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College Sex


First Love - Part 2

Denise continues my sex lesson and a love affair begins.

My "first time" was with Denise, who I met during my first year of college at the Homecoming Dance. She was a junior on the swim team and editor of the school paper. She wore a gray plaid skirt, white long sleeve shirt with a burgundy bow. At five feet four inches tall with shoulder length blond hair, she looked stunning. As we danced to a slow number on the crowded dance floor,...Read On


My Big Black Cock Slut Adventure

A true story about my adventursome experience with a well endowed black guy

I had a great summer and was determined to have a great second year at the university. I successfully registered for all the classes I wanted, and now I wanted to find a guy that I liked and who shared many of my feelings. I met a couple guys at clubs, had sex with one of them, but nothing really clicked. There was a guy I thought was quite cute and interesting but he seemed very shy. ...Read On


Nikkie - Part 2

Nikkie and her roommate attend a sorority party.

When I woke up, Jenna was gone, probably out for her run or possibly already at breakfast. It always amazed me that no matter how late she was out, she still almost always went out for her morning run, with the only adjustment being that she occasionally ran a little less distance. When I got out of bed, I noticed an envelope had been slipped under the door with my name on it. I picked it up...Read On


My Fraternity Slut Year

A true story about my adventure with a fraternity in my first year of college

I started seeing John in the second half of my junior year in High School. We had known each other for a while but never dated. It just happened that we were at a party and had both fairly recently ended out last relationships, so we hooked up. I thought it might just be a one time thing but we enjoyed each other and he chased me a bit, so we made it a regular thing. His parents and mine...Read On


Virgin Gold

Samantha is intent on maintaining her virginity. Why would anyone wish to marry spoiled goods?

If anyone were trying to sleep just after midnight in Samantha’s corridor at the university college block where she stayed, they would have been cursing her and her friends as they rolled in drunk and noisy after their evening in the college bar. There was Samantha with, of course, her best friend Eliza, Edward the Engineering student, and Sylvia and her fiancé Neil who both studied...Read On


Welcome to the Club

A school club and its members aren't so innocent

It was once again a new school year and I was a transfer student at a brand new college. My old school was boring and too small, but this school was a new beginning. Let me introduce myself, I’m Bryan and a sophomore in college. I’m just your average guy that likes to have fun and everyone loves. Being new to campus, I knew absolutely no one and the only way to get out and meet people...Read On



Grad Student Teaches College Boy How to please women

It was dark and peaceful here at the lake as I parked my little foreign sports car in the picnic grounds. We walked in the dark to the lake shore where it was ghostly quiet. We could still see the dark outline of the trees against the inky black sky, and the silvery smooth water of the lake in the fading light of the summer night. I was thinking how lucky I had been bumping into her in...Read On


The Dorm Room Diaries: Tempting Terrell

A college slut meets a man that can help with her problem.

I’m what people call a slut, a whore, or a cock addict; I've heard it all. I’m a queen bee with the looks and attitude to match. I have long rich espresso hair that reaches past mid-back and dark blue twilight eyes to match. I’m on the short side, but nothing a sexy pair of heels won’t fix, and I have the sought after hourglass figure which I must maintain with regular trips to the gym. ...Read On


No-Tell Motel, Chapter 2

A return to school doesn't mean the party is over!

Cindy and Diane drove downtown to a large gray building with an dubious neon sign reading "Bla es Adult Nov ties". The sign, much like the building it was on was in disrepair, but the meaning was clear. The girls parked on the side of the building and walked up the sidewalk to the windowless building. A large heavy red door marked the only entrance to the place and so taking a deep breath...Read On


Bathroom Encounter

I woke up on a fairly cold Autumn day and it was just a normal day ahead of me; go to college, come home and do coursework. This had become normal for me and it was slowly draining my soul, but it had to be done. I got out of bed with not much expectations of the day ahead. I threw on some clothes, which included a plain shirt and some jeans; my normal wear. I continued downstairs to make...Read On


No-Tell Motel, Chapter 1

They learned things in college that their textboks didn't cover!

