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This site feels like it has lost so much activity since the 6 month grace period wore off. I've gone from seeing 10+ people online at any given time down to being lucky if I see more than 3. I'm not going to do anything stupid like threatening to close my account, but unless the activity picks up, I'm going to barely be around here from now on.

Why the fuck is so many settings arbitrarily restricted for non premium members? I can't access friends, blocked, photo albums, image gallery or video gallery. Which means I can't change anything in them. All my photos that are up now are going to be up until I close my account. I can't delete any of the friends that have gone completely inactive since the new limitations went into place. I can't take people off my block list if I want to talk to them again.

I want to continue liking this site, but they really aren't making it easy. It's starting to feel like it would be easier to just made a new account every 3 months.

17 Aug 2015 08:15