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Stories in the College Sex category are primarily centred around the theme of academia and student life.

They can include elements such as campus socialising, dorm living, wild student parties featuring college girls and coeds, cheerleaders, fraternity and sorority groups, the freedoms associated with being away from home for the first time, student / teacher relationships, etc.


A Frat House Party Turns to Gangbangs

Gangbangs break out at a raucous college fraternity party!

(episode 9) Fall semester of my sophomore year I moved into the fraternity house. I found myself very excited about all the fun possibilities of staying in the frat house full time. However, I soon found myself spending the night at my girlfriend Jennifer’s apartment over half of the time. I had discovered that the frat house was always loud and the rowdy activities usually didn’t cease...Read On


The Ménage-A-Trois

Two of my best girl friends seduce me and put on a lesbian show before fucking my brains out!

Episode 16 I was fortunate enough to have a ménage-a-trois with two gorgeous girls who just happen to be among my best friends. This is the follow up to Friends With Benefits Begins. The summer before my junior year at UGA started I had just experienced a great “friends with benefits” saga with Katie. What could be better? Katie and her best friend Kelli, both at the same time!! That’s...Read On


Sex Show At A Wild College Party!

A girl and two guys decide to put on a sex show at a college party instigating more wild sex!

(episode 10) This story follows “A Frat House Party Turns To GangBangs” Those downstairs/upstairs gangbangs ended up being the dominant topic of discussion around the fraternity house for quite awhile that fall semester of 2005. And Jennifer was proving to be very curious about the gangbangs of that night, quizzing me thoroughly and pushing me into giving her a detailed description of...Read On


My Girlfriend Shoved A Vibrator Up My Ass!

My girlfriend seduced me into letting her put a vibrator up my ass.

(episode 12) It was the winter semester of 2006 at UGA and I had been seeing Jennifer for a little over a year. I still couldn’t believe that I was involved with such a gorgeous girl. My feelings were further reinforced by my fraternity brothers, who constantly told me that I had, by far, the best looking girlfriend of any of the guys and one of the hottest girls on our entire campus; which...Read On


Freshman Spring Break

Four college freshman couples go to Florida for their first spring break.

(episode 6) Over the Christmas Holidays after that hike in the mountains I hooked up with Jennifer two more times and we decided that we would see each other exclusively. Once back in Athens, I found myself spending most nights at Jennifer’s apartment that she shared with her best friend, Brittany. I found myself experiencing sex on a regular basis over the next several weeks and it...Read On


Revenge Sex Gangbang

My girlfriend, being totally convinced that I had cheated on her, carried out a revenge sex scheme.

(episode 14) After spring break things between Jennifer and I were much better than the weeks preceding. Neither one of us questioned what the other had done on spring break. We had broke up before spring break, therefore, free to do whatever with whoever during that time. No doubt, we both had hooked up with someone during that time and to bring it up would only be hurtful to both of us. ...Read On


My Girlfriend's Roommate

My plans to have a hot time with my girlfriend are derailed... and it is amazing.

Back in college I was dating this girl Shannon. She was on the school volleyball team so she was in incredible shape. The only problem was that, during the season, she was often busy, and when she wasn’t busy she was tired. This often left me lacking when it came to sex, and I would often be left to take care of myself. When she wasn’t in season, though, she could and would screw me until...Read On

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Home For The Holidays

I felt my naked body slide alongside Chris’ warm skin as I slid under the blankets.

I was excited to be going home after spending four months away at college, and I was looking forward to spending the holidays with my family and friends. When my parents heard that my roommate, Sarah, was going to be spending the Holidays alone in our dorm back in Boston, they insisted that she come back to Minnesota with me. We couldn’t get Sarah a ticket for the final leg of the trip...Read On


My Fraternity Slut Year

A true story about my adventure with a fraternity in my first year of college

I started seeing John in the second half of my junior year in High School. We had known each other for a while but never dated. It just happened that we were at a party and had both fairly recently ended out last relationships, so we hooked up. I thought it might just be a one time thing but we enjoyed each other and he chased me a bit, so we made it a regular thing. His parents and mine...Read On


Spring Break in Panama City

Three southern sophomore guys hook up with three wild chicks from New Jersey.

