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Topic Given a choice, would you like being licked or fucked?
Posted 05 Dec 2010 18:53

I so enjoy eating pussy I can't imagine sex without both. I have experienced, on rare occasions, women who do not want it. What is up with that? I have never known. When I have asked I have been told that they just don't like it, think it is dirty, etc. They usually don't give head, but some have, usually are to uptight to be much fun in bed.

Topic Would you watch your mate masturbate?
Posted 05 Dec 2010 18:27

Hell yes, usually mutually. This has been a request from many of my relationships.

Topic Boobs - Can you answer honestly?
Posted 04 Nov 2010 20:17

In the car sales business it is said that there is an ass for every seat. I can't help but think that is also true of boobs, butts, legs, hair, eyes, feet and all things in between. I prefer natural and a proud, always they speak for themselves.

Topic those with partners that were virgins
Posted 04 Nov 2010 18:49

It's her hyman let her set the pace. It seems to me she will know what feels best and only she should control the timing.

Topic Would you watch your mate masturbate?
Posted 22 Oct 2010 00:07

Not just yes, but hell yes.

Topic breast feeding.....
Posted 21 Oct 2010 01:12

Hi, my 55 yr old partner has never had a child but can and often dose climax from Brest stimulation of both hand and orally administered type of action from me. She has beautiful breasts so I can get into it quite easily. I also nursed my nephews beautiful wife after two of her pregnancies, she seemed to enjoy those times but I never asked nor did she comment as to weather it was a sexual turn on for her. Maybe I will ask her. Oh by the way my gal says that the climax is great but different then vaginal sex. She dose not get off without oral or digital finish. All of which I enjoy and am happy to oblige.icon_smile