Hustled at Pool

Truly a fantasy I would love to live out. (First Attempt at Story Writing)

It all started one day when I was invited to my best friend Dave’s house for a house warming party. He had just purchased the house after a harsh divorce and he wanted to break it in the right way. So, he invited a few friends who in turn invited friends. It turned out to be a bigger party than what he was expecting. The more the merrier was all he could say. There were at least 60 people...Read On


Tyssa’s Closest Friends

Part 3 of Hustled at Pool

I woke up later than morning and Tyssa was already up and in the kitchen. I climbed out of bed and walked into the kitchen. She was busy preparing coffee, so I walked up behind her and I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. I kissed the back of her neck and said “Good morning.” “Good morning, would you like a cup of coffee?” she asked. “I sure would and is it ok if I...Read On


Tyssa’s Place - Part 2

Continuation of Hustled at Pool

Tyssa’s Place Part 2 (Continued from Hustled at Pool) I arrived at the bar and Dave was waiting for me with a beer. I walked up and took it from him as I handed him my keys. I started to take a drink when Dave asked how the game of pool turned out. “Well, let’s just say that we beat each other. I beat her and she beat me.” “We both suck, that is why it took so...Read On