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I love to make it hard for a man. Would you like me to make it hard for you?

27 Apr 2012 11:42

You call me a cock-teasing little slut bitch like it's a bad thing. Let me suck your cock and then tell me what you think.

26 Apr 2012 22:00

If I lick every inch of your cock, will you know that I'm attracted to you? I need a man to grab my waist and fuck me hard.

26 Apr 2012 21:55

I'm having a best dick contest. Send me photos of your cocks, boys. I'm going to judge the best. The winner gets a blowjob on a secluded beach anywhere in the U.S. they want.

26 Apr 2012 21:45

I want to be a wife who sucks her husband's cock every night and every morning when he wakes up. I'll wear sexy things for him all day and let him fuck me anytime he wants.

26 Apr 2012 21:27

I love all your cocks out there. And I want you to give them to me one at a time, boys. I'm strictly a private girl and prefer discreet men only.

26 Apr 2012 21:20

I've been online buying sexy lingerie to wear for men all evening. Are there any men out there who want to see me in my sexy little things?

26 Apr 2012 19:13

I've been online shopping for sexy lingerie all evening. Are there any men out there who want me to wear my sexy things just for them?

26 Apr 2012 19:11

One time, my dentist saw my sexy panties while I was in his chair. And he reached down in my pants and started rubbing my cock through my panties for me. Oh, it's so fun to be a girl. Men love us.

23 Apr 2012 12:46

Sluts love cocks. Cocks love sluts. Smile. It's a perfect world.

23 Apr 2012 10:49

New story: I always knew I was a sexy slut who men can't resist and that I would get lots of cock from coast-to-coast. But I never imagined that I would become a professional dancer who did private shows for rich men.

22 Apr 2012 12:25

I'm such as sassy girlyboy, some men call me "Courtney the Cunt." I don't mind men calling me "the Cunt" just as long as I'm "the Cunt" they love. xoxo-CourtneyFux

22 Apr 2012 12:17

I'm a member of the slut of the month club. Every month, a different man gets to treat me like a slut. I'm his whenever he calls, sexy and ready for pleasure. Ask me about the details.

22 Apr 2012 12:03

My sexy secret: when I wear panties, I need cocks to suck.

22 Apr 2012 11:55

Sometime I get in a mood where I just want to suck it for every guy I see. I'm wondering if other girls feel this way.

22 Apr 2012 11:52

The fact that I wake up in the morning wanting to suck a man's cock doesn't make me a slut. The fact that I want to suck men's cocks all day long does.

22 Apr 2012 11:45

Sluts love cocks. Cocks love sluts. Any questions?

22 Apr 2012 11:08

One time, I was feeling like such a dirty little slut, I was willing to suck men's cocks for $5 dollars. I got so many customers I couldn't keep up with the volume.I like to keep them cumming.

22 Apr 2012 10:16

Men love me to wear panties for them and I love wearing panties. It's a fabulous combination for hours and hours of pleasure.

22 Apr 2012 08:18

I had a rich older boyfriend who liked me to live on his yacht and dress up for him. The first time he wore lingerie too, I felt like we were two lesbians. We spent hours giving 69 to each other for years. Would you like to hear about it?

21 Apr 2012 13:16

Stay tuned for: Saved By The Lifeguard 3: Going down on memory Lane.

07 Apr 2012 14:02