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College Sex


An interview with her tutor - Chapter Two

Jay sinks deeper under her tutor's influence.

Having reported as instructed to her tutor's office, Jay discovers she is not who she thought she was, as she falls deeply under her spell. Jay was transfixed, in the last fifteen minutes her world had been turned on its head. Her aloof and sophisticated tutor, had revealed herself as a predatory lesbian dominatrix. She had already, with just her words and the slightest of touches, taken...Read On


Frat Orgy but no Party

My fraternity on campus was known for three things being good looking, being smart, and being big where it matters. Part of our pledge process involve dick related activities designed to be easier for the more well endowed brothers. Plus, we were known as the big dick frat so nobody with small penises rushed after a while. It was so funny, but we kept big dickedness as a qualification for...Read On


The visitor part 1

We came back to her dorm a little tipsy. "Kiss me," she said. As our lips locked and tongues danced, she grabbed my crotch. "Mmmm... follow me dirty boy," she said as she turned on the water and pulled me into the bathroom. We kissed again, the electricity flowing through our lips as I pulled her clothes off. "Your turn," she said very sensually, ripping my shirt and pants off. She pulled...Read On


The Good Samaritan

My good deed turns into a night of wild sex

It was another rainy night with nothing to do. I was sitting in my dorm feeling horny and wishing I had someone to share the feeling with. “Should I shoot another load into the toilet?” I asked myself. Deciding against that, I headed for the lounge area of the dorm. I was on the upper floor so I stood by the railing and looked down at the television area. There were just a few guys...Read On


An interview with her tutor - Chapter One

Jay attends an interview with her tutor

Jay Denton made her way down the long corridor, a succession of frosted glass doors on each side. Each of the doors held a large card announcing the department and the name of the tutor. At last, the Business Studies department. The office she was looking for; was that of her class tutor, Ms Claire Hosty. She had never visited her tutor’s office before and was only doing so now, having...Read On


Study Session

I can taste his pre-cum. Salty and liquidity, in all its glory.

"Looking at the images in the book just doesn't help," Jasper complains. "I don't see why they couldn't just open the lab for us." I knew he is frustrated, but I couldn't help but think of ways I could... possibly show him what a vagina is. I know he knows the basics, but I'm so horny. Being stressed out tends to make me horny, I mean, what other ways can I do to make myself not stressed? ...Read On


On Rounds -- The Laundry Room

A game of 'Are You Nervous?' ends in a tie...

And this is my life. Only a couple more weeks and I’ll neverhave to do rounds again! Alas, it is my job for now, so I’m going to do it. It’s same old same old. No banging co-eds. No extra tasks from my boss. This should go smoothly, if not boring. There is only one hitch for me to consider this time around: the laundry room door. Every week, we report that damn door to maintenance and it...Read On


A strange place called Florida: The price of the bid (pt 1)

Jessica, or Jess as she preferred to be called, was a nineteen-year old college girl who had taken a gap year after high school before going to a large and well respected university in her state. From a working class family, Jess had a tough time affording college. In her gap year, Jess modeled for a good amount of pay because her good looks got her noticed. As a tanned blonde standing...Read On


Dennis and Janelle

The doer and the voyeur.

Dennis came back to his room after breakfast to find Janelle still lying in his bed. She had put on her bra by now but her dark legs were still bare. They were crossed over each other as she lay on top of his mattress with the sheets thrown on the side. She looked at him like she’d expected him to bring back food. “I should really leave soon,” she said. “Whatever,” said Dennis. He sat at...Read On


April's Secret

A night of unexpected passion and a morning of unexpected revelations change a relationship forever

Stepping out of the lecture hall, I took a deep breath and then yawned. Two hours of political science with Dr. Tom Evans was a very good way to bring on the afternoon yawns. The guy could probably make sex boring. “Hey, Ross. How goes it?” sang out a cheerful female voice beside me. I turned with a smile to see my friend April standing beside me. “I need caffeine,” I groaned. ...Read On