Cindy looked across the cramped, bedraggled motel room to the other bed where her college roommate Diane was lying. In her sheer pink babydoll-style nightie she looked like a little girl. In reality though, she was a well-developed 21 year old woman - although with her playful, energetic personality it was hard to tell at times! Cindy and Diane were on their way back to college after...Read On


My Dream Shower

I guess I’m the sensitive one of the group. We’re walking down another wide city street, and I want to abandon them. They go from bar to bar, then house party to house party, and I’m just too torn up, or maybe my body is exhausted, or I’m not eating right. I’ve drunk so much that Jake has taken it upon himself to lead me by the hand as the five or six others in the group charge ahead of us. So...Read On


Glory Girl: Part Two

Carl and Madison return from their NYC gloryhole adventure with something to share

Well, the story of Carl and Madison didn't end in New York City. In the morning after our glory hole adventure, we took a leisurely stroll in the neighborhood for a breakfast stop, then checked in at the drugstore to pick up a 'morning after' pill. Pregnancy was not on Madison's priority list, nor mine. During the afternoon we played like little kids, making snow angels, dodging snow...Read On


Being Deflowered - By Her

I Want Her To Deflower Me

When I started college, I thought it was going to be like all the films and TV shows you see. How wrong was I! My freshmen year I was so busy, I don’t think I had a moment to even rest. Between classes and working a part time job, it seemed to be non-stop for me. I didn’t mind though, I do enjoy being busy. This was just a new level of busy. I don’t know how others do it and have a...Read On


A Run for Her Money

Track star Jenny gets seduced by her best friend, bad boy Dean.

Jenny Quinn wasn't your average college student. Normal girls spent their free hours studying, partying or sleeping around. Jenny was completely and entirely oblivious to that life. Her free time was spent on the track or in the gym. She was a distance runner, and nationally ranked. Running was more than a sport to her, her entire life revolved around it. As a result, her social life was...Read On


Glory Girl: Part One

Carl and Madison hook up in New York then experiment with a glory hole

Madison and I met as freshmen while at the University of Scranton but that was three years ago. We said 'Hello' whenever seeing each other on campus or in class but we never dated. Madison was exceptionally attractive so it was easy to understand why she was never without a boyfriend. She was a blond with the face of an angel and properly proportioned curves. There was something about her...Read On


Extracurricular Love

Khadija sincerely cares for her students at the School of Sexual Studies where she teaches.

Khadija surveyed the naked bodies in front of her. They were all girls and all final year students at the Khourigba School of Sexual Studies (or ‘ Triple S ’ as it was otherwise known). All students who’d opted for Practical Lesbian Studies as one of their final year courses. At least none of them would be virgins, that was certain. There would be none of that breaking in which she rather...Read On


Erotic Proclivities 01 - A Library Encounter

a brief encouter at the library, but who is stalking whom

The library at school has always been my 'go to' place to get my serious writing and thinking done. There are small intimate sitting areas next to large sized windows that look out over the woods around the building. It’s a very New England scene with a full pallet of spring colors early in April. I was sitting there on a Friday afternoon working on a writing assignment, when I noticed a...Read On


Memoires of a Schoolgirl: The Art of Seduction

The art of seducing a new student in my last year at high school.

I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s in the townships of Yallourn, and later, Yallourn North. These towns, especially Yallourn, have etched indelible memories of my childhood and youth. One special memory in particular relates to my student days at the Yallourn High School which I still vividly remember. These memories are a recollection of events that took place in the year of 1980, my...Read On


My First Time With Multiple Girls

I never thought I would get to have sex with multiple girls, this was the first.

College was a great time for me. I probably averaged sex three times a week. Every straight guy imagines having sex with multiple girls. I've always dreamed of having a threesome with two girl but I never really thought I would get that lucky. I was a freshman in college and I had friend named Samantha. She was about five feet tall, had light brown hair, 32DDD breasts, and a butt to die...Read On


A New Orleans Sugar Party

College students party and have great sex on a trip to New Orleans.

