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03 Jan 2016 13:31

im so horny! someone open a chat with me!

14 Apr 2014 14:31

Any sexy lushy girls want to trade pictures?

29 Aug 2013 14:23

bored of lush and all the creeps. I just want to find a naughty girls that love naughty kinky filth like me, any takers

22 Aug 2013 17:35

I would love some new sexy slutty gifs on my page, cum on boys and girls

23 May 2013 16:15

Cum on boys chat me up my horny pussy can't handle it anymore girls don't be shy

05 Dec 2012 21:42

what? lol

04 Dec 2012 21:39

Anyone know any good cartoon porn? lol inbox me

03 Nov 2012 20:04

does anyone know any good incest stories or cartoon sex games? lol I'm weird inbox me

08 Oct 2012 21:46

any dominant ladies, gay or bi guys wanna cam with my little dick prissy fuck buddy? he's a cutie lol inbox me if your interested

05 Oct 2012 12:07

cum on lushers i wanna hear your most fucked up fantasies

05 Oct 2012 11:54

25 Sep 2012 22:54

does anyone like cartoon porn>? i love it right now could any of you send me some? lol

06 Sep 2012 21:53

i want to chat with some real naught people i want the freakiest fantasies you can throw at me just to see what its like lol I'm curious the weirder the better lol hit me up ASAP IM WAY TOO HORNY!!

06 Sep 2012 20:59

Okay I'm back fellow lushies and i needed some picture and profile comments I'm way too hirny all the time to handle now that I'm back with my toys and more attracted to my bf more than ever after that Costa Rica trip feel free to spoil this cum hungry whore

11 Aug 2012 20:40

ok so i had finally chose the winners after much deliberation if you won you will receive a special picture of me at the end of this month after all my camera is back home and i am in Costa Rica i was very disappointed in some of you but other you really stepped up and got me nice and wet lol theres always a chance for late entrees so cum on and show me what you got if your late

08 Aug 2012 11:53

Hey fellow lusher looks like I'm headed on a surprise vacation Costa Rica for two weeks gotta love that bf of mine lol talk to you all soon xoxo I expect good things when I get back lol

22 Jul 2012 20:28

ok so I've decided to have a limited time offer for my close girlfriends on here. i will be sending sexy personal pictures of my naked self to the girls who impress me the most this could be the only chance sexy chats, picture and profile comments, sexting, picture trading whatever you gotta do to get this little pussy dripping

Cheers - Ashley xox

18 Jul 2012 12:37

Anyone in canada want to dirty text? I'm sooooo horny and neeed help lol cum help me play with my little wet pussy

16 Jul 2012 14:08

anyone know any good cartoon porn? lol message me

05 Jul 2012 23:07

Hey all my sexy lushers if you have msn add me

12 Jun 2012 23:20

i wish i had more picture comments

18 May 2012 01:46

great night out at the strip club with ma gurlsss!! weeeuuuuu haha best lap dance ever!!!

16 May 2012 21:50

so bored of porn does anybody have any hot videos they wanna share? I'm so horny and need to cum!!

17 Jan 2012 16:15

new pictures of me and my bf check them out

05 Nov 2011 10:15

feeling submissive. do what you want to this little sluts body

30 Oct 2011 17:21

does anyone know good site for adult cartoon games?

24 Oct 2011 22:51

i want my tits fucked!!!

24 Oct 2011 22:33

pussy finger fucking myself who wants to role-play my way?

09 Oct 2011 22:41

im a horny little slut do what you want with me

26 Aug 2011 01:47

You last said "does anyone have a subscription to a really hot porn site i could borrow the password for? lol ive always wanted to see what its like but never want to pay if so message me lol