(episode 13) My heart was set on getting a big group of my friends together to go to Florida for spring break like we had done the year before. And I especially was looking forward to some special fun with my girlfriend Jennifer. But events never turn out the way you plan, our desires are often crushed. Despite Jennifer coaxing me into new sexual experiments like the little vibrator in my...Read On


Welcome to college!!!! (episode 1)

A naive freshman's introduction to college.

I had heard all through high school just how wild things were at UGA. Soon I would get quite an introduction and learn just how naive I really was. My best friend, Billy and I, had just unpacked our things into our new dorm room and set everything up that afternoon, our very first day at college. Up to that time I had only had sex with two girls in my life. My high school girlfriend had...Read On

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Party Naked! The Grand Finale

Buz goes out with a grand bang as his last college party turns naked.

(episode 32) A sinking depression had hit me as the spring semester of my senior year came to a close. Actually, I think it was more of feeling of being very nostalgic, but I thought I was depressed. Fraternity parties, socials with sororities, football tailgate parties at our rental house, weekends clubbing downtown as a group, fraternity intramural sports, initiating pledges, riding...Read On


My Big Black Cock Slut Adventure

A true story about my adventursome experience with a well endowed black guy

I had a great summer and was determined to have a great second year at the university. I successfully registered for all the classes I wanted, and now I wanted to find a guy that I liked and who shared many of my feelings. I met a couple guys at clubs, had sex with one of them, but nothing really clicked. There was a guy I thought was quite cute and interesting but he seemed very shy. ...Read On


Afternoon Sex Outside on a Mountain Trail

An afternoon hike in the southern Appalachians is a good time for some sex!

(episode 5) The Christmas Holidays my freshman year had been great so far, there was the Christmas Party at Jennifer’s house, the trip to the mall with Jennifer and her friends. I also had caught up with and hung out with some old buddies. And just two days before Christmas, two girls from UGA with whom I had become really good friends, Kelly and Katie, dropped by to see me for a few minutes...Read On


The First Annual “Pool” Party!

A college party gets wet, crazy, nekkid, and orgy wild!

(episode 22)   Dear Lush friends, followers, and readers, I last wrote to you about spring break in Destin, Florida of my junior year of college. In this next installment I will tell you about the events which transpired that spring and all about an epic party that my roommates and I hosted.   It was about two weeks after spring break ended that my girlfriend Jennifer and I broke up again....Read On


A Holiday Party Turns Naked

The exchanging of XXX gag gifts turns a holiday college party into a big naked romp!

episode 28 (This follows “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”) Fall semester of my senior year at UGA had come to a close. It had been a wild and memorable semester that began with Jennifer and Mary Beth competing for my affection and the goal of a monogamous relationship. Most guys would think it would be awesome to have two girls seriously competing for them, but it was really...Read On

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Teaching Her a Lesson

You could say she’s perfect. Except for a small detail; she’s my student.

I was sitting at my desk getting ready for the next class like I usually do on my break. Except for the last couple weeks my mind has been wandering off to her. She’s petite, slim with a perfect hour glass figure. Her breasts aren’t huge, but they aren’t small either, they’re exactly proportionate to her curvy figure. She has a smile that could steal your breath away, and her green eyes...Read On


Getting Kinky During Xmas Break!

A preppy athletic college boy's Christmas break becomes kinkier than he ever imagined.

(episode 11) This is the true story of my 2005 Christmas holidays. For me, fall semester 2005 ended in a rather ominous fashion and the following Christmas break brought with it some rather kinky and strange new developments. Jackie, the girl from my high school who had been gangbanged by several of my fraternity brothers earlier that semester had become quite infatuated with me. (see A...Read On


My First Time With Multiple Girls

I never thought I would get to have sex with multiple girls, this was the first.

College was a great time for me. I probably averaged sex three times a week. Every straight guy imagines having sex with multiple girls. I've always dreamed of having a threesome with two girl but I never really thought I would get that lucky. I was a freshman in college and I had friend named Samantha. She was about five feet tall, had light brown hair, 32DDD breasts, and a butt to die...Read On


Friends With Benefits Begins

When I needed it the most, a friend fucks the hell out of me!

episode #15 This follows Revenge Sex Gangbang as my true college adventures continue... I could not get Jennifer out of my head. I thought something was bad wrong with me because I was so sexually aroused when I saw Jennifer in that gangbang. Those feelings of arousal tormented me. Still I was deeply angered and felt completely betrayed. My mom and Jennifer’s mom, being very close...Read On


College Sexscapades

My gang experiences various sexual adventures during fall semester.

