courtneyfux's Blog Entries

16 Oct 2012 13:06

Wearing sexy panties to the gay beach gets the men turned on for a fun quickie.

10 Oct 2012 15:44

I think big boners are beautiful and I like the photos friends send me of them. Mmmmm. Delicious and delightful.

02 Oct 2012 13:10

I'm looking for a big dick sugar daddy who likes me to suck him all the way, let him spank me and do 69 with him for hours.

02 Oct 2012 13:04

Where's all the good cock today? I'm feeling a little neglected. I really need to suck on one.

01 Oct 2012 12:56

The best thing men do for us slut girls is give us their cocks. They are so wonderful to please, I can't think of anything else.

28 Sep 2012 00:17

Since I'm always dressed as a woman when I'm with a man, I don't feel gay. And since the men treat me like I'm a woman, they don't seem gay to me. We are just playful lovers.

04 Aug 2012 13:50

I love showing off my ass for men. After all, I have such a nice one. Why shouldn't I show it off?

04 Aug 2012 13:08

I love putting on my new panties and stockings for a first date with a big stud.

04 Aug 2012 13:07

I love putting on new panties ad stockings for a first date with a big stud.

26 Jul 2012 12:16

Every time I wear panties for my boyfriend something good always cums from it, for both of us.

25 Jul 2012 07:06

When I see a man's big hard cock, I forget how to be a lady. I just want to be his dirty little slut.

17 Jul 2012 06:23

I love big men with big ones. I like to make it hard for them and pretend they are my boyfriends while I take them in my mouth. I love big creamy cocks.

16 Jul 2012 13:32

My fantasy is to sleep between two big strong men and satisfy them both all night long like a luscious little slut.

15 Jul 2012 14:27

Telling sex stories is like being a boxing announcer. People want to hear all the blow-by-blow details.

14 Jul 2012 22:16

I love looking at hard cocks and like it when they are for me the most.

11 Jul 2012 12:18

Sucking men's cocks makes me cream in my panties like a girl

11 Jul 2012 08:01

Hi. Do you have a big one? Do you like being sucked to completion? Send me a pic of your dick. I want to suck it.

09 Jul 2012 09:57

I like to give my boyfriend a blowjob every morning. The girl in me doesn't like to start the day until I have the taste of his cum in my mouth. He loves it, too.

03 Jul 2012 12:24

I'm having a party in my panties this weekend and I want you to come. It will just be the two of us. All you have to bring for me is your big one.

10 Jun 2012 03:29

I just started a new job and my boss is so handsome and sexy every time I look at him I want to suck his cock. All I can do is lick my lips. Hope he notices.

06 Jun 2012 12:17

I just sucked my new boyfriend's cock and my panties are so wet I feel just like a girl. I want to do it again. I love his hot cum.

04 Jun 2012 05:32

I like to feel like a powerless little pussyboy for big strong men who pump me hard.

03 Jun 2012 10:02

I love it when my boyfriends shoot big loads of cum all over me. It makes me feel like such a dirty little slut. And then I suck them to make them big and hard again.

03 Jun 2012 05:25

I loved spending the weekend in sexy lingerie and sucking big cocks. It was so fun I don't want to go back to being a boy. I want to stay a girl and get some more big cocks.

31 May 2012 13:23

I love to suck a big yummy cock.

28 May 2012 06:44

Next weekend, I'm going to get a hotel room and wear some sexy lingerie and invite some men to come treat me like the girl I like to be. My clit will be hard all week just thinking about it.

26 May 2012 05:18

I woke up in one of my sexy moods this morning. I really need some cock. I think that sucking the cum out of a man's big cock is the most delightful thing a girl can do.

24 May 2012 05:23

I love men to put their cocks in my ass and make it feel like a pussy. It's all part of being a girl, pleasing men's cocks with your tight little ass.

22 May 2012 04:44

S/O to Jenna Tacklova, the transgender Ms. Universe contestant. The boys all love you, babe. Us girls have to keep trying to look as good as you for men.

22 May 2012 04:18

I like fingering myself, feeling my sex juices flowing out of me like a girl while I do it for hours.