Never Mess With An Aroused Woman

Teased woman gets her relief

It may be helpful to read the first part of this story, “A Good Samaritan Cums To Their Aid.” Vanessa pushed Professor Henry off of Suzie and straddled the professor. His just emptied limp cock pushed against her soaked and wanting pussy. She felt the hair of his balls tickle her. Vanessa needed relief now. She slid her hands over her body. Her own hands were even arousing her. It had...Read On


Thigh Pillow

Just an average day in the life of one 19-year old college student

(From Dr. Hapmord’s files) Patient: Dennis Tominsky Age: 27 Age at time of story: 19 Time: Sometime in May. The end of Freshman Year of college. I woke up on the floor of some dude’s house with a screaming headache and one ear smothered against someone’s skin. In the dimness of the room I opened my eyes and saw the polyester rug staring back at me. I tilted my head slightly and...Read On


The Houseboat Incident Chapter 4

Late Teens on a houseboat for the weekend, sex everywhere was bound to happen

The next morning when I woke up, the warm sun’s rays peered in through the open window. I stretched, letting out a squeaky moan, before sitting up to survey my room. My stomach felt like Jell-O, and my throat was still sore from the night before. I could hear the footsteps and low tone conversations of the others all around the boat. I Put on a pair of cut offs and my bikini top. I grabbed...Read On


My Friend's Sister

My friend is going to be pissed, but damn I love college.

I jolted awake. My eyes strained to adjust to the blinding light pouring in through the curtain-less bay windows. Squinting, I held a hand over my forehead and attempted to look around the room I was in. I was sitting in a pile of white sheets in a room with no decorations. No furniture, no pictures, no nick-knacks, nothing. The walls were bright white, which I'm sure that had also to do with...Read On


Rounds - The Stairwell

A boy and a girl get it on in a deserted stairwell.

College. The best time of our lives is here and now. I am an RA which stands for Resident Assistant. I am just supposed to guide students, keep them involved in school activities, and be there if I am needed. Also, I have one more responsibility, I have to do rounds. Basically, I walk around the building and report anything suspicious or even maintenance issues on my rounds sheet. This...Read On


The Houseboat Incident Chapter 3

Late teens on a houseboat for the weekend; sex everywhere was bound to happen

My sister and I were the first to approach the boat. We could see Tommy slumped back in a foldout chair, his head back as if he had passed out, however as we got closer we could see the brown blanket is his lap moving up and down which was barely visible over the side of the boat. My sister turned to Mark and Cody making a low shushing sound and pointing back at the boat. They stopped...Read On


Toga! Toga! T-oh-ugh!

Ryleigh tries to remember what happened at her first toga party.

I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and a pounding in my head. ‘How much did I drink last night?’ I wondered. But that wasn’t the only question I had. Something didn’t feel right, in fact, a lot of things didn’t feel right. I forced my eyes open to seen the bloodshot eyes of a man in the bed I was in. “Aaahhh!” we both cried, which was quickly followed by, “Ooohh!” I closed my eyes,...Read On


Houseboat Incident Chapter 2

Late teens on a houseboat for the weekend; Sex everywhere was bound to happen

I could hear the shuffle of the rest of the group scrambling about the houseboat in the distance as I pulled a small black t-shirt over my head. I shook my shoulders to straighten the shirt so that it would hang properly across over my curves, the bottom of the shirt hung just below my waist line; it only covered the waist of my bikini bottoms. I slid my feet into my flip-flops and headed to...Read On


Good Samaritan Cums To Their Aid

Professor gets rewarded for helping

Sexual tension hung in the air while Chris was driving his white F150 pickup truck. He was trying to keep his eyes on the road and not on the two young coeds sitting beside him. Vanessa was sitting between Chris and Suzie, with Suzie’s sprained ankle resting on top of her thigh. They were all squeezed into the front seat of Chris’s truck. Vanessa was trying to stay focused on helping her...Read On


The Houseboat Incident, Chapter 1

Late teens on a houseboat for the weekend, sex everywhere was bound to happen.