(episode 17) After I finished writing and posting, “The Ménage-A-Trois,” I began to reminisce about all of the great times my friends and I had my last 2 years of college living in that rental house that we had restored in exchange for free rent. It was perhaps the most memorable 2 year period ever for me. It began with that friends-with-benefits period that lasted a few months peaking...Read On


He Used To Lick Out My...

You'd never fuck your best friend, unless...

The professor held his usual Monday morning speech to greet his students. Greg had his arms crossed, acting as a pillow on which he rested his head. Just another forty-five minutes of half-sleep... Of all the courses he had to attend in order to pass through his third term, the most boring happened to be on a Monday at eight in the morning: financial maths. Good thing the lecture hall was...Read On


Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 1

They fucked with an open door, and soon the whole dorm will follow.

With a yawn, Noah woke up. Today was the first day of his second year at university. In the bed two steps away from his, he could hear muffled grunting and moaning coming from the mattress. "Baby..." he could hear the voice of his roommate Tom. "Fuck me," a female voice whimpered. Noah could see the rising and falling of the cover and how the mattress below them showed signs that...Read On

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Kinky Twisted College Sex, Part One

An ex-girlfriend causes a guy to cheat and participate in her slutty orgy.

(episode 30) My infatuation with Mary Beth grew during January of 2008. She was damned sexy and really good looking, plus she had one of planet Earth’s best camel toes. Another great thing about Mary Beth was that she was almost as daring and insatiable as Jennifer. However, as February came along, a few problems did arise. Mary Beth was becoming more and more possessive and...Read On


Girlfriend gets fucked at frat

Latina girlfriend gets pussy fucked at boyfriends college

My girlfriend told me that she was going to come visit me at school. I go to school in a different state, so she was excited to come. She is Latina, nineteen years old with a tight, smooth pussy, slightly small but well rounded tits, and an incredibly sexy ass. She is also slightly short and very skinny with nice curved hips and nice abs. One night we went out to a frat party with a...Read On


Quietly Having Sex In The Library

When his girlfriend tempts him, he can't resist her

My name is Will, and I'm twenty-two. I have brown hair, and I'm six foot. My girlfriend, Sharon, and I are students in college. She is twenty-two as well. We both agree that college totally sucks. We both study every single day and feel like we have absolutely no social life, none whatsoever. We often studied in the library, for research papers, and various other things. Anyway, there was...Read On


Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 2

Fuck in the park, then in the dorm...raw carnal sex will be everywhere on campus

Much Noah’s relief, that night, Tom and Catherine decided to move to a more private location for their late night fucking. He took the precious few hours of quiet to unpack his things and organize his side of the room. He looked at his phone and on his contact list, he could see Hannah's number. For a second he thought about calling her, but then decided against it. He did not enjoying...Read On


A Camping Trip

A bunch of horny college students go camping in the southern Appalachians

(episode 8) After the weekend on the lake my friends and I organized a camping and fishing trip in the north Georgia mountains. Chip and Brittany along with Vic and Kelli from our excursion on the lake came on the trip. My friends Katie with her so called “serious” boyfriend from back home, my life long friend and fraternity big brother, Nick, brought a hot girl named Tiffany, frat brother...Read On


The Halloween Party

I see more than I needed to at a very wild and sexual Halloween Party.

(episode 18) This follows College Sexscapades I believe it was a Monday morning while sitting in class next to Brittany that she asked what I was doing for Halloween the next night. I told her that I was planning to go over to my fraternity house for the Halloween party there. Brittany then asked, “What costume have you come up with for Halloween?” I responded, “I haven't come up...Read On


Another College Spring Break: Junior Year

Great sex and partying on college spring break!

(Episode 21) This story is about spring break of my junior year in college and follows “Make-up Sexathon!” Weeks before spring break, the girls in my close knit gang of friends came up with the marvelous idea that our entire gang should spend spring break together. I was absolutely delighted with that idea. In fact, it erased the dread I had harbored deep inside about the possibility...Read On