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Tom Drops Off My Work

My best friend saw my erection. What could have happened?

Who Is Tom? When we were sixteen, Tom was an old friend of mine. He has deep blue eyes and had bright blond, fluffy hair that darkened as we got older. He was beautiful, a Simpsons loving geek and my closest friend. As time went on my thoughts of him would involve a lot more nudity... And rubbing! The fuzzy, warm feeling in my chest and the tightening feeling in my pants helped me realise...Read On


Wife Discovers Erotic Photography – Chapter 9

Husband Learns About Cuckold Shoots

The next morning, Chris reminded Stephanie he was going out of town for a few days the following week. Stephanie teased him, “I wonder what a naughty wife will do with her husband out of town? Maybe she could get together with one of her lovers? Maybe even find a new one?” Chris felt a twinge in his crotch thinking about the last time he was away on a business trip, and Stephanie had the...Read On


New Career at 40 Part II

Meeting with an investor

I had been in a bad way. Owing a lot of money to the wrong people. Now, my husband was a high-level executive and we were not hurting for money. However, there was no way I could come up with twenty thousand dollars without him finding out. Gina, a girlfriend of mine, helped me out. It turned out she worked in the porn industry. She set me up with a director and gave me advice on the...Read On

Recommended Read

Sex In Venice

An interesting way to enjoy fresh mango

I had been to Venice several times and was never disappointed by its magic. Yes, there are hordes of tourists throughout the year, but what can you expect if you seek out such a preposterously over-the-top, baroque city-on-an-island? A man-made fairytale confection, doomed to eventually sink into the lagoon that surrounds it, like a latter day Atlantis. I had met Alicea on a European...Read On


Can’t Get Enough of My Girlfriend’s Mum and Sister

My sexual fantasies are starting to get out of control and I can’t stop.

This story is completely true and is based on events currently unfolding in my life.  First, let me give you some background information before getting to the more juicy parts of the story. I have been going out with my girlfriend for nearly five years now. She is incredible in so many ways. I consider myself very lucky to have a girl who is as good to me and as pretty as she is.  Perhaps...Read On


Paint my desire

Blindfolded and left in darkness I sit and silently hold my breath Waiting for something to come On the edge of life and death I feel you moving near me Coming closer, but you don’t touch My nerves are on fire Every sense is just too much He reaches for me with it It gently whispers on my skin A slight caress down my arm Leaving fire where it has been My heart races as I realize...Read On


A Vikings Tale

The love story begins

It was a very cold day indeed and Yrsa, was at the marketplace deciding what to get for supper. It was a nice brisk, early winter day, no snow but she was wearing her fur coat today to keep away the chill. She was a petite young lady and was still a virgin, and she was a beauty to behold! But she hid herself well under her warm fur coat! She was busy looking at some things in the market...Read On


The Call

A love's call

The call comes and she drops everything She is excited to hear his voice . Her voice makes him melt . The world stops The world drifts away and it's just the two of them For a brief moment in time There are no interruptions No distractions Just them and their love  The only sounds that can be heard are The moans The purrs Their hearts beating faster  The conversation moves from...Read On

Comp Entry

Prague Spring at Christmas

The past reaches out and a heart is opened.

Prague for Christmas, Milly had said. I'd had a view on it, but as usual, didn't want to press the matter. Milly had decided views on most things, and it made for a quieter life to agree with her. In any event, how could I even begin to outline what, for me, were still more like inchoate phantoms than logical objections? Milly would have demolished the latter, but the former she would...Read On


The Clubhouse Ch.3

Alyx gets named campsite Queen.

Alyx bolted for her purse when she woke to the sound of a nearby gunshot, but relaxed when she heard hooting, hollering, and laughter.  Delilah was gone.  She crawled out of the tent and saw her sitting on one of the beach chairs, watching a distant bonfire.  She handed Alyx a cold beer. “How come you’re not enjoying the party?”  Alyx asked her. “You said you didn’t feel safe, so I wanted...Read On


Taking A Page Out Of Kaylee's Playbook

Kaylee reluctantly gets help from someone else she loves dearly.

