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Punishment Dream

A dream I often have when I need to be punished.

As I kneel in the corner the spot my Master has given me, my body is already showing my excitement. My pussy is starting to get wet, my nipples are hard and my breathing has increased.  My heels are sticking into my bum with the black stockings covering my smooth legs. The rest of my body naked and aching ready to be used and my smooth pussy needing to be touched.  I always feel safe and...Read On


A Roped in Mermaid

A surprise on a lazy, hot afternoon by the pool.

What first stirs me awake from my light doze on the tanning chair is the tug on the string holding my bikini top, the knot coming undone and the fabric falling loose from my breasts. When I open my eyes you're already leaning over me, a devilish smirk on your lips as you kiss me softly, your legs comfortably straddling my thighs before playfully tensing to lock my thighs tightly between them....Read On


Erotic Expectations – Letter 3

You should never listen to what someone says on the internet. Not unless you want it to come true.

I once more stood at the table. Blindfold raised, letter to the right of me, bell to the left. I glanced at the window and saw that the sun had moved around a little. Rays of light were streaming across the floor towards me; nearly reaching my feet. I don’t know how long I had been in the shack. But I knew one thing. I had learned an awful lot about myself, in what seemed to be such a...Read On



Car wash becomes far from clean

It was 11 am on a Saturday morning and was turning out to be an incredibly hot day. The windows were down, I had some music playing loudly, the sun was shining and everything was good. The only thing with warm, humid sunny days is they make me as horny as fuck! I was already thinking about having a wank later, after I'd finished my business in town, and it really wasn't helping matters...Read On


Dinner in high heels

Dinner is delayed when Mom wears her high heels in the kitchen

As I enter the kitchen the view in front of me is both mesmerizing and stimulating. She stands at the counter with her back to me, seemingly unaware that I am there. I pause and gaze at her. Even from the back she is beautiful. I see those red high heels cradling her lovely feet. The small butterfly tattoo on her right ankle, still bright and colourful. Those red high heels, 4" stiletto,...Read On


Catching You

I told you to wait. Now you will be punished.

I let myself in quietly and steal up the stairs. I want to surprise you. We have been filthy texting all day and I know how hot and horny that gets you. My cock is already starting to throb as I step over the stair I know will creak. Why am I sneaking around so stealthily? In my heart - or somewhere more basic - I know. In my head I want to surprise you. Elsewhere I want you to... Surprise...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 15-a

It was déjà vu all over again, waiting for my wife to meet her fuck-buddy. At least this time I had some tasks, instead of wandering aimlessly like last time. I picked up Kevin from day-care, then waited until three o’clock to pick Katie up at school, then drove them to Ontario where we’d planned to let them stay the weekend with my mom and dad. Addie had packed their bags and kissed them...Read On


Letting Go

“Baby, is that you?” Skylar sits up in her bed, startled. A thin sheen of sweat covers her forehead, matting some tendrils of dark wavy hair to her slick skin. “Are you there baby?” She blinks her eyes and rubs them, trying to focus and adjust to the darkness. A small glimmer of ambient light hovers in the room, casting silhouetted outlines for her to make out.   The clock on her...Read On


Miko in the Field

She was totally exposed, according to her deepest desire

You were lying on your back in that grassy field on the blanket in the dappled shade as before. The sunlight undulated across the hilly contours of your body through the gossamer thin, white sun dress showing a dark triangle of silky hair. It clung to the shallow valley between your upper thighs; translucently thin, it strained to reach halfway down to your knees before it revealed your...Read On


Don't Shoot the Messenger Chapter 14

Tying the knots.

Messenger 14 “Do you know where Anthony is?” Julie asked. “No,” Laura shrugged. "I know where he was; but he could be anywhere now." “Anywhere?” “Anywhere within a hundred miles of where I left him. Can't you track him with your phone?” “He left his phone at the office." "Why do you need to find him. He's coming back." “Are you sure? I mean how am I to know?" “He is coming back....Read On


Charlene's Roommate

Charlene likes the attention she gets from her roommate and his buddy.