(episode 29) I’m going to tell you a story about college sex and debauchery. These events transpired on a raucous trip to that wonderful decadent party city of New Orleans. The Christmas Holidays of 2007 were almost over, and I was about to start my final semester of college. Truthfully, I could not believe that nearly four years had passed since I first arrived at the University of Georgia....Read On


Quietly Having Sex In The Library

When his girlfriend tempts him, he can't resist her

My name is Will, and I'm twenty-two. I have brown hair, and I'm six foot. My girlfriend, Sharon, and I are students in college. She is twenty-two as well. We both agree that college totally sucks. We both study every single day and feel like we have absolutely no social life, none whatsoever. We often studied in the library, for research papers, and various other things. Anyway, there was...Read On


A Holiday Party Turns Naked

The exchanging of XXX gag gifts turns a holiday college party into a big naked romp!

episode 28 (This follows “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”) Fall semester of my senior year at UGA had come to a close. It had been a wild and memorable semester that began with Jennifer and Mary Beth competing for my affection and the goal of a monogamous relationship. Most guys would think it would be awesome to have two girls seriously competing for them, but it was really...Read On


My life as Liz:Part 2

Liz does her best friend a favor and takes a sweet girl under her wings.

As the sun shined on my face I slowly woke up from my sweet dreams. Suddenly, I heard someone knocking on the door. I forgot to close the door last night, so the person could walk right in. It was Michael, one of my best friends. "Liz, get up, you're late again. You know the professor will kill you if you get late ag...", Michael stopped in mid-sentence, only now realizing I wasn't alone and...Read On


My Life As Liz: Part 1

Welcome, and join me on the adventure I call my life.

Boys and girls, fasten your seatbelts, because I'm going to take you on a wild ride through my life. I'm Liz or Elizabeth, whichever you prefer. I prefer Liz, because Elizabeth just sounds too strict. But anyways, let's get back to what I wanted to tell you. I'm a college student, twenty years of age, and I will tell you about my crazy life. I'm a lesbian, but only technically, I...Read On


The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

Crazy horny college kids go on a football game roadtrip.

episode 27 (This follows “Getting Nekkid With a Cheerleader”) The annual football game between the University of Georgia and the University of Florida is a very unique clash. Rather than alternating the game on each other’s campus, the two universities have met in Jacksonville, Florida since 1933. The tickets sold to the event are divided equally between the two universities, so that both...Read On


Teachers Always Have Pets

I was a substitute teacher at an American Indian College.

I had recently graduated with a degree in Anthropology from a state university. It was a PhD. I had majored in geography in undergraduate college, moved on to another college for my MA in anthropology, and finally finished my PhD at another state university. Actually, departments liked when you had studied at more than one institute. For some reason, it made them think that you had more on...Read On


Willie And The Brain

She was poor, cute, and smart. He was rich, dumb and didn’t have a chance.

Willie and the Brain By Rumple Foreskin Many hours later, as she faced questions from her sorority sisters, Tanya the Tri-Delt Tramp would remember, Willie, the frat boy she’d been screwing cowboy style that morning and his awesome orgasm that blew her off both his spurting cock and the bed. What she couldn’t understand and mentioned to no one was how, during lift off, she heard him...Read On


Getting Nekkid With a Cheerleader!

There is nothing like getting 'nekkid' with a sexy cheerleader to cheer you up!

(episode 26) This follows "Two Girl Fuck Competition" I should have been happy and excited because I was officially dating Mary Beth. She was definitely a super hot, sexy girl and nearly every guy I knew would’ve been ecstatic to be with Mary Beth. But I wasn’t feeling happy. I was actually feeling quite depressed. Down deep I still ached for Jennifer, even though I was mad as hell at...Read On


Two Girl Fuck Competition

The sexual competition between two girls heats up to a steamy crescendo.

(episode 25) This follows “My Senior Year: The First Tailgate Party.” It was after the first football weekend when I had hooked up with both Mary Beth and Jennifer, that I discovered that both girls wanted much more from me. Much more as in a deeper relationship commitment. Jennifer wanted a renewed commitment from me, though she had burned me badly in the past. Mary Beth, who had just been...Read On