very naughty girl, I am also an “unconventional”…ahem…agent for the FBI. I’m on the books, but I’m not (I drink like a fish and I smoke too much pot, I’d never pass their drug test, fuck even trying), I work for the Bureau, but I don’t, yada yada yada. Deep cover type of shit that even the Bureau denies exists. It was either that or do a shitload of time in jail for “ALLEGEDLY”, I repeat “AL-LE-GED-LY” being quite a prolific madam. After an intense interview that ended up being quite acrobatic, let’s just say I convinced them my skills could be used for the greater good and that my presence would be much better served OUTISDE of a federal prison cell. Took an extra blow job or two, but I was able to get them to see it my way. As always!

I’m undercover – in many ways, and I believe that if you’re going to do something, you have to be good at it so I love to get REALLY deep undercover. I love using my big brown eyes, DD’s, tiny waist, big hips, plump round ass, and most importantly, juicy mind blowing pussy to get what I need to finish my assignments so I can then go party and get fucked up. Something else “unconventional” sure, but one thing I love about being so deep under that I really don’t even register with anyone. Except my handler, Boris. He means well, but he’s such a pain in the ass, always trying to bring me up to their standards. That’s for Bureau people, I don’t have to do everything their way and I won’t. And I hold most of the DC by their hairy white balls with every form of media you can think of and some shit that hasn’t been invented yet. I doubt they wanna piss me off and a sure way to do that is to not let me have my way. I own them, and they can’t do a thing about it. He should try it some time. Something about “being faithful to his wife”…whatever. When I REALLY want it, I’ll get it. I always do.

That’s why I get all the jobs with the hottest marks. I’ve earned my way past the dirty old men and they know it so they don’t even try to send me after anyone they know I won’t want to fuck. Which is pretty much anyone over 50. Yet another reason to love my job. I get paid a ton of money, and I get to pretty much fuck whoever I want all while breaking lots of rules and creating some pretty awesome memories. Some even captured on video. AND I can still squeeze some of the politicos when I need quick cash for something. Or information. A girl’s got it good, indeed.

Needless to say, I don’t have too many typical days at the office. I don’t even have an office. To the outside world, I don’t even have any money. I live in a modest two bedroom townhouse furnished TO THE HILT on the inside, and I drive a two year old Lexus, at least that’s what stays parked outside. I have many methods of transportation. My shit is hidden in other parts of the world and right under their noses, something else I love about this job. If people only knew how much I’m hiding…wow! But I couldn’t tell you what the neighbors think I do because I don’t talk to them, mainly because I don’t see any men I want to fuck around here. The one friend that I do have thinks I’m an escort. Chaze’ (which he pronounces “Chaz” but adds the e’ for who the fuck knows what) is my gay and he usually props me up when it’s time for me to stumble out after last call and he keeps me from getting roofied when we’re out at the bar. Not that I don’t have something for that, but I don’t wanna have to come up with a cover for that one. Good thing I can handle my liquor, nothing you can ever do to get me to tell any secrets.

Yeah, this life is quite a ride (something else I love to do in the course of my investigations). Every day brings a new, sexy, sweaty, freaky, horny, tit bouncing, ass shaking, dick pounding, nut busting adventure but don’t worry…I’ll make sure to tell you all about it! Just keep it right here…

Anything that will help me get a dick in my mouth or in my pussy. Anything that will put money in my hands and let me get fucked at the same time. Hot guys with big juicy dicks that I can fuck and suck on. People who can introduce me to hot guys with big juicy dicks that I can fuck and suck on. Getting my fat ass smacked while I'm on my hands and knees getting pounded. Getting my DD tits squeezed while I'm being fucked. Wearing disguises...and having a little role play. Spy novels.
Favorite Books:
Freaky ones!
Favorite Authors:
Coco DeLove ;o)
Favorite Movies:
Anything XXX rated. Fucking is everything.
Favorite Music:
Music that talks about fucking that I can play while I'm going through my mark's laptop while he's in the shower.


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oh, Great...I get to be the first to post on your profile: hey sexy.....thanks for adding me...I look forward to many fun chats.....Thanks
23 Feb 2012 13:32
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