"I love you, Kaylee," I whispered, placing her hands onto her butt. "You are one in a million," I made clear before I kissed her. "I know, you don't have to keep reminding me," she let me know, letting her palms onto my butt as well. "I'm the one that went to your moms to help me be able to please you. I'm the one that got you to say 'Yes.' to me, but yet you keep praising me." "I just...Read On


Snow Bound

Maybe your Guardian Angel pays more attention than you think...

The windshield wipers thump fast, back and forth.  Hope could barely see the road it was snowing so heavy now.  Her hands gripped the steering wheel as she slowly tried to follow the tire tracks in front of her but they were quickly disappearing.  A little smile curved her lips as Johnny Mathis started singing, I'll be home for Christmas, through her car speakers.   Hope hadn’t been home...Read On


A Nipple Nibble

An Ode upon the Enjoyment of Breasts

"A nipple nibble is so fair" I think as I watch them there Growing harder as we touch, Wanting to kiss them so very much! Your look invites me to take that chance As over your breasts my hands slow dance; My lips descend to each perky nub - At full attention from a light rub. A soft kiss is just the start, It fuels the racing of my heart; Then swirling 'round with my tongue - And you...Read On


Can you explain the bruises Ma'am?

When the nice policeman knocks on your door... You better answer all of those questions truthfully..

Detective Andrews knocked on the third door of his rounds, flicking his notebook open in preparation for the inevitable elderly man to open the door. The whole street seemed to be old people, and while they all offered nice tea and biscuits, they were rambling conversationalists. He was sick and tired of listening to them tell him about the victims 'lovely son' and 'wayward daughter'....Read On


Bobby And Friends Visit

Bobby and his two young friends visit my wife and me one evening

It’s always an exciting time when Bobby, my wife’s stud lover, calls and announces he is coming by with a couple of young friends. It’s time for us to to prepare! We both take great care in getting ready for their arrival. She knows what he likes: seamed stockings with a garter belt, fuck-me heels, crotchless panties, and nude above the waist except for a pearl choker. She tops this off...Read On


Stacy Lancaster: Stacy's First Swing pt1

After dinner, things start with a bang.

Stacy Lancaster was working on her makeup when she heard her husband's cell phone ring. She didn't think anything of it. She was a bit preoccupied. Stacy usually didn't wear makeup. Even at work where she was an office manager she only wore a little lipstick and skipped that half the time. She had become reasonably proficient with blush and eye-shadow, occasionally using it in moderation...Read On


Glory Hole Virgin

My first gay blowjob experience.

I couldn't wait to turn eighteen for many reasons. But one of my secret reasons for wanting to get to that age was so that I could finally go into an adult bookstore. Up until then, like most horny teenage boys, I was able to procure porn - magazines and video tapes - to get my fix. But knowing that there was an entire store filled with porn and sex toys just beyond those mirrored doors that...Read On


Supporting Our Vets

Wife gets turned on by horny veteran.

I’m Jay. Christine and I have been married for twenty-two years. When we first got together I thought she was the hottest girl I’d ever laid eyes on. In the twenty-four years we’ve been together she has only gotten hotter. At forty-four, she has the most amazing body. Yes, she has gained a few pounds over the years, having two kids will do that to you. That has only made her hotter. The...Read On


A Boy Becomes The Slut He Always Knew He'd Be

A young crossdresser's first time, and yes it was amazing!

By the time I turned eighteen, I knew what my future was. In my last two years at school, I was always dreaming of what the hot guys' cocks looked like. I had no issue getting girls, I had plenty of experience fucking them. I was always jealous of the girls who were easy, with their slutty outfits. I wanted to be tone of them and have the boys chasing me, wanting me to suck their dicks.  It...Read On


The Pump House

My curiousity about the size of black cocks is answered.

“Molly, I have to go to town before the store closes. Mr. Simmons is still working on the pump for the well. See that he gets his check if he finishes before I get back.” “Okay, mom. I’ll see that he gets it.” Mom headed for town and I walked slowly out to the pump house to see how Mr. Simmons was coming along. He had been there most of the day working on our water pump for the well. The...Read On


Impregnated by Faheed

Faheed's incense controls women so he can give them his blessing...