Charlene was dressed like a high-school girl, and a prudish one at that - white blouse buttoned up to her neck and tucked into a pleated gray skirt that came down almost to her knees. Not that the skirt length made much difference with her legs being totally covered by white stockings. Tommy wasn’t even sure he wanted to admit knowing her. And such a shame too , he thought. Charlene was...Read On


Like Mother, Like Daughter (Part 2)

Jeff's girlfriend and her mom have a lot in common.

Chapter 3 - The Wannabe Wild Wife Meets Her Wild Daughter. One week later. Monday. 5:32 PM. Claire knocked on her daughter's bedroom door. "Dinner!" "I'm not hungry!" Abby shouted back. Not hungry? How was that possible? Abby had been in her room from the minute she'd arrived home from work, and she hadn't come downstairs to get anything to eat. The idea of her daughter starving...Read On


Rooftop At My Apartment

I thought the roof was for sunbathing and smoking weed.

The management of my freshman college apartment did not mind if people went on the roof to sunbathe but locked the roof door at night.  I had a shortcut to the roof using the fire escape from my balcony just below the roof, so on occasion, we would climb to the roof at night and smoke weed.  I was walking up to my apartment one evening, when I met a group of people headed up to the...Read On


Further Adventures Of A Fifty-Year-Old Couple

For anyone who has not read any of my stories, they are all based on true events. We are a very happy couple in our fifties but love to experiment in our sex life.   One Friday evening, we decided to head out of our neighbourhood for a couple of drinks. We found a nice little pub in a little village a few miles out of town. We had finished our first drink when I noticed two young guys...Read On


A wonderful gang-bang in sexy leather.

Nymphomaniac sexual desires prior to organised gang-bang...

Nymphomaniac and slut were the names I was repeatedly called a few years ago.  I earned these licentious names because of my unquenchable hunger for sexual pleasure and gratification.  One of my lovers regularly organized orgies, to cater to my steamily insatiable demands for sex.      For me, gang-bangs, orgies, and threesomes were, and still to this day are highly enjoyable.   The...Read On


Me and Mum, starting again

You've Pulled

"They're lovely kids mum." "They're your brother and sister Danny." "Yes." They were happy kids, a boy, and a girl, beautiful children who would be spared the terror I endured as a kid. They'd never lie in bed at night listening to their father raping and beating their mother as I had and as I lay in the hot sun watching them playing happily, I decided to try to be a surrogate father to...Read On


The Female Mechanic

Juliette was hot and covered with grease! I just had to get her into bed!

When I took a new job at the local Chevy dealership, I didn’t realize that I’d be working alongside a hot blonde female mechanic! The first time I saw Juliette and was introduced to her, she had grease all over her neck and arms. She wiped her hands on a shop rag and shook my hand. “Hi Bill. I’m Juliette. I’m told that you’re to be my mentor.” “Yes. That’s right, although you seem to...Read On


Not What I'd Expected On Christmas (Part 2)

She wasn't my type but...

On Christmas Day, I'd spent it with my family. They are a different sort. Loud, obnoxious at times, too outgoing for some people, and at times downright annoying. When people say, "I don't give a fuck what others think," that describes my family to a T. I'm not kidding. Drinkers, smokers, loud and just downright crazy as shit sometimes. They are always fun to hang out with, but on...Read On


Going For A Ride

Sometimes you need to make a quick stop to get your rocks off!

It was a nice sunny, summer day.  I needed gas and a pack of cigarettes, so I pulled into a local gas station.  There were a couple of cars, and a large pop truck sitting in the parking lot.  I went into the store to make my purchase, and my old friend Dave was inside delivering cases of pop.  Since he was busy, I went ahead and picked up a soda, and paid for my cigarettes and gas.  I...Read On


My New Life As A TGurl Slut - Introduction

True story about finally being the feminised, girly, cock loving slut I always wanted to be

I love cock. I've always lusted after cock and the older I got the more I wanted it. I've slept with getting on for a hundred girls and done things most men can only dream about, like lesbian thresomes with a girlfriend and one of her friends or some other babe. But secretly I craved big hard cock to suck and fuck. I've always wanted to please hunky, horny men and be their slut....but up until...Read On


Phoebe Part 1

A weekend guest for Master and his Goddess they both enjoy sharing.

It was Friday afternoon and the Master was cruising westbound on the motorway heading for a weekend with his Goddess. His mind was not on his driving but what might be in store for the next two days with the horniest woman he’d ever met. He had showered before leaving home and decided he would go “commando” so as to be ready for whatever goddess had in mind. She had talked on the phone...Read On


Road To Nowhere

Walking into another day...

She finds herself on yet  another road to nowhere.  Obstacles and stumbles  have now scarred her knees, have now scarred places  that were once untouched, places that he once filled  with a beautiful nameless light Tears blinding her eyes while sobs now silently press past cracked lips, for those lips to part and taste such a loss is the most human thing but does nothing to preserve...Read On

Trailer Trash Slut

Nobody watches over Bobby Sue She's considered trailer trash Her mama doesn't have a clue She whores herself for cash She wears itty bitty skirts With her see through tube tops She laughs and she flirts She plays with her curly locks She opens up her legs Giving the guys a show The crowd always begs Showing her their dough She plays with her mound While all the guys watch She makes...Read On


Giselle. A conquered wife. Chapter V.1

For the first time in many months, Giselle felt happy and fulfilled. She sat back and gazed at her black lover’s penis, soft and wilting after she had sucked every drop of semen out of it. She thought back over the events of the last few weeks; how miserable she had been because of her husband’s sexual inadequacy, and how her friend Becca had suggested she take an African lover. Then how...Read On

Comp Entry

Ancient Languages

A simple fantasy of the pleasures of home leads to far more than an educator ever expected.

I have a little bit of wisdom that I'd like to share. If you find yourself with the opportunity to become an expert on forgotten languages, skip it. You will spend the rest of your days locked in dusty rooms full of artifacts that you don't dare touch. You will spend more time trying to convince someone to pay for your expertise than you will spend using that knowledge. I don't suppose that...Read On


The Girl With The Emerald Eyes - Chapter 4

Finally I meet the girl of me dreams while a drunken party leads to a sexy encounter.

By now Philadelphia was cold, really cold, Christmas decorations were up and everyone was preparing for finals. But most importantly the end of year parties were in full swing. Some we’re your regular college party, some were easy to go to, while others were exclusive and invite only. It had taken nearly all of my first semester but finally I had a lead on the girl, that girl, my girl....Read On


My Sister’s Obsession

My sister has become obsessed with my loving

She started by quivering, then shaking. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she laid there before me. I told her “Breathe, breathe, or you’ll pass out.” Still shaking, she gasped a breath and suddenly froze. “What the hell was that?” she exclaimed as she slowly recognized her massive orgasm. Giggling, I brushed her hair from her face and gently kissed her lips. “That is what you said...Read On


Hot Monkey Sex

Make me have a monkey howling orgasm

Generally, when Will left on his runs, Ann went with him. But since they were expecting some deliveries she stayed behind. After all, it was only two weeks. When he got into the yard on Friday, he was offered a great run to the west coast with a guaranteed return trip. Instead of asking Ann if she wanted to join him, he accepted the load and headed right back out. Finally, he texted her from...Read On


My Wife's Exploits III (continued)

Well, it's been a few days; weeks, perhaps, since I last discussed my wife and her exploits with other men when we were separated after only a few years of marriage. I won't recap much but will remind everyone that her experiences with sex, up until we spearated, were solely with me. That all changed when we separated.  She not only had intercourse with another man but she also experienced...Read On


Persuading Mom To Pose, Chapter 3

Mother and son cement their newly established relationship!

We lay together for several minutes, enjoying the cuddling while she softly stroked my chest, then moved to my abdomen. "You know, Jimmy, you have grown into quite a handsome man. I never realized it either until just now, but you are pretty sexy in your own right!" Then her hand moved even further south and wrapped around my still rock-hard cock. "And now that Tiffany is all rested up,...Read On