It was the summer before my freshman year of college. My sister had returned home for the first part of summer. Since we would both be attending the same college in the coming year we decided to get in some early bonding time. We had enjoyed many days shopping and sunbathing while exchanging stories of some of our sexual exploits. There wasn't a day that went by that I hadn't learned how much...Read On


Doubling my score

I hadn't realized that good-bye was such an aphrodisiac

My junior year in college the first time I was in school started out poorly. I had been repeatedly ill the first two years, one semester with pneumonia and bronchitis, another semester with mono, and a third semester with a recurrence of bronchitis, and my latest set of courses were more than I could handle after my work had suffered so my first two years. Finally I decided I should take...Read On


The Fox and the Wolf, Part 2

He takes her virginity and more.

I’m not the kind of person to regret any decision I have made in my life so far. I put thought into my words and calculate my actions carefully before I proceed in any situation; but what happened last night with Christina was totally unplanned. I have been with quite a few girls in my life so far, but this one had a certain element to her that unsettled me, made me wild and angry, pissed off...Read On


Before School Starts

She doesn't sleep with random guys at she thought.

Classes were due to start in roughly two weeks. After years of studying, stressing, winning awards, and being a try hard, I simply wanted at least to relax. I just recovered from grueling wisdom teeth extraction as well, so my small vacation was riddled with pain and hunger. Finally, there was a chance at happiness in this short lived summer. There was a party tonight at Brittany’s...Read On


Good Girl Grace - Chapter One

Grace is trying her best to uphold her families morals... Can she do it while away?

“Good morning, Dr. Miller,” I said to my favorite professor as I walked into the History class with my group of friends. “Morning, Grace,” he murmured back, keeping his head buried in his laptop. He was always taking his job so seriously. Gosh, I admired him. Unaware that I was intensely watching him work until he looked up and gave me a sweet half smile, showing me his pearly whites....Read On


Lust Relief University - Chapter 3

Come and have sex in the university library.

Breathing hard, I stared at Yoko’s ass for a moment. I could not quite believe what I was seeing. In this secret library corner, Yoko was supporting herself against the bookshelf and asking me to fuck her. The fact that she decided on that so quickly showed that she had been anticipating this when she was applying to this university. I took a step towards her and could feel how my hard...Read On


Lust Relief University - Chapter 2

Behind the book shelf in the university library, there is a secret orgy hotspot for tired students.

Taking a breath, I looked behind the last bookshelf in the history section of the university library. In the back of my mind I already knew what going on behind the bookshelf, but I still felt nervous about it. Could it really be? I always thought that such things only existed in the stories that circulated among students, but I never imagined that those stories had a grain of truth. I took...Read On


Lust Relief University - Chapter 1

The next generation of freshmen start fucking in the dorms.

It was my first day at college. I moved into my dorm and left my stuff in my room. With a smile, I breathed in the air; so this what freedom smelled like. For the next twelve months, this dorm would be my home. Dorm C.  I heard that Dorm C was more isolated from the main campus than Dorms A and B, since those two dorms were closer to the main campus. That’s why I heard from the older...Read On

Recommended Read

Party Naked! The Grand Finale

Buz goes out with a grand bang as his last college party turns naked.

(episode 32) A sinking depression had hit me as the spring semester of my senior year came to a close. Actually, I think it was more of feeling of being very nostalgic, but I thought I was depressed. Fraternity parties, socials with sororities, football tailgate parties at our rental house, weekends clubbing downtown as a group, fraternity intramural sports, initiating pledges, riding...Read On


A Memorable Flight

Friends take it to the next level at thirty thousand feet and become new mile high club members.

Darla and I have been childhood friends since the fifth grade. We attended the same high school and even the same university where we are now both teaching. We are not a couple, just best friends. Neither of us are married or for that matter, have boyfriends at the moment.  It is summer break and this is a chance to relax and enjoy each other's company. It has been a hectic year at...Read On


Getting in to the Frat Party (Part 1)

Two college roommates have to work to get in to the party of the year

This story took place my sophomore year of college. It was one of the first weekends of the year, and that Saturday night one of the biggest fraternities on campus was throwing their annual “Welcome Back” party that’s always one of the craziest of the year. The previous year (my freshman year) I heard all about it afterward and saw pictures all over Facebook, but didn’t go since I didn’t...Read On