Megan was single and longed to be married – to have a family of her own. She lived in a good subdivision, drove a good car and had a good job. She was trying to do everything right. She swiped on the profiles of most of the guys her age on Tinder, but after initial messaging, nothing ever came of it. Of course, she'd had a couple of quick fucks with one or two guys – but that's all they...Read On


A Bride chapter 22

Make me pregnant darling

Arnold stood there gasping for breath and wheezing like the dying man he was. "May I come in Thomas please? I need to sit down." I stood to one side, amazed that he'd actually dared to come here. "Sit down but don't get comfortable, you won't be staying long." "I expect not." He sat down at the table opposite mum and took a few minutes to recover from climbing the stairs. Finally, he...Read On


Feeding an addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 8

Payback for a joke Sue played on a friend opens up a new avenue for us

Scarsdale, NY: Friday 17th April 2015 A face like thunder, ‘We are not amused ’ She slammed the door and I knew all was not well. Sue was just returning from Friday evening drinks with a group of girlfriends from the hospital. I wondered what on earth could have happened to prompt such an angry slam of our front door. The doorframe and whole wall had shaken with the force of it. As...Read On

Recommended Read

Rhonda's Fantasy Cruise Goes Live

Rhonda wins cruise as a prize and finds a long-standing fantasy coming true

  Rhonda Morton’s weeks of excitement were about to be satisfied as, arm in arm with her friend Sally, they made their way towards the dock where the liner was berthed. Could this be the start of her recurring fantasy turned real? Sally was obviously just as excited, as the whole way through the security area, she had gabbled about the things they might do on board. “The cabin has a...Read On


The Tales of Jezebel, Ch. 4

Lauren and Fancy get closer...

It was the following night after classes and the two friends were at The Roadrunner, the college hangout and bar. Fancy spotted Jezebel at the bar. Jezebel smiled at her. “Hey…” Fancy said to Jezebel. “It’s the pretty college girl…” Jezebel said. She looked at Lauren and smiled. “And you brought a friend?” “Yeah, we were roommates back in our freshman year. Remember when you asked me…...Read On


Temptation Wins Again

A married woman succumbs to desire

It was just another weekend night out looking for sex.  I was twenty-seven, in great shape, and prowling solo in one of the downtown dancing bars.  It was one of the warmest nights of early spring, and the vibe in the club was very upbeat. The club, Have A Nice Day Cafe, was fairly new to the downtown scene and it was drawing capacity crowds.  It had a fairly large dance floor that was...Read On



An open letter to G.

  Dear G, It has been almost six weeks since we last saw or spoken to each other. In fact, the last moment you saw me, was when I ran past you getting into B’s car and I didn’t even give you my usual bear hug. G is it weird to have THOSE types of thoughts and erotic dreams about you even though I’m happily married to B? I know in all honesty it is okay to have crushes, but it is immoral...Read On


Peen Has a Stay In Hospital

Continued, erotic adventures of Peen

Peen opened his eyes and grunted up at the bright light above him. "Aye?" he questioned. Then he winced and tried to swallow. The overhead fluorescent light crackled. "You're fine, sir. You're just coming awake. It went well. We got rid of that nasty bone spur on your heel." The nurse was making adjustments on the monitor attached to the wall. "You know you'll have to stay overnight?...Read On


The tekoki championships, part 1

Jimi registers in the first European amateur tekoki championship

By the end of the summer term, Luna had left Britton High for a two months Spanish course in Chile. She was excited to finally meet in person her longtime pen-pal Gabriel. I was depressed with the prospect of losing our hand-play sessions, and depression gave me enough bravery to visit the new mega sex-shop recently opened in the Docklands area. Might there be a female sumo section down...Read On


The End of it All

The Masseuse closes up her business for good...

"Don't come in today," Tabb said over the phone. I was already dressed for work--or dressed in what I wore to work: Sweatpants, baggy T-shirt. All of it would come off in the ladies room when I arrived. "It's my business," I said. "You can't do this." "You sold your business," he said. "I'm sorry. After what I've learned, I have no choice." "I thought we had an agreement, Steven," I